Anger in me

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“SHIT! I totally forgot!” I was all sweaty because I was on my everyday run. “It’s already 8.20 am.” I started running to the address the person texted me to meet.

“Where are you?”

“You’re late!”

This person texted me again.

I came to the address and saw it was café. I was looking around for person who could send me a text.

“Really?” I rolled my eyes to myself annoyed. From all people who could send me a text it was her. I walked to the table as she was looking straight at me.

“You’re late.” She said as I set down.

“Be happy that I came at all.” I said sitting down all tired. “Why did you text me, Rodrigez?”

“Can you sit normal, people are watching?” She was serious.

“Gosh, is that really that important that you need to be all “boss”?” I sat normal.

“Yes, it is and-” She wanted to say something more as waitress came to our table.

“What would you like to order?” The female waitress asked us but she was looking at me all the time giving me the attention I wanted.

“You’re paying, right?” I gave Gia the look. She rolled her eyes as “yes”. “I would like one Ice coffee and a glass of cold water with ice.” I said to the waitress with a smile.

“I would like just black coffee.” Gia gave her annoyed look.

“Coming right up!” She smiled.

“How old are you for dinking black coffee, 56?” I was making fun of Gia.

“And how old are you for drinking Ice coffee? Are you a fifteen year old girl who goes to starbucks everyday?” She gave me the look.

“I’m 18 and I don’t go to starbucks.” I said annoyed.

“Can we stop arguing and go to the point?” She asked me and I gave her a nod. “Why was James yesterday at your villa?”

“How do you know that?” I looked at her. She was silent for a minutes as I realized what was going on. “He didn’t told you, you found out by yourself. Don’t tell me-you have tracker on him?”

“Oh, shut up!”

“It’s true!?” I gave her a smile as she looked a shame of it. “I have trackeras on my friends too.”

“Really?” She asked sweetly.

“No! I just wanted to make you feel better!” I started laughing.

“You are so rude! I don’t even know why I texted you.” She rolled her eyes

“Oh, why did you text me to not to text you back?” I stopped laughing.

“I just didn’t want to talk to you.”

“Rude!” I started laughing again as she joined. “Am I dreaming or I just made Gia Rodrigez laugh?”

“Don’t think that you’re special.” As she said that waitress came back.

“Here is your drinks.” She smiled. Before she left she looked back at me and gave me a smile and I gave her a small wink back and I think Gia saw that cause her mood change so fast from all happy to her bossy one.

“Now tell me, why was James at yours yesterday?”
“Whit that attitude? I don’t think so.” I crossed my arms like a little kid.

“How can you be so childish?”
“Only with you, Princess.” I smirked. “I’m going to tell you but first you’re going to be nice and you need to smile.

She rolled her eyes at me annoyed and then putted a fake smile on her face.

“I will tell you but you need to promise you’re going to help me and not tell anyone.”
“I promise.”

“Well...” I started. “Your brother kinda dates my friend, Beck...”

She didn’t say anything but just looked at me surprised.

“And he came to meet us all but Beck kinda doesn’t know who really is he, she doesn’t know he’s your brother.” I told her. “So what are we gonna do?”

“First of all, I know Beck is one of the people wo own mafia so you can stop pretending.” She started.

“Oh, okay, wow.” I was surprised.

“And why we just don’t them be? They will not work out, trust me.” She was confident.

“How do you know? And we kinda are enemies so...?”

“We are literally drinking coffee together and talking like this is everyday thing.” She had a point.

“You kinda have a point.” I smiled.

“I know.”

“You know what’s weird?”

“What’s weird, Mich?”

“Right now we are both in danger. You could pull out your gun right now and shot me and I could grab my knife out of my shoe and throw it at you, cause you know all ‘enemies’ thing and ‘I want to kill you’ but we act like we’re friends. You get it?” I gave her a warm smile.

“How the fuck do you know I have a gun? And I knew you have a knife with you cause, when you don’t?” She was confused.

“You always have gun with you and I can see it.” I looked under the table at her right leg showing her I can see the gun.

“Cool” we both agreed. “But we will not kill or shot each other?” We said at the same time, again. “We will see.” We said at the same time, again. “STOP IT! THAT’S WEIRD!” We said at the same again. “I hate you.” I said after some time.

“I hate you too.” She said.

“Okay can we pay and go?” I asked.

“Yeah sure.”

I saw the same waitress and waved at her and asked for a bill. When she came back she gave Gia a bill and she gave me a little paper. It was her number on it. She gave me a wink as Gia paid. I gave her a wink back as I put a piece of paper in my packet.

Gia looked jealous as hell. I think a waitress is not going to get a tip.

“What?” I asked her cause she was giving me an angry look.

“Can you stop flirting with a waitress?” She was annoyed.

“I wasn’t.” I told her.

“Yes you did it she did with you!” She wad mad.

“I didn’t!” we were arguing.

“You did!”

“You’re jealous, that’s it?” I smiled.

“I’m not!” She was denied it.

“Gia, don’t look behind you and just act normal.” I said.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” She was angry.

“There are three men behind you coming our way with guns, I think they are Russian mafia.” I explained.

“Shit!” She said quietly.

“Act like we are leaving, and do you see this block of flats? There is a street, when we come behind flats, start to run, do you understand?” I asked as she gave me a nod.

We stood up and started walking, I could hear footsteps behind us. “Do you have something with Russians?” I asked her.

“They been after me for some time. You?” She said.

“I kinda set their ship on fair but in my defense they stole 5000$ from me and used them to buy weapons and used them against us.” I explained. “But I stole drugs from them, 5000$ worth of drugs.”

“You’re in shit, Angelo!” She was kinda angry.

“How do you know they aren’t after you?” I wanted to blame her. She looked at me angrily. “Okay, yes, it’s my fault.” As I said that we heard shooting. They started to shooting at us. “SHIT!” I said grabbing Gia’s arm and pulling her behind a flat.

Shooting stopped but we could hear footsteps coming closer.

Me and Gia were close. If we would move for an inch our lips would touch. “Psst!” I said quietly to Gia putting my finger on her lips.

When we didn’t head footsteps anymore we diced to go. “Do you hear something?” I was making sure.

“No, do you?” She asked me as I said “no”.

We started walking as we heard someone coming behind the corner.

I grabbed Gia by her face, pressing her lips to mine.

As we were kissing I saw a man coming behind the corner but he didn’t recognized us, that’s why he left.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized to Gia as she pulled away.

She didn’t say anything back. She didn’t move away or anything, she was just looking at me and my lips. She was looking at my lips for a second as she pulled me in after a second.

Its’s been a minute and we were still kissing. But after some time she pulled away.

“You wanted to do that so bad, weren’t you?” I was making fun of her.

“Shut up!” She laughed as she pushed me, there was a trash bag on the floor as I fall on it grabbing her arm to fall with me. Both of us started to laugh.

“We shouldn’t do that...” She said after a second.

“We really shouldn’t” I agreed.

Both of us didn’t say a word after that.

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