Anger in me

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“Okay Beck that’s our last lesson, come on we don’t want be late.” “Yeah little angel.” She rolled her eyes at me. “Just come on.” “Okey, Okey I’m coming.”

This is our last lesson. And you can guess what is it. Fighting.

After every lesson fighting we had, I took a cold and hot shower. After about two weeks of doing that pain was gone. Now it doesn’t hurt anymore. Only hurts other people.Day after day I was becoming faster and stronger. Now I’m really god at fighting. Sometimes I fight with 16 year olds and I always win. Thats probably why evrey person older than me hates me. It isn’t my fault that they are bad.

“Go in pairs and take your boxing gloves and start to fight.” Coach told us. Me and Beck look at each other and we knew it that we are gonna be in pair. We nodded at each other so we show that we knew it what we mean it. We took our gloves and we were gonna start to fight when some 17 year old guy come to me. “Hey Angelo (Michaelas last name).” “What do you want Roman?” I said annoyed. “I want to see if you are really that good like every one say.” He said to me. “No Roman I’m not gonna boks with you because I’m in pair with Beck.” I was becoming angry. “You are just scared that I’m gonna beat you.” I looked at Beck when she gave me the nod that I can fight with him. “Okey then.” We put our gloves on and we were going in boxing ring. In ring can sometimes become bloody. We came in ring and evrey body collected around it.

We started and he tried to punch a first punch when I dodge it and I punched him hard in the ribs. It was obviously that it hurt him. At first he was only attacking and I was only dodging when he tried to punch. I was making him angry. He lost it and punch me hard in the jaw. But it didn’t hurt, like always. But I was getting mad. And Beck could see it. I punched Roman in the ribs, stomach and in the jaw hardly. He fall on the grownd. He tried to get up but I was on top of him punching him in the face. No too hard but enough hard that he stated bleeding. I get up and I put my boxing gloves on the floor. Beck gived me a bottle of water.

I approached Roman. “Now you can see that I’m better than what people are saying.” I said with a evil smirk on my face. He look at me angry. I smiled to him and gived him a hand to stand up. He toke my hand I helped him.

We were in medicine room. He was staring at me confusing while I cleaned his wounds. “What?” I asked annoyed. “Why are you helping me? Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind but I challenge you and I lost.” He asked. “Because I did that to you and yes maybe you lost but I know how it hurts when you get into a fight and lose.” I answer him honestly. “You are really nice person Angelo.” He said with a smile. “Oh I know that.” I said with a smirk. “Okey little annoying but nice.” We both smiled. I finished with cleaning his wounds. “Really thank you Angelo.” “No problem.” we said and than something happened. He hugged me. Oh he did not just hugged me. “ROMAN!” I screamed angrily. “What?” He asked little scared. “I know that you are grateful but please DO. NOT. HUG. ME.” I hatted when someone else hugged me expect Beck. “Oh I’m sorry it will not happened again.” “Good.”

He was getting out of room when Beck stormed in. “What the fuck happened? I heard you yell.” She asked nervously. “He just hugged me.” “Ov.” “Yea and I told him I don’t like to be hugged.”

“I still can’t believe that you won.” Beck was still excited. “Oh believe because your best friend is the best.” I smirked at her. “Yea, yea I know but still he is like 5 years older than you. You are little kid for him.” Beck was excited. “Then this little kid just knocked him on the ground with only 3 punches.” I smiled. “I’m proud of you Mich.” “Thank you Beck that really means a lot to me.” When I said that I mean it. What Beck said to me was the first time when someone was proud at me. My mom never said that to me. “But I hope now that people will not ask you for boxing match again.” She was worried. “I don’t know. Maybe but Roman was one of the best boxers on the whole school. So maybe other people will wanna know if I’m really that good. But don’t worry I will won every time.” I winked at her. “I hope so. I don’t want you to get hurt.” She was still worried.

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