Anger in me

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Win, Win, Win

“Don’t move!” Beck yelled at me. “I need to take a shower!” I yelled back. “Do I look like I care. You can’t move.” She was angry. “Angelo you need to let us to clean your wounds. They are pretty bad you know.” Roman told me but I didn’t care. “I will clean it by myself, and they aren’t that bad. I just need to take a shower and then I will do it.” “No I will do it because they are bad.” She was making problem about it. Before she could say anything I stod up and started running but before I came far Beck grabed my hand and kicked me in leg. I fell on the ground in pane. “What the fuck Beck?!” “If your wounds aren’t that bed why did you fall?” “Because it fucking hurts.” ” Of course it hurts. You have broken nose, 2 ribs and twisted arm.” We argued.


“You son of a bitch” I yelled at him when he punched me in the ribs. “You see, this isn’t sport for girls. Go play with barbies you little girl.” He was becoming angry. I have enough of it. I punched 16 year old boy in the stomach and a nose. He fall on the floor and I was on top of then punching him with whole energy I have left in my body. He was my last fight and I will not lose it to him.

I was so angry that I was only seeing red. I could kill him but two familiar hands dragged me of, of him. That were hands of Beck and Roman. “WTF I could win!” I was angry. “No you could killed him.” They both said. I looked at the ring at the boy who was covered in blood. “Shit” I said. “Yea we know but what did it make you that angry. Because I know you Mich. I saw that in a second when he said something to you, your eyes become black.” Beck warn me. “He said that boks isn’t sport for girls and that I need to go to play with barbies.” I told them quite but angry. “Ha! And you believed him? Angelo today you fighted 8 people and you won every time. You really think that that sport isn’t for you? Your gonna be a legend of the school boxing. You did great.” Roman said to me with proud in his eyes. “Thank you Roman.” I said and hugged him...WAIT, No I didn’t just hugged him. SHIT. “Did you just hugged me?” He said with tears in his eyes. “But you said that you don’t like hugs.” “I don’t. But that you know that this will be not every day thing.” I said and we both smiled.

“Michaela Angelo come here.” A boy yelled. “Because you weren’t here till the end of the fight is this fight equal. So that means that tonight you won 7 fights. Congratulations!” He said proudly. All people started screaming in happines. “Wow” I said to myself.

Roman’s POV:

Michaela went to sleep and me and Beck talked about what happened. “I can’t believe she won all fights. Okay this one fight was equal but that was all because of us.” I talked to her. “Don’t be so shocked. She is very good. I believed that she could do it.” She said. “Can I ask you a question?” “Yea sure. What is it?” “On day of our fight I wanted to hug Michaela to thank her for being nice to me but she was angry when I did it and started screaming that I can’t hug her but today she hugged me. What changed?” I was confused. “Michaela always only had her mother but her mother never hugged her because we could say that she was afraid of Michaela.” “Why was she afraid?” “Because of hers outbursts of anger. And you asked me what changed? Her mom or anybody never told her or looked like they were proud of her and when you talked to her today she saw proud in your eyes, she saw that you were proud of her. She was so happy and when she’s happy she shows that that she hugs you.” She explained to me. “I didn’t know that she get through all of that. I’m sorry.” »Nobody knows it. Only me and Max know and now you.” She told me. “Thank you and can you please do me favor? Can you not tell anybody that I cried when Michaela hugged me?” “Sure” She laughed at me.

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