Anger in me

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She lost a fight

Mich’s POV:

I woke up multiple times because of the noise but I didn’t care about it cause Gia was next to me.

The next time Gia wasn’t there anymore but I was still too tired to think what’s going on.

When I woke up I saw Gia opening the door of the room.

“Good morning, baby.” She gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Good morning” I smiled still have asleep.

We talked for a time as I took her hand. It was covered in blood.

“What happened?” I started panicking.

“I’m okay, baby. I just went to eat and I broke a glass.” I knew she was laying but I didn’t want to argue with her.

“Babe?” I asked her confused while she was playing with my hair.


“Why is Roman talking with a girl outside my room?”

“Shit” I heard her curse under her breath.

“I heard that.”

“Heard what?” She was playing dumb.

“You know what. Who’s she?” I asked her as someone knocked on the door. It was Roman with...MY MOM?

“Why are you still here?” I could feel how angry Gia was when she talked to her.

“I just wanted to have a chat with Michaela, on four eyes.” Lily wasn’t even talking to me but Gia.

“Um, excuse me but I’m here and if you want to say something to me say it but not talk to my girlfriend like I’m not here.” I said looking direct into Lily’s eyes.

When I called Gia my girlfriend her eyes started sparking. She looked so happy.

“I’m sorry Michaela-”

“It’s Mich.” I corrected her.

“I’m sorry, Mich, I just wanted to talk to you, private.”

“And I said no.” Gia said to her.

I grabbed Gia’s hand I whispered to her; “I’m going to be okay, can I talk to her alone for 10 minutes, please?” She nodded at me as I pulled her into a kiss, for my mother to see clearly. “Thank you!” I yelled when she and Roman left the room.

“Can we get over with it, already?” I said emotionless.

She nodded as she took off her hat, slowly.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was bold. “What happened?” I said with a hand on my mouth.

“I have cancer, I had it for a long time.”

“How long do you have left?”

“Not long, maybe a week, not more than a month.” She explained. “How about you?”

“You know how this feels, that’s why I’m going to tell you but you need to swear you’re not going to tell anyone, not even Gia, understand?” I said as she nodded. “A week, maybe two, not more...”

I could see in what shock she was and the next thing, she was on the floor unconscious.

“GIA! ROMAN!” I yelled as I runned to her.

Both of them stormed in room. “CALL THE NURSE!” I was in shock.

Gia came to me to help me pick up Lily but everything started spinning. I fell on the floor not able to pick myself up.

I heard many doctors and nurses rushing in my room as Gia started screaming for help and everything went black.


I tried to open my eyes but they were to heavy.

I finally opened them, to see full room of my friends and Gia’s family? As I turned another way, Gia was next to me holding my hand but she wasn’t looking at me, she had her head between her legs, and I could see my mother on the bed next to me already awake.

I tried to sit up when every single persons eyes were on me but I only looked at Gia. When she looked at me I could see she was crying but she putted on a smile anyway.

She puled me closer to her into a hug.

“I though I lost you.” She tried not to cry.

“I’m not going anywhere...” I smiled; “not yet” I said quietly, hoping she didn’t hear the second part.

“Mich...?” My mom wanted to say something to me and I knew exactly what she meant.

I wanted to say something back to her but I started not feeling well. And I rushed to the bathroom.

Gia started running after me as I started throwing up in the toilet.

She hold my hair.

I looked in the toilet after and I could only see blood, I was throwing up blood.

I whipped my mouth whit my hands. As I looked at them they were covered in blood.

I tried to hide the blood but everyone already saw it.

They were giving each other worried looks.

“You need to tell them the truth.” My mother whispered to me as I gave her little nod.

As I went back to my bed I saw Alex, Lio, Lilla and James Rodrigez in my room.

“Can I ask why are you here?” I was confused.

“Even that we tried to kill you till month ago you’re now part of the family and we don’t left our family when they need us.” Lio said to me while he gave a look to my mom.

“Thank you.” I smiled. “No hard feeling?” I looked at everyone of them.

“Not hard feelings.” All of them smiled.

“If you’re here that means she knows?” I looked at James.

“Yes, she does and she’s okay with it.” He said as Beck gave me the nod, that he is telling the truth.

“Okay” I smiled. “And if everyone is already here I want to tell you guys something.” Everyone eyes were on me. “I-” I started but I couldn’t say anything anymore. I looked at my mother as she gave me a smile. “I don’t have much long, maybe a week or two but that’s it.” I said as everyone’s face fallen.

Room went quite.

“But doctors said they don’t know exactly how long you have.” Gia’s voice was cracking.

“I paid them to say that, cause I didn’t want you guys to worry.” I saw a tear coming down Gia’s face. She runned out of room. And I followed her.

“GIA!” I yelled through the hall.

“Why? Why did you lie?” She was trying to hold her tears back.

“I was scared, okay? I didn’t want you guys to be hurt because of me and I though It would be better to lie. Maybe you think I don’t care but I do, I do care, I care about you, Beck, Roman, my dad, Dylan, Cassie, Max, I care for everyone, even for my mom, that’s why it would hurt so much, cause I will need to left special people I met behind but I swear, I’m going to be always here, even if you will not see me.” I smiled as I took off my ring. “I bough that finger ages ago and I said to myself; “When the right person is going to come in my life and I would love them so much that I would die for them, I’m going to give them the ring” and I found that person, that’s why I’m giving you this ring, that you will remember how much I loved you and that you’re going to remember that I would die for you. I wouldn’t kill for you cause that’s an everyday thing for me but I would die for you and you’re the only person I would.” I was crying. “I know it’s going to be hard for you but I want you to move on, I want you to be happy but please don’t forget me.” I smiled through my tears giving Gia my ring on her finger. “You were the first and last person I loved.”

“I know you care, Mich but I’m scared, it’s scary that I can finally be with the person that I love and now I’m going to lose her. The first time we met I knew you were something special and I’m happy that I can call you my girlfriend and the person I will love till I die and I’m sorry that I can’t promise you that I can ever move on and I think, I can talk for everyone who knows you that they will not be able to move on. You are the most special person I ever knew and I will not be able to love another person the way I did you, you were my soulmate, the person I would die for, my girlfriend and I’m sorry I can’t do anything that we could spent more time together and I promise I will never forget you. I love you, Michaela Rosa Angelo.” She cried.

“I love you too, Gia Leonardo Angelo.” I said as I pulled her in a kiss.

I could feel both of our tears falling down our chins on the floor.

“Can you promise me something?” I asked as se nodded. “You will be happy, okay, no matter what happens next, promise me you will try to be happy?”

“You know I can’t promise that.”

“Please? That is the only way I can pass away peacefully.”

“I can only promise that I will try.”

“That’s enough for me, thank you” I said pulling her in a kiss again.

I pulled away when I heard footsteps behind me. It was Gia’s mother, Alex. Both of us whipped tears off as we turned to her.

“Hi honey, I just wanted to have a word with Mich.”

“Sure.” Gia gave me a kiss on the check before she left.

Alex pulled me into a hug, as I hugged her back.

“I’m sorry, Mich, for everything, and for anything what happened between you and our family.” She pulled out of the hug.

“It’s okay, I get it, I would do the same for my friends if I didn’t knew full story, I forgive you.” I smiled.

“Thank you. And I wanted to tell you that even if we don’t know each other so good and we weren’t close, I will still miss you, cause I know how much my daughter cares and love you and it breaks my heart seeing her hurt.”

“I know, Mrs. Rodrigez, it hurts me too but right now I can’t do anything about it. I would love to stay here and be with Gia for the rest of our life’s but god has different plan for me.”

“Call me Alex, please” She smiled. “I think he has a lot of plans with you but he didn’t have to take you away.”

“I know but now is what it is.” I smiled as a tear escaped my eyes. “Can you promise me something, Alex? Can you look around for Gia and my friends and my dad, please?”

“Of course, I would be honored to.” She smiled.

“Thank you, Alex, that means a lot to me.” I pulled her into a hug. “I think we should go back to the others.”

“Yea, that’s a good idea.”

When we came back all of them talked except my dad who was sitting on my moms bed talking to her.

“Dad, can we talk I private?” I asked him as he got up.

“How are you?” I asked him when we came on the hallway.

“I don’t know, Mich, I don’t know.”

“I know, dad, it’s hard but you will get through this.”

“I don’t know if I ever will, you’re my daughter and we didn’t have enough time and now you’re already leaving me, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I loose you, I got you back not a long ago and now you’re leaving, I don’t know what’s going to happen, Rosa.” His voice was cracking.

“This few months that I knew you were the best months of my life, you were the father I wished I had when I was a child and I’m so happy that you’re my dad. I’m so happy for that time we spent together even that it wasn’t much. I love you, dad.” I tear escaped from both of our eyes.

“I love you too, Rosa, you can’t even imagine how much.” I hugged him.

“And can you please forgive mom? I know what she did was awful but she though well and please tell remind her when I’m gone that I love her and I forgive her, please?”

“I will but she doesn’t have a lot of time.”

“I know but if the miracle will happen, please tell her that.”

“I will.” He smiled.

“And can you tell Roman, Beck, Dylan, Max and Cassie to came her, I want to say goodbye.”

“Of course but you’re not leaving us, yet.”

“I know but I want to do it anyways, just in case.”

As he left, all of them came a second later.

I opened my arms as to hug all of them.

“Hey...” I said.

“Hey...” All of them said and I could her in their voice they wanted to cry.

“I know I have a week left but I wanted to do that now, just in case.” I started. “All of you guys changed my life. I was in the dark when I came to the school, I was broken and all of you fixed me. And when everything happened with my mother you were only people next to me, you helped me get better. All of you are my best friends and I don’t know how my life would be without you guys, I truly love every singel one of you.”

“You’re our bestfriend and we don’t know what we would do with you.” Beck gave me a smile.

“If it wouldn’t be you we wouldn’t be bestfriends and we wouldn’t have our mafia.” Roman told me.

“If it wouldn’t be you I wouldn’t know to fight that good cause you’re the person who teach me.” Dylan smiled.

“If it wouldn’t be you I couldn’t know how to control my anger issues, even that you don’t know how to control yours.” Cassie tried to hold her tears.

“If it wouldn’t be you I wouldn’t be so great teacher.” Max gave out a little laugh.

“I guess I’m pretty great.” All of us started lauging.

“You are”

“Yes, you are.”

“You’re really great person.”

“You are, Mich.”

“You are amazing.” All of them were saying.

“When I’m gone, please don’t change anything cause even that you guys will not see me, I’m going to be always next to you. And still be the best mafia, even without me.” I smiled.

As we were finishing, I saw Angie, AJ, Ellie, Thomas and Phillip(Beck’s dad) running our way.

All of them came running in my hug as Phillip was watching from the distant.

“Hey!” I was happy to see them.

I could hear sobbing but that didn’t ruined my mood.

“How are you guys?” As I asked, all of them raised their heads to look at me. And I could see all of them were crying.

“What’s wrong?” I pulled them back in a hug.

“Why didn’t you told us before?” Angie was sobbing.

“I’m sorry, I’m really am.” I said. “But I don’t want you guys to be sad right now. What if we go get some ice cream?”

All of them nodded but they weren’t so excited. “Okay, can you go say my dad to come here so I can give her money for it, please?”

“Sure.” They said before going to my room to find Lorenzo.

Phillip started walking to me as he pulled me in a hug. “How are you?”

“No bad, how about you?”

“It could be better.” He was still hugging me.

“I know but we can only enjoy the time I had left, I don’t want it to be sad, I want my last days to be happy and special.” I smiled as I pulled out of the hug.

“Okay, if you want that, we’re going to make your last days special. But really, how do you feel, and don’t lie to make us feel better.”

“I don’t know Phill, I’m always tired even if I get 15 hours of sleep, every day and I started throwing up blood. My hair are thin and I don’t have them a lot anymore. But seeing everyone next to me it makes me happy.”

“Hey!” My dad yelled. “Phill!”

“Lorenzo!” Phill runned to my dad as he hugged him.

It’s sweet how close they are. And I’m happy seeing them happy.

“Here you go, dad.” I gave him 100$

“That much for ice cream?”

“Yes, you know here is 18 people? Spend all.”

“Like you say, boss.” My dad winked at me before he left.


We were eating ice cream outside the hospital.

“If I could I would eat ice cream everyday for every meal.” I said as I enjoyed my ice cream.

“I know it’s so good!” All of them said as Gia’s phone started ringing.

“Okay, come here.” Gia said before she hanged up.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked her.

“You will see, I want you to meet someone.” She smiled.

After 5 minutes I saw Liam in the car. He opened the last door of the car and took out...a baby?

He started walking to us as the little girl started running to Gia. And Gia picked her up, giving her a kiss on the check.

“Mich? This is Andrea, she’s my little sister.” Gia smiled. She had a smile through her face when she saw Andrea.

“You have another sister?” I was confused.

“Yes, but people don’t know about her cause we don’t want to put her in danger.” She explained.

“I get it.”

“Andrea, this is the love of my life, Mich.” When Gia introduced me to her little sister, I wanted to cry. She said; “The love of my life.”

“She’s pretty.” Andrea said shyly as I blushed.

“I know.” Gia gave another kiss her sister on the check.

“You are pretty too. You look like your big sister and your big sister is very pretty.” I said as both of the blushed.

I giggled as I little kid.

“And how old are you, Andrea?” I asked her.

She showed me three fingers.

“You’re so big girl already.” Both of us smiled.

We were all laughing and talking, it was so awesome, I’m so happy to have them.

Slowly it was getting dark when I looked on the clock, it was already 9pm and I was getting tired.

“I think I’m going to go to bed.” I said.

“I’m going to came with you.” My mom told me.

“I can go with you.” Gia said with Andrea sitting on her lap.

“I’m going to call you, I want to have a word with mom.” I smiled as Gia gave me a nod before me and Lily left.

“I want to tell you something.” I started talking when we came in room. “I forgive and I love you, I know you didn’t have a choice and you only wanted to help me.”

“No, Mich, I had a choice and I could come back for you but I didn’t, I was too scared what you’re going to think about me if I tell you I adopted another kid and I was too scared you don’t love me anymore. I deserved everything you did and how you acted towards me. And I’m sorry about your dad, I just wanted to protect you towards the world he lived in. I’m sorry, because of me you didn’t have love of a loving father you deserved.”

“It’ okay, It’s really mom, I get why did you acted the way you are and I’m sorry how I treated you. And I want to tell you that me and Lorenzo forgive you cause you’re still my mom and he still loves you no matter what you did, he always did love you, he never stopped.”

“Thank you, that really means a lot, I don’t know if I could live knowing you and your dad still hate me. I love you both, very much.” She hugged me.

Gia’s POV:

“Do you wan to go see Mich?” I asked Andrea while she was sitting on my lap.

“Yes!” She was excited even that she was here 10 minutes ago. But I get it, I already miss her even that I saw her 10 minutes ago and she’s only 20 meters away from me. I really don’t know how I’m going to live without Mich.

As me and Andrea came in Mich’s room we saw Mich and lily hugging. Even that I don’t like Lily because of everything she did to Mich, I’m still happy seeing them getting along.

“Hey!” Andrea yelled when I opened the door to get Mich’s attention.

“Hey!” Mich was happy.

Andrea runned to Mich in a hug.

I love how my sister likes Mich. Even they two meet only today, they are close and I love it. Andrea really likes Mich but I don’t know how I’m going to tell her what happened when she’s gone.

As we were talking all others came back in the room as Mich and Lily were getting ready for bed.

I’m going to tell you the truth, I’m scared, a lot, cause I don’t know if she’s going to wake up after she fell asleep.

“Don’t worry, princess, I’m going to be okay.” She saw I was worried. She toke my hand and hold it.

“I know but I’m just scared.”

“I know, I’m too, a lot.” She kissed my hand.

Lorenzo and all of her friends came to Mich and gave her a kiss on the forehead and hugged her. And they did the same for Lily. Even my family did that.

I could see, all of them were worried what’s going to happened next.

I pulled Mich into a kiss. I didn’t care if a whole world was watching. “I love you, I love you more than you can imagine, I’m in love with you, I will never forget you, Rosa, never.” I said pulling her in another kiss.

“I love you too, princess, I’m in love with you.” She kissed me. “I’m going to be here even if you’re not going to be able to see me.” She closed her eyes and both of them went to sleep.

It’s been 5 minutes and both of Mich’s and Lily’s monitors started ringing.

“No heartbeat...” I started crying.

Both of them died and the same time.

I looked around the room everyone in tears. I went to Mich’s dad and hugged him. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“It’s not your fault, Gia, you couldn’t do anything about it.”

“I know but...” I started sobbing and my voice cracked. I couldn’t say nothing anymore.

Today I lost the love of my life and I can’t get her back. She left the world happy, with her family and love ones next to her.

I can’t do that. I can’t act all though now. I can’t act like I’m okay, cause I’m not.

I fall on the floor crying. My tears couldn’t stop falling out my eyes.

“She’s gone. She’s really gone.” I cried. Beck came to me as she pulled me in a hug.

“I know, I know, it hurts so much but she wouldn’t wan that, she would want us the be happy.” She cried next to me.

“I can’t do that. I can’t be happy with her gone. She was the light of my life and now I lost her.” I was crying so much that I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t get to the air. I started sobbing. “I just can’t, I can’t let her go.” I toke Mich’s hand, it was cold. “She’s really gone, isn’t she? She will never come back.”

“She is gone but she is still in our hearts, and even if we can’t see her, she still here, next to us, where we need here. She told you that and promised you she will never really leave and she never broke er promises and she will not now.” Beck tried to calm me down.

“She never broke a promise, she never did.” I cried but I was happy knowing she will never really left me.


It’s been a week since Mich and Lily died and today we had their funeral. It was hard, it was so damn hard, but did it with all her friends and my and her family next to me.

We buried them next to each other.

Since Mich died I couldn’t sleep but when I did, she was in my dreams, telling me it’s going to be okay and how she loves me and is next to me. I’m seeing her next to me and I can see and hear her. I can feel that she is next to me, holding my hand, giving me kisses on it.

I’m always wearing the ring she gave me, I don’t take it off and I never will. It’s too special for me.

Me and Beck became very close. We were there for each other when we were at our worst. We cried together.

And now I technically live in Mich’s villa in her room. I feel close to her when I’m in her room. I sleep there and me and Beck spent time there. It feels like she’s still with us, with me. I feel like she’s next to me.


I can tell you, I cried like a little baby writing this. It hurt me so much to end the story like that, but like Mich said; “It is what it is”.

I hope you liked my story. Cause that’s the END!

I already started writing new story, Next memories. Go cheeck it out.

Tell me in the comments what you though of my story, okay? Cause that would mean a lot to me too.

Have fun!


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