Anger in me

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AHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled while throwing staff in my room in the wall. “THAT SON OF A BITCH!” I grabbed a chair and throw it in the window. Glass broke and it was all around the floor but I didn’t care.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ONE!” My dad came in the room seeing all things broken laying on the floor.

I grabbed a vase from the table and throw it in his direction. He dodge it causing vase to land in my doors.

“AHHH!” I yelled even more not caring he’s in the room.

“MICHAELA!” He screamed so loud that even China could hear him.

I stopped throwing things around and I just looked at him.

“What’s going on?” He said as he sat down on my bed.

I sat down next to him. “I-I-I don’t know...”

“What’s wrong, Rosa?” He was still trying. “Is it about a girl, or?”

“Kinda” I told him and that was the time I noticed I had glass in my arm and leg. “Shit!”

“Come here.” He said pulling me in a bathroom. “Can I help you?” He asked me as I nodded.

He took glass out of my arm and leg and cleaned the wound. “Here you go!”

“Thank you” I smiled.

“Would you like to tell me what happened?” He asked.

“Well, you know Rodrigez mafia and their now leader, Gia?” I asked.

“Ohh, yes, her dad is pain in the ass!” He said as both of us started laughing.

“Yeah, her older brother is kinda dating Beck.” I know I lied to him but I will not tell anyone about today.


“I know and she doesn’t even know he is her brother!” I was telling him.

“Bigger shit!”

“I know but I only gave him a month till he tells her who he really is but if he doesn’t I’m going to take things in my own hands.” I explained.

“Good choice, Rosa!” He said as he got a message on his phone. “I need to go but we can talk later!” He smiled as he gave me a kiss and the head.

As he left I did something I hope I will not regret later.

I pulled out a paper the cute waitress gave me. I wrote a number in and started texting her.

Hot waitress

Hi, here is the girl you gave your number to today 😊

I texted her

Omg hi, I remember you😊

I didn’t get your name before

Oh yeah, I’m Scarlet

What’s your name?

Nice name and I’m Michaela

I know we don’t know each other but do you have maybe time today? 😉

Yeah, I do, I end with my job at 6pm

Nice, see you then

See you😉

“Hi” I smiled as I saw her waiting for me infront of the café.

“Hey” She smiled back.

“I got a surprise for you.” I said giving her flowers.

“Omg thank you!” She smiled giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Come, I know the place we can go to!” I smiled as she gave me her hand to hold.

“You know I didn’t know if the girl you were with was your girlfriend or not but it means that she isn’t if you’re here, right?” She was happy.

“Yeah no, she isn’t.” I feel of guilt hit me, I know we are nothing to each other with Gia but I still feel like I’m doing something wrong being here with another girl.

We came to amusement park.

It was amazing and I could see how happy she was. After receiving many toys from wining games we did go for a walk around the ocean.

“It was nice today!” She said smiling while holding my hand. “I know we only know each other for a day but I really want to do this.” She said going on in a kiss. I kissed her a back as I got a message on my phone. It was from Lorenzo.

“Shit!” I said. “I’m really sorry, Scarlet but I need to go, is an emergency.” I said as I gave her a kiss on the lips before running away.

“WHO THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?” I yelled as I came in the villa. There were Beck, Roman, Dylan, Cassie, Thomas and Angie freaking out. Our kitchen was on FIRE! I grabbed fire extinguisher in the wardrobe as I started to put out the fire.

“WHO DID THAT?” I was angry. All of them pointed on Thomas and Angie.

“Don’t blame us, we were just hungry!” Both of them said at the same time.

“I told you, if you’re hungry or anything tell Diana or anybody in the house to make you something for eat.” I explained. “What did you even want to make?”

“Umm, eggs.” They said quietly, they looked at their feet embarrassed.

“Okay, that’s kinda funny.” I started laughing, not wanting them to feel bad.

“I kinda have surprise for you, guys, I mean for Angie, Thomas, Ellie and AJ. But we need to talk to your brothers and sisters first.” I said looking at my friends. “What do you think of getting Angelo mafias tattoo?”

“NOT FUCKING WAY!” Tomas and Angie were happy as Beck gave me an angry look.

“Don’t be like that! They are old enough and Thomas is already 19 so you have nothing to say.” I smirked. “But we need to tell others too.”

When I told everyone they were for it but their sisters and brothers weren’t but they love me so MUCH that they said yes. I mean, I threatened them to take their cars away if they don’t say yes but it’s the same thing, right?

I did go to Angie’s room to tell her the news but this time I forgot to knock. “OH, SHIT!” I yelled when I came in Angie’s room seeing her and Doran kissing. I slammed the door, quickly.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Angie said embarrassed.

As I came in both of them were looking down, not wanting to look at me in the eyes.

“Mich, this is my boyfriend, Doran.” She said and I couldn’t believe what I heard.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled. “WHEN THAT HAPPENED!?” I was angry.

“Can you please stop yelling.”

“My house my rules and if you’re not going to tell me what’s going on I’m going to kick you both out, understandable?” Both of them looked at me.

“Okay, okay!” She started, “After what happened with a gun, Doran came to apologize and after that we kinda started talking and BUM, we started dating.”

“Do you have anything to say, Doran?” I asked.

“No, that’s everything that happened.” He spoke.

“Okay, I’m going to leave now.” I said wanting to leave the room. “Don’t you think you’re going to stay here.” I said to Doran as he left the room with me. “And Angie, tell your sister before I do.”
As we were on a hallway Doran was looking at me wanting to say something. “Don’t even look at me, boy.” I said leaving him behind.

It was 11pm as I heard screaming. “WHAT THE FUCK!”

Yeah, I think she told Beck.

“SHIT!” I remembered I didn’t text Scarlet explanension why I had to leave.


Hi, love😉

Maybe she’s not going to be that angry if am sweet.


I’m really sorry for leaving you today but it was emergency

My niece and nephew were home alone

and they putted my kitchen on fire

Oh, shit!

Yeah, I hope you can forgive me 😊

Of course, love 😉

Maybe we can do that again but

without the part when I left you

Sure, I would love that😊

Me to😊

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