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It was about 10 pm when I saw the flashlights in the yard behind the house we were hiding out in. Those lights shouldn't have been there. This neighbourhood was abandoned along with all the houses except for the one me and Elphie were hiding in. I don't know who was in the yard or who had the flashlights but I still turned off all the lights locked all the doors and windows and made sure all the blinds were still closed. I look out through the blinds of the window in the back of the kitchen again and I don't see the lights. For a split second I think I was imagining them, but then I see the lights shining through the blinds. The people are trying to see inside.

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Chapter 1

I duck down immediately. I’m terrified. Who are those people? What are they doing here? I need to tell Elphie but how? my phone brightness might make them see me and I don't want to risk that. I’m too scared to move. I see the lights disappear but I stay where I am. Over twenty minutes pass by after the lights disappear from the window and I hear the people walk back towards the house behind this one. What makes me wonder is how they got over the fence. Did they drive? I would've heard and seen the car. Maybe they would a ladder over the fence or something. I’ll check tomorrow. But what if, those people live in the house behind us and this neighbourhood isn't so empty after all. Maybe it’s not as safe as Elphie thought it was. Eventually, I move from my hiding spot to upstairs where I and Elphie are sleeping. I’m still very anxious about who those people were. I wonder if they were members of The Dark. Looking for the last free survivors. Elphie and I can kind of….do things most people can't. Special abilities you could say I suppose. The Dark has been kidnapping everyone that's like us. They take you and try to convince you to join their cause and if you don't, well, they kill you. They have no use for people with special abilities that refuse their cause. The reason they're so hell-bent on making every abnormal person join their cause is that the ones that haven't been captured or survive being captured and escape are a huge threat to The Dark. I’ve come close to getting caught multiple times but the people who’ve tried always fail because of what I can do. They might have guns and poisonous gas but I have my powers. They don't look like much mostly because the only person who taught me to use them was myself. After all, my parents were well killed because they of course refused their service to The Dark. My power just looks like paper stars but it’s very different from that. The stars aren't made of paper they're crystals and they can sometimes explode if I want them to. Pretty cool right? You don't even know how many times people have said “so you're just gonna throw paper at me and hope I get a paper cut?” when I’m fighting them. No one ever believes a girl could be a strong member of The Resistance. They always assume it's the men that do the planning. Xenophobic. Damn. No one ever takes me seriously because of the way my power appears and my ethnicity. Stupid though it is it’s always nice to see the look of pure surprise when they see what I can do.
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