Anger in me

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Rodrigez villa

Gia’s POV:
“WHY THE FUCK DID I DID THAT!” I was angry at myself. If I wouldn’t kiss her back, “AHHHHH!” “I need a drink.”

I did got to living room for a drink not knowing and caring who was home.

A one drink changed in two, then three, five and after many, many drinks I stopped counting.

When I’m drunk I’m not myself and if you would ask me anything I couldn’t lie because of alcohol in my blood.

I was laying in the sofa, drinking a whiskey out of a bottle as I saw tall man coming my way. I couldn’t see who was it cause I was too drunk.

“What’s wrong?” Men asked me.

I didn’t even think as I started explaining him what happened; “I kissed Mich.”

“Mich? Like, Mich Angelo?” Person asked me.

“No fucking way, who else is a girl and her name is Mich.” I rolled my eyes. “But bed thing is that I actually liked it.” I said sipping more whiskey.

“Would you do it again if you could?” He asked me.

“If a had a chance, I would but I can’t cause of my stupid father and his revenge, cause Romeo was more of his son that I was his daughter.” I rolled my eyes. “And if it’s true that he raped Mich and that’s why she killed him, he deserved to die.”

“And do you believe her?”

“Of course, I do. If it wasn’t true she and her whole mafia wouldn’t cry.” I explained. “But my father doesn’t understand that and he can’t just let go that he deserved to die.”

“Umm, I understand. And what do you feel about Mich?” The man asked me.

“She’s amazing, smart, beautiful, she’s just amazing, I don’t have words to tell how perfect she is. I truly love her...” I said before passing out.

“SHIT!” My dad and my scared me. They didn’t do anything but they were just standing in front of me and is kinda scary seeing them as the first thing you wake up. “Do you guys need something?” I asked them cause they were staring at me and not saying anything.

“What did we say about day drinking?” My mom looked at me angerly.

“Like you care.” I rolled my eyes.

“We do when you drink a whole bottle of whiskey by yourself.” My dad said.

“And I didn’t even throw up, what can I say, I have good stomach.” I was making fun of myself.

“You’re right, you didn’t throw up but you know what you did do? You told me EVERYTHING.” My father smirked.

“What?” My eyes were wide open.

“Oh, you don’t remember how you told me what happened with Mich and how you love her?” My dad became serious.

“I said what?” I couldn’t believe myself.

My dad told me and I couldn’t believe myself. I he really said that right now or am I still drunk”

“Wow...” Only came out of me.

“I know, I still can’t believe I said that.” My dad said as my mom smiled.

“We love you honey.” Both of them said, pulling me in a hug.

“I love you too, guys.” I smiled, wanting to cry.

“Even that you said I’m stupid?” My dad asked me.

“You are but I still love you.” I smirked.

“You can’t be mad, she’s right.” My mom laughed.


I did go out for a drink to think about all what happened today. I’m happy that I can be with a person...I love...I did go to the bar next to the beach.

I was having a drink as I saw Mich on the beach. I wanted to go talk to her but a second later I saw her kissing the waitress from today. I was mad. But I was happy that Mich leaved her.

As I came home I did the craziest thing, I texted Mich.

Mich Angelo

Meet me tomorrow at 9am at the same café like today


That you’re going to kiss me and then say it was a mistake?

No, thank you

That hurted you that much

No but maybe I just don’t want to come

You know you want to

No, I don’t and I will not come

How much?

How much what?

How much do you want me to pay you to come?

You’re going to pay me to come, really

Yes, cause it’s important

Okay, I’m going to come but stop texting me

Alright, love

She really let me on seen. How rude can be the person to do that?


When I came to the café, Mich was already there waiting for me. “Were you so excited to came that you came before me?” I was making fun of her.

“Ha! You wish, can we just get over it? What is so important for me to come here?” She was obviously mad.

“Uh, I don’t remember.” I wanted to make her smile but I’m really not good at this.

As In said that I looked like she saw a ghost; “You must be kidding me! I’m going to go.” She said wanting to stand up but I grabbed her by her hand pulling her closer to me. So close that we could kiss.

“I’m just making fun of you, Rosa.” I said whispering. “I’m going to tell you the truth. Yesterday when I came home, I was so upset about what happened with you cause I wanted to kiss you one more time and tell you how much I wanted this but I couldn’t. I was so upset that I drank little too much. Consequence of this were that I told my father everything about us and what happened.” As I said that she looked like she’s going to pass out. “But I didn’t know that was my father. And when I woke up my mother and father told me what I said and they were surprised about it at first but the next thing what my father said I though I was dreaming. He said; “But don’t worry, we understand and we are not gonna do anything about it. Because if she makes you happy, we’re happy too.“.” I explained. She smiled at me and that smile was not one of the fake ones but the smile who told me she’s happy about it. And her smile was so beautiful that it made me smile. “You should smile more, it fits you.” I smiled.

“You should too.” She gave me a smiled.

“So...can I kiss you?” I asked her.

“Yeah but first, I need to tell you something.” She spoke as I nodded. “Yesterday, you weren’t the only one who was upset. I was so upset that I called the waitress who gave me her phone number. We did go out and...we kissed.” She explained.

I just gave her a soft smile; “I know, I saw everything:”

“Wait, really!”

“Yeah.” I said not wanting to wait more as I pulled her into a kiss. And in my surprise she kissed me back.

Mich’s PO:

She pulled me into a kiss and I kissed her back.

This is love! I truly love her.

Is difference kissing Gia and Scarlet. Even that I liked the kiss with Scarlet but it didn’t feel like love, I didn’t feel butterflies, it wasn’t like kissing Gia.

“Scarlet!” When our kiss ended I saw Scarlet looking at us but she didn’t look said...she looked happy. “I’m sorry, Scarlet.”

“It’s okay, Michaela. I knew something was between you guys, that’s why I flirted with you.” She explained.

“Wait, her name is Scarlet?” Gia was confused.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Scarlet, like Scarlet the Russian mafia bosses daughter?”

“Surprise!” Scarlet was excited. “Everything what happened was planed. The people who were after you, too. I paid them to do it.”

“But why!” Both of us were confused.

“I was watching you for a long time and I could see the love, that’s why.” She told us.

“That means you never liked me?” I asked.

“Sorry but no.”

“HA!” Gia laughed.

“Ey! You’re the one who nobody likes.” I punched her in the arm.

“But you like me, sorry, you love me.” She said giving me a kiss on the head and pulling me closer in a hug with only one hand. I found myself blushing. “You’re so cute when you blush.” She petted my head.

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