Anger in me

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See you again

“No, no, no...STOP IT! Don’t touch me! Roman, Stop!” I cried. “If you try to escape one more time, I’m not going to have a mercy on you. Like you say in your mafia, no mercy, right?” He was laughing. “Be grateful that I letted you live.” He looked deep into my eyes. “Then why didn’t you? If you want me death that bad, why didn’t you do it yet?” I stopped crying looking him with a death stare. “Don’t test me, Angelo.” He said before leaving the dark room.

I though I’m going to have a peace for a while cause he left but it didn’t even been a minute as he came back in.

I looked at him as I rolled my eyes. “You miss me already?” He said with a evil smile. I didn’t say anything back as he came closer to me.

“If I ask you something you’re need to answer, understood?” He grabbed my face with a whole power he had in his hand making me feel like he’s going to make holes in my cheeks. I nodded as he stopped squeezing my face. “Good girl” he smiled putting his thumb on my lower lip. I had it enough and bitted his thumb. “AAAA” he screamed in pain. I saw his thumb all covered in blood.

He grabbed a knife from the table behind him. “You’re going to pay for this!” He yelled wanting to cut my throat.

“AAAAAAAAAAA!” I screamed waking up to my friends and my dad bursting into my room seeing me on the bed folding myself around my throat scared.

“Rosa, are you okay?” My dad sat down on my bed next to me.

He took my hands off of my throat and hold them. “Nightmare?” Roman asked from behind as I nodded.

Beck lefted the room all angry. “Do you want me to stay here?” Roman asked again but my dad gave him an angry look. “It’s okay, I’m going to stay here.” He was jealous. “It’s not the time to be jealous, Lorenzo!” Cassie said to him. “I’m okay guys, you can leave.” I gave them a little smile before they left.

I tried to fall asleep again but I couldn’t. Every time I closed my eyes I saw him standing in front of me.

It was 7am and I went downstairs for breakfast. There was only Angie downstairs. I set down to the table. Angie didn’t even wanted to look at me.

“You’re not going to school today” I said as she stood up immediately. “Why the fu*k not?” She was angry. I wasn’t mad cause I would react the same way if my friend who’s like a sister to me kidnapped my best friends. “Cause Rodrigez mafia could be still somewhere near and I don’t want to risk it.” I was calm. “She’s my best friend, she wouldn’t do anything to me!” “Maybe but you don’t know what they are possible, even that she’s your best friend.” I said. “In mafia friends aren’t on the first place. There is only mafia.” I added. “What about family? You always talk how family is important, sometimes even more than a mafia?” She asked. “That are our rules. You don’t know what kinda rules they have and even if family is important to them, you think Lilla is going to choose you over her family? Maybe if she wanted to but if she would she would get killed.” I explained. “Okay but what about school? I have a lot of tests?” I have meeting with your principal.”


“Can I drive?” Lorenzo asked me. “Not fucking way. That’s my tesla. I’m not letting you crust it.” I said opening the door of the car. “You can be rude sometimes, you know?” He sat down in the car. “Don’t be such a baby.” I rolled my eyes driving off.

As we came to school we saw a lot of parents there.

After principal called us we came in.

We talked for a while as we told him that we are going on the “vacation* for her birthday for a whole month and that’s why she’s not going to be in school. He did some paperwork and told is he is needs to do same papers before we leave for vacation. We agreed and left his office.

We looked around as we saw a women looking at us. “You don’t think?” Lorenzo asked me. “I do, that’s her.” I was mad. When woman saw us looking back at her she immediately left.

“Are you ready, Lorenzo?” I gave him a smirk. “Always.” He gave me a evil smile before we drive off.

“Are you in hurry, Lily?” I smirked. “How did you come in?” She had a pale face. “Is that a first thing you’re going to say to your daughter after so many years?” I gave her a look. “Oh, did you met Lorenzo? He’s my father.” I putted a fake smile on my face. “So you know?” She was even more pale. “Lily, I’m Miche Angelo, do you think I wouldn’t find out?” As I said that she looked like she’s going to faint. “You-You’re Mich-Angelo?” Her voice was shaking. “Don’t be so surprised, darling.” My dad started to talk. “She’s my child, what did you expect?” He added. “I-” She wanted to say something but she couldn’t. “Did cat bitted your tongue off?” I asked sarcastically. “I’m going to start.” Lorenzo said. “Why did you lie to me?” He asked. “I did it for Michaela. I wanted her to have a normal life without a danger around every corner.” She had a tear in her eye. “YOU TOOK MY FATHER AWAY! YOU TOOK A CHANCE AWAY FROM ME TO HAVE A LOVING FAMILY! YOU TOOK AWAY A PERSON WHO WOULD UNDERSTEND ME! YOU TOOK AWAY MY FATHER! I yelled. “I’m sorry, I just wanted-” she wanted to say something more but I was quicker. “What? You’re going to say that you wanted only the best for me? That you did that for me? That you left me 6 years ago and never came back, for me? Pathetic.” I was angry. “I couldn’t come back. You broke my heart saying this things.” She wanted to cry. “If you would know me you would know I didn’t mean it! But again, it’s always my fault, right?” I was sad but didn’t cry. “You took away my daughter and you treated her bad? You are a terrible person Lily.” Lorenzo spoke.

When he said that it looked like her heart broke into a million pieces. “Lorenzo-” She cried.

“Mom, what’s going on here?” I boy came downstairs with headphones in his ears. I think he didn’t heard anything. He looked around Angies age but strange thing is that he looked like me but in male version. “Mom?” I was confused but angry. “Go to your room Mike.” She said to him as he did go upstairs. “You had another child?” My dad was angry. “NO!” She answered quickly. “I’m going to tell you everything but don’t hurt him, please.” “Start talking and we’re gonna see.” I said. “He isn’t my biological son. I adopted him 6 years ago.” She started to talk. “When?” “6 years ago.” “When exactly?” I wanted to know. “6 years ago, a month after our fight.” When she said that I couldn’t control anger that I had in me anymore. I grabbed a vase on the table and throw it in the wall behind Lilly. “YOU REPLACEMENT ME AFTER A MONTH! YOU LEFT ME AND YOU JUST BUYED ANOTHER CHILD? YOU ARE REALLY THE WORST PERSON! I yelled.

“What’s going on?” A boy came running downstairs seeing his mom on the floor and broken glass around her. “What did you do?” He looked at me. “Don’t do anything stupid kid.” I warned him as I saw him looking at the knife on the cooking table. He grabbed it and wanted to stab me in the arm but he was too slow. I pulled a knife out of his hand and twisted his hand but not too much not to broke it. “You shouldn’t do that boy. Don’t test me.” I said looking at Lily. “Got your kids under control cause next time I will no stop myself.” I said before me and Lorenzo left.

“Are you okay?” He asked me when we came out of the car. “Yes but how are you?” I lied. “I don’t know.” “I get it.” “Yeah.” “Do you want to do something for fun?” I asked him. “What do you have in mind?” “Shooting polygon?” “Sure but who loose needs to buy the winner a dinner, deal?” “Deal!” I agreed as I smiled.

“HA!” Lorenze yelled happily. “I won!” He started doing his little winning dance. “You can act like a kid sometimes.” I rolled my eyes. “You’re just jealous cause I won.” “For only ONE pointe!” I was annoyed. “But still I won!” “Yeah, yeah.” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t be sad. We can say that; cause you lost and you’re sad I’m going to buy you a dinner to make you happy.” “I’m not sad.” “Then you don’t need food. “I’m sad.” “As I though.” Both of us laughed.

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