Anger in me

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Something happened


“Where were you?” I asked Mich as she came in the house.

“I was out, Roman.” She was annoyed.

“It’s 12pm.” I was upset.

“And...?” She was acting dumb.

“You didn’t call or text all day!” I was angry.

“Jesus! Sorry, dad.” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Don’t act dumb, where were you?”

“I was out, I told you already.” She sighed. “I’m going to my room, dad.” She was making fun of me.

She walked into her room slamming the door behind her.

I had enough.

I start walking to her room. As I opened the door nobody was there. That’s why I did go check in her bathroom.

I knocked on her door but nobody responded. I knocked again and nothing.

I tried opening the door but they were locked.

I started panicking.

I kicked in the door. I made a hole in them. I putted my hand in and try to open the door from the inside.

I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing. I wanted to cry.

As I opened the door I saw Mich laying on the floor unconsciously.

She was pale. I runned to her picking her up. “BECK! DYLAN! CASSIE!” I yelled and in a second all of them were in Mich’s room.

“What’s going on-?” All of them asked as they came in. When they saw her laying in my arms they were in shock. “What happened?” They asked as they voice broke.

“I don’t know, she was okay a minute ago.” I said seeing Miches’ hands all covered in blood. “We need to take her to hospital.” I was panicking.

They came to me and Mich picking her up.

We stormed in hospital with Mich in my hands.

“HELP!” All of us yelled running to the nurse. “She needs a doctor, right now!”

“I’m sorry guys, it’s already 12.30am and all doctors are on a break.” She said.

“We don’t care, if you don’t find a doctor right now I’m going to shoot every person in this damn hospital!” Cassie yelled.

This was the first time I saw Cassie freak out like that.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do nothing about it.” Nurse said not believing her.

Before Cassie could pull out her gun I stopped her.

“Listen to me, did you heard about Mich Angelo?” I asked her. The nurse looked like she saw a ghost. “You know that name very good, don’t you?” I smirked. “The girl in my arms is her. And if you don’t find the best doctor in the hospital, I’m going to blow up you, you’re family and a whole hospital with all people in it...” I looked at her name tag; “Do you understand...Linda?” I asked as she nodded terrified.

“Of course, put her on the bed.” I did as she said. She drove Mich into a room and all of us followed her.

Before we could enter the room two policeman were standing infront of the room not letting us com in.

“Sorry but you can’t enter the room, is VIP.” Linda explained as two doctors came running in the room.

“Get away!” They said to Linda and two policeman slam the door not letting us in or see in the room.

5 hours later

“WHERE IS SHE!?” We heard familiar voice screaming.

All of us started running to the where screaming was coming.

When Lorenzo saw us he started running.

I could see how he tried stopping his tears.

He pulled all of us in a hug.

“What happened?” He asked, his voice cracking.

I wanted to explained as Max came running to us. “What happened?”

I explained everything but even I was confused.

“Did you heard anything from the doctors?” Lorenzo asked.

“No, they were running in and out of her room different doctors and non of them wanted to talk to us.” I explained.

“Maybe I can help.” He wanted to pull out a gun but I stopped him.

“We tried that already.” I pointed at Cassie.

He was shocked.

1 hour later

One doctor came to us.

“We need to do some more test.” He said. “And we find this in her pocket, it’s been ringing non-stop.” He gave me her phone before leaving again.

I looked at her phone:

Missed call from Gia<3

(2) Missed call from Gia<3

(3) Missed call from Gia<3

(5) Missed call from Gia<3

(10) Missed call from Gia<3

(14) Missed call from Gia<3

Message from Gia<3

(2) Message from Gia<3

(4) Message from Gia<3

(6) Message from Gia<3

(11) Message from Gia<3

(16) Message from Gia<3

That’s hell a weird.

“Do any of you know Mich’s code?” I asked my friends.

“I do.” Back said.

“What is it?”

“Pieceofshit123” She said.

“Of course, what did I expected, something normal?” I rolled my eyes at myself.

I typed code in as Mich’s phone unlocked.


14 calls



Is something wrong?

Why aren’t you answering?


I’m coming to your house if your not going to pick up!


I’m panicking

Are you OK?

I’m worried

Did I did something wrong?

You aren’t even seeing messages



Did anything happened?

I’m coming over!

I don’t care

Last message a minute ago

“I need to go.” I said storming out of the hospital before anyone could say anything.

I need to do that.

Mich’s phone started ringing.

“Hello! Mich, are you okay? Is anything wrong?” Gia started talking and it sounded like she really cares.

“This is not Mich, Gia.” I said.

“Roman!? What the f*ck?!” She yelled. “Is Mich okay?”

“I don’t even know how did you know that was me but I don’t really care right now.”

“Can you stop talking shit and tell me what’s going on?” She yelled through the phone.

“Something happened to Mich, she’s in the hospital.” Everything went quiet. “Gia, are you there?”

“Yeah, yeah...” I could hear her voice cracking.

“I need to ask you an important question and you can’t lie, okay?” I asked her.


“Did you have something with Mich?” Everything went quiet again.

“No” She said after some time.

“Gia?” I asked again.

“No! I didn’t have anything with Mich.” She deny it, again.

“I don’t believe you, that’s why I’m going to give you an address, cause I know Mich would want to see you when she wakes up.” I said before I hang up.

I went back in the hospital, not telling my friends anything.

I’s been 15 minutes since I called Gia and she didn’t came, yet.

I said that too quickly. A second later Gia came storming in the hospital.

Me and my friends looked at her direction, one more shocked than another.

“Where is Mich?” She yelled as she saw me.

When Cassie and Beck heard about her coming her for Mich they stand up walking to her.

I stopped both of them before anyone would end up dead.

“Stop, Roman.” Cassie said calmy and that wasn’t the good sign.

“Sorry but I can’t.” I didn’t let them go.

“If you don’t let us go, I’m going to shoot you too, Roman.” Back said as both of them pulled out a gun pointing it at Gia.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Gia said pulling gun on them.

“Oh, trust me, I would.” Beck argued with her.

“Umhm” Doctor behind us fake coughed to get our attention. She didn’t looked scared at all, she acted like this is every day thing to see.

Gia putted her gun back in her pocket, walking past Beck and Cassie not scared at all she’s going to get shot.

“Is she okay?” Gia started talking to the doctor.

“She just woke up.” She started explaining. “We did some test and it’s not looking good. She has a cancer.”

When she said all of us were shocked.

“But it’s not new. She musted have cancer around 3 or more months, already.”

“How long?” Gia asked.

“We don’t know exactly. Maybe a year, month, a week, we don’t know.”

“Can we see her?” She asked her.

“Yeah sure.” The doctor said and Gia started running to her room.

“563B” I yelled.

“Thank you!” She yelled back still running.

All my friends looked at each other confused.

Lorenzo looked at me and gave me a smile, “She really does love her”.

Gia’s POV:

When the doctor sa8id I could see her, I couldn’t wait. I started running to her room even that I didn’t know in which one she was.

“563B” Roman yelled to me.

“Thank you!” I yelled back.

I stopped running. I looked at the number of the room, ‘562B’, I took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

“If you’re here to put one more tube in me, don’t even come in.” She said from the inside the room.

I just smiled as I opened the door.

“Gia?” She was confused but she smiled as she saw me.

She move the positions to set on the bed.

I couldn’t wait longer. I runned to her pulling her into a kiss.

She pulled away after some time not saying anything.

I looked behind me, seeing Back, Cassie and Daylen looking mad and Lorenzo and Roman smiling.

I realised I forgot to close the door behind me.

“How are you?” I asked her, not paying attention to her friends and father.

“I’m great, I don’t even know why I’m here.” She was laying.

“Stop acting, why didn’t you say anything about you having cancer?” Roman said behind me.

“It’s not even that bad.”

“Can you stop! I found you unconscious in your bathroom and you had your hands covered in blood and in the toilet was blood, you were throwing up blood! And you still say it’s not that bad.” Roman was angry.

Mich was quiet, she didn’t say anything back.

“I’m sorry but he’s right, babe.” I agreed with Roman.

“You have cancer and you could die any second and we don’t know when this is going to be cause this dumb doctors can’t tell how long you have.” Roman was still going. “And you act like you don’t care. Do you even care how I feel, don’t you care what is going to happen after you die, don’t you care how are we going to feel, don’t you care how we feel!?”

“You don’t know how I feel! You don’t know if I care! So stop making this about you and how you feel!” Mich was getting angry.

“I’m not making this about myself!”

“You do!” She was getting angry. “Get out.” She was calm.


“GET OUT! ALL OF YOU!” She yelled.

All of them left as I was only one left in thew room.

“Can you leave, please?” She asked, not wanting to look at me in the eyes.

“Both of us know you don’t want that.” I said as she turned to look me in the eyes but she didn’t say anything. “He was only saying that cause he cares. He cares so much about you that he’s angry. How do you think he felt when he saw you laying on the floor unconscious? He though you were dead, he though he lost a friend, a boss, a best friend.” I smiled holding her hand as I putted small kisses on it.

“I know but he act like I don’t care that if something happens to me I will hurst them.” She said squeezing my hand.

“He was just upset over a though something would happened to you.”

“You’re right.”

“I know I am.” I smirked.

“Bitch” She rolled her eyes.

“You love me.” I gave her a kiss. “Are you going to talk to him?”

“Yes” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to give you some privacy. Do you want me to bring you something for eat or drink?” I asked her.

“I’m not hungry.”

“Pizza, it is.” I smiled.

“I’m not going to eat!” She yelled as I left the room.

“I don’t hear you!”


“I’m back!” I said as I entered her room with pizza. “I can come back later?” I asked as Mich was talking to Beck.

“I was leaving anyway.” Beck said leaving the room as she gave me the ‘look’.

“I have pizza and some water and a coke.” I said opening o box of the pizza.

“I don’t feel like eating, princess.”

“I know but you didn’t eat whole day yesterday and today too, and it’s already 1pm. Just a little bit, please, for me?”

“Okay, fine.” She sighed, grabbing a slice of pizza.

“Water or coke?”

“Water” she said as I gave her a bottle of water.

We were watching a movie and cuddle. I was laying next to her in a bed. I was playing with her beautiful blond hair. I was stopping my tears when I saw her hair started falling out. I didn’t want to cry infront of her. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this before.

A tear escaped from my eye, falling on her nose.

“Baby?” She said when she saw me wiping my tears.

“Yeah, babe?” I acted like nothing had happen.

“Nothing of this is your fault, do you understand?” She grabbed my face gently, giving me a kiss as I nodded.

After five minutes of cuddles she fall asleep.

She’s so cute.

She was holding my hand and I found myself blushing.

I watched film to the end as I fall asleep next to her.

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