Anger in me

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You came

“Aaaaaaa, you bitch!” “Don’t be such a baby. “I’m not a baby. You think baby could win 8 fights in one night? NO!” “Yea, yea. Now let me clean your wounds.” “Okay, okay, chill.” Beck cleaned my wounds after I let it her, of course. “What are you even doing here?” I asked him. “I’m here because you love me.” He was making fun of me. “Roman, me and you, both know that that isn’t true.” I told him. “Okay that kinda hurts.” “Here you go. I cleaned all your wounds and I wrapped your arm and nose but you need to go to the school doctor that he look at your ribs.” Beck told me. “Okay I will and thank you.” “No problem.” She smiled.


“So doctor how are my ribs?” I asked him. “Like your friend said. They are broken. I can do nothing to help but you need to move less and stop boxing.” “What tf!? I can’t stop boxing.” “It will be only for like a month or two.” “BUT-” Before I could say anything more a guy storm in. “You will not argued with Mr. Lon, Mich.” “MAX!” I screamed. “I missed you Max.” “I missed you too. And I heard what happened. How could you do that before telling me.” “Upsii.” “But I’m proud of you that you winned. And that you aren’t hurt...that bad.” “Thank you Max.” I said and I pulled him tight in hug. “Wow is today a special day?” He asked. “Why?” I was confused. “You are in my hug more then 3 minutes already.” “Sorry I just missed you so much.” “I’m sorry but I needed to go on a mission. You know. “I know but didn’t you need to came only in 3 days?” “Yea but when I heard what happened I quickly.” “You didn’t need to but thank you.“. “I know.”

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