Anger in me

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We aren't friends

It’s next day and since our class started 5 boys and 3 girls asked me for a boxing match. Can’t they see that I don’t want to. People are sometimes really annoying. Like really, really annoying. “What are you thinking about Mich? Oh, maybe I know. I think you’re thinking about how stupid you are that you agreed on all boxing matches people asked you to!” She yelled at me. “It’s your fault that you didn’t stop me from doing that.” “I tried to but your annoying ass didn’t listen to me.” “You know that I can’t say no to challenge. Even if I know that I will win.” I talked to her. “Yea I know, but you can be killed. In here people don’t watch over us and they don’t care about what we do. It’s our own fault if we accept a challenge and if something happened to us is our own fault, not theirs.” She was worried about me. That’s kinda weird that someone cares about me. My whole life people didn’t care what shit I do till I don’t go to prison. It was weird but nice that now I have someone on my side. “Yea I know but I will be careful. I promise.” “You say that every time.” She still didn’t trusted me. “Yea and every time I kept the promise.” I said to her and she just rolled her eyes at me.

“Ok come on. We are gonna be late for lunch and you know that I love food. Today especially because is pizza.” I said to Beck with a smile. “Wait today we have pizza? What are we even still doing here?” She headed to cafeteria. “Wait for me!” I screamed but she didn’t heard me.

“Mmmmmmm, mmmmm....” Beck made noises while eating. “Can you shut up I’m trying to eat peacefully but I can’t because of your;...I don’t even know what you’re doing but please shut up.” I said annoyed while she just rolled her eyes at me and I did the same after.

“What tf?” I asked. “What?” Romen was confused while he sit down at our table. “Why are sitting here?” I was annoyed. “Can’t I sit with my friends?” He asked little offended. “We aren’t friends.” “What really I thought that after what happened yesterday we were friends.” Okay now he looked really offended. “Okay forget about it but what do you want?” I was interested. “Okay I heard that your gonna fight with 5 people tonight.” He started. “Ummmm not 5. 8 people. 5 boys and 3 girls.” “Oh shit Angelo you are in real shit. You really thought you can fight 8 people one after another?” Roman was worried. “That’s what I said.” Beck joined the conversation. “It will be no problem. 1 girl and 2 boys are only 13 so that will go fast. Then 1 girl and 1 boy are both 14 that will be little more hard but nothing I can do. And others are 16.” I was confident. “Oh you will die.” Both of them said. “Oh no you will not get rid of me that easily and can I remind you that only yesterday I knocked you out in only 3 punches and you are 5 years older than me.” I said with a smirk. “Yea, yea I remember.” We all started laughing.


It’s time. I was already in a boxing ring while others who’s gonna fight were around talking to each other and like whole school was around the ring watching. Roman and Beck came to me; “Don’t play with them. If they are short just knock them over but if they are taller first tire them and then knock them.” Roman said to me while Beck gave me mouthguard in mouth. “And good luck.” Both said with a worried tone.

I was nervous but I didn’t showed.

First girl came in ring. She was 13 years old and the same high as me. “Good luck. You will needed it.” I said to a girl with a smirk. “You wish.” I was already making her angry.

She tried to punch but I dodge it and I punched her into the stomach. I punched her 2 more times and she was on the floor not able to get up. I helped her stand up. And Some guy came to me and grabbed me for my hand while he yelled “Winer. One point for Michaela Angelo.” Oh did I forgot to tell that here boks, people take very seriously?

It’s been like an hour and I won all fights. I mean all fights that were already been. So I won 5 fights. Ring was all covered in blood. I little bit of my blood and a lot of others’. Blood flowed from my nose and my lips. My teeth were all right but I can’t say that for the others. Now it was turn for a 16 year old guy. He was huge. He was like 6′3/190.50 cm. We started and he wanted to punch me many times but I dodge it. At first I was only playing with him. I was jumping up and down fast till he was tired. Then I punched him in the jaw and he lost balance and he fainted. All people gasped. Some of the guys from the crowd came to him and carried him in medicine room. The same guy walked to me like before; “6 points for Michaela Angelo.” He yelled.

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