Anger in me

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“What’s that noise?” I asked myself still half asleep.

I opened my eyes seeing Mich still sleeping next to me. I gave her a kiss on a forehead before I got up trying not to wake her up.

I opened the door of the hospital room to look where were the voices coming from.

When I came on the hallway, I could see Max, Roman, Beck, Cassie, Dylan and Lorenzo talking to woman I didn’t knew, another guy who I didn’t knew and...“SHIT!“.

I started running to them as I saw my whole family.

“What the heck, is going on here?” When they heard me all of them looked at me.

“Gia?” My mom said.

“Mom, dad?” I raised my eyebrows. I started panicking when I saw James. If he’s here, that means, “She knows?”

“Yeah.” My brother answered to me.

“I always knew.” Back added and I was shocked.

“So you were just pretending, cause you knew Mich is not going to like that, that’s why you acted dumb?” I figured it.

“You’re smart, Rodrigez.”

“Then why were you angry at me dating Mich?” I was confused.

“I just don’t like you.”

“Bitch.” I whispered to myself-

“I heard you.”

“I know.” I smirked.

“Okay, can I know now, why is my whole family here?”

“We wouldn’t be here if you would answer your phone.” My sister said to me.

I checked my phone to see 9 missed calls from mom, 10 from Lilla, 5 from James and 13 from my dad.

“Upsii! I had my phone on quite, okay?” I rolled my eyes.

All my family gave me dirty looks.

“Can you leave now, there is not need for you guys to be here.” I told them. Cause I really think Mich wouldn’t like to see my whole family staring at her when she wakes up.

“You really think we’re going to leave? Mich is now part of the family.” My mom said as all Angelo mafia and the women and a guy who I didn’t know looked at her.

“Sorry but, who are you two?” I said pointing my fingers at them.

“This is Doran, he’s Miche’s assistant.” Roman explained. “And this is Lily...” He pointed at the woman.

“And who exactly is “Lily”?” I asked him.

“I’m her mother.” The woman said.

As I heard what she said, I wanted to do something, I wanted to do something to her. But I couldn’t, because of Mich. “What is she doing here?”

Mich didn’t talk about her mother much. She never told me everything but is still knew how much pain she caused her.

Beck came to me and squeezed my shoulder. “I know how you feel but you need to chill.” She whispered to me.

I took deep breath trying to calm myself.

“She’s still her mother...” Lorenzo said. “Okay that’s not true, she found out and she wanted to come.”

“You really think Mich would want that?”

“I don’t think sow but she doesn’t want to leave and we can’t do a thing about it.” He told me.

“We can kill her.” I said without emotions.

“I’m here and I can’t hear you.” She said to me.

“Good, now you know what can happen to you if you don’t shut up.” I threatened her.

“Okay that’s enough, Rodrigez.” Beck grabbed me by my shoulder.

“And why is she wearing a hat, here is like 100 degrees?” I asked, staring at her.

“She doesn’t want to take it off.” Dylan told me.

“Take it off.” I told her.


“That wasn’t a question, now take it off.” I said again.


“Remember here are 12 people and every single one of them has a gun and don’t like you.” I said as she toke her het off slowly.

“O!” Everyone were shocked when we saw she didn’t have hair.

“You have cancer too, am I right?” I asked as she nodded. “How long?”

“5 years, I founded out after I putted Michaela in school.” She explained.

“How long do you have left?” Lorenzo asked.

“Not long” was the only thing she said.

“That’s you’re fault, isn’t it? She got it after you! F you weren’t her mother she wouldn’t be dying, right now!” I was angry. I couldn’t hold it in me anymore.

I punched into the wall as I made a whole in it. My fist was covered in blood.

After that my anger only became bigger and words and things were flying around the room.

“That’s your fault! She has cancer because of you! She is hurt because of you! You caused all her pain! If it wasn’t you she would have better life!” I was angry.

She started crying. “No, no, no, that wasn’t my fault.”

“Yes, yes, everything was your fault and we, people wo care about her need to heal her wounds that you gave her!” I was so angry that I just stormed off, leaving everyone behind.

I went back to her room hoping she isn’t awake yet.

I opened the door slowly, seeing her laying in the bed.

I came to her giving her a kiss on the forehead as she woke up. “Good morning, sunshine.” I smiled.

“Good morning.” She rubbed her eyes to wake up.

“How did you sleep?” I petted her head.

“Good but where did you go? You weren’t next to me when I woke up so I went back to sleep.” She toke my hand as I realised that was the one who is still covered in blood.

“What happened?” She started panicking.

“I’m okay, baby. I just went to eat and I broke a glass.” I made something up.

“Oh, okay but you need to clean your wounds.”

“I know, I’m going to do it after, that’s not important right now.” I smiled

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