Anger in me

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Next day:

Beck’s POV:

In the morning we had a meeting and all of us were shock about yesterdays event. Me and Roman were only looking at each other. I still don’t know why we haven’t told Mich about Mike. We were feeling guilty.

After a meeting a had an announcement. “I need to tell you something guys” I started talking. All of them set back down and started to listen. “I’m kinda in a relationship” and as I said that all of them gave me an angry look. “Just listen to me. He’s a good guy, trust me.” Mich looked at me closely, “Like all other guys you dated?” She gave me a judging look. “That was only one time” She looked at me angry, “Maybe little more than on time but STILL” I rolled my eyes. “Anyways, you know this guy I been talking you about?” I asked her. “No” she said shortly. “The guy I meet at the bar at your birthday party?” And I said that all of them stood up. “You will not date the guy you meet at the bar!” “You know him for only a month!” “We will not let you do this!” “Do you even know anything about him!?” They were arguing. “No!” Mich said at the end. “Guys is my choice and I know I only met him a month ago that’s why I want you to met him.” All of them went quite giving each other small smirks. “Okay” All of them agreed. “I really hope that I will not regret that later.”


“Come in” Angie said when I knocked on her doors. “Hi...” I smiled coming in her room. “What’s up, do you need anything?” She asked. “No, I just wanted to talk to you.” “Yeah, sure!” She said closing her computer giving me all her attention. I set down next to her. “I wanted to tell you something” I started talking. “I kinda started dating someone.” I said to her. “REALLY?” She sounded happy. “You’re happy about it?” I was confused. “Yeah, it was a time you start dating again after this toxic guy.” She rolled her eyes. “Ouch” I said jokingly. “I never liked him anyways.” She said. “Anyways, I wanted to tell you this before cause today he’s coming over to meet my friends.” “Okay but I’m not going to be home today cause I’m going out with some friends.” She told me. “Okay, sure” I said before I leaving her room.


All of my friends gave James a fake smile but only Mich looked like she’s going to explode. When me and James came in the dinning room everybody were already sitting at the table. “Guys this is my friend James” I smiled as James gave them a little smile. “Isn’t he your boyfriend?” Mich asked sipping her drink. “We aren’t official yet” I gave her a fake smile.

All of them stood up and came to me and James. “Hi, I’m James” James introduced himself and shook their hands. When he shook Miche’s hand she gave him a dirty look and squeezed his hand hard.

We sat at the table talking as Diana brought us food. “What are you doing for a living?” Mich asked him. “I’m working for some company.” He said shortly. “And what are you doing in that ‘company’?” She wanted to knew more. “I’m more paper guy, I look at sells and all.” He was looking at her eyes. “And what do you sell?” “Weapons” He smirked. “Oh really?” Dylan asked. “Yes” he answered.

Till the end of the dinner we didn’t talk too much. Sometimes Cassie made a small talk but that’s it. And when it was time for James go, Mich did something terrifying. “Can I talk to you alone, James?” She asked as everything went quite. “I just need a second with you alone, if that’s okay?” She asked as I looked at James and he gave me the little nod. “Yeah sure” I smiled and she gave me one back.

15 minutes later

It’s been a 15 minutes and they didn’t came back yet. “Do you think something happened?” I asked my friends. Is not that I don’t trust James and Mich being alone together but I’m scared that she’s going to do something to him. “She’s probably just talking to him” Dylan tried to calm me down. “You have nothing to worry about” Cassie saw I was worried. “It’s Mich, how am I suppose to know that she’s not going to snap his head off any second.” I was panicking. “You don’t know but she wouldn’t do it cause she knows he matters to you.” Max spoke as I saw James and Mic walking down the stairs. As mine and his eyes connected we smiled to each other softly.

“It was great tonight but I need to go and thank you for dinner.” James said before we left the house and even that Mich and him had talk she was still giving him dirty looks.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked him before he set in the car. “What did you two talked about?” I was nervous. “You don’t have to worry baby, we just talked about us.” He gave me a smile. “Ah, okay.” I gave him a smile and a kiss on the cheek before he drive off.

Mich’s POV:
As all of us were sitting at the table waiting Beck and her new boyfriend.

When I saw the face of the boy next to her I though I’m going to murder him and her at the same time. I could feel an anger through my whole body. Only thing that could stop me to throw a whole table at him is bitting my fingers, yes my fingers, not nails.

I bitted to much in my little finger and I started to bleed. I wiped my blood off of my hands with a napkin next to me. As I was doing that I saw everyone getting up to introduce themselves to James.

I introduced myself and shook his hand. I gave him a big squeeze and a dirty look. As he was sure Beck didn’t look he gave me a dirty look.

I was asking him a ton of questions and it was obvious he was lying but I needed to knew more. “Can I talk to you alone, James?” I asked him as everything went quite. “I just need a second with you alone, if that’s okay?” I asked as Beck looked at James and he gave her the little nod. “Yeah sure” She gave me a smile and I gave her one back.

Me and James went to my office. I opened the door for him to go first in, and as he went I closed the door behind us.

And here everything started to get interesting.

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