Suffering Forever

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Young Lauren Anderson suffers from depression causing her to become homeschooled. She had lost her little brother in a car accident,putting her in this dark sadness for too long. Lauren’s parents convince her to go back to school,she arrives at school noticing that her best friends had left her in the dust and didnt care for her anymore, causing more sadness than ever Will Lauren ever get out of this world of sorrow.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Footsteps could be heard thumping up the stairs. “Lauren, Aunt Sarah is coming for dinner tonight. You know you are welcome to come to sit with us.” “No” Lauren refused slightly with an attitude.
She stared out the window curled up in a dark purple blanket, watching the raindrops drop into the dead flowers in a planter box on the outside ledge of her window. Her older sister opened the door and slowly walked out of the room, letting her be alone. Lauren liked the fact her older sister Lacy was there to help her at all times. Lacy was eighteen year old who had dropped out of high school, to help Lauren with homeschool. She had put all her time and energy on her. She knew how it felt. Her best friends Isa and Gabe, Two twins she met in middle school. Had disappeared after their brother’s birthday, and never came back. She knew that the twin's parents had been a bit strange. She almost wondered if Isa and Gabe left because of there parent actions. Lacy still wanted the truth behind what happened. To them but once Lacy’s parents died there was no telling what had happened. A sudden knock appeared “hello Aunt Sarah, how are you.” she walked thru the door leaving trails of dirty water all over the hardwood floors. “I'm fine, how's little Lauri?” She questioned. “She still has not come out of her room since last November, I've tried so hard to have her come out of her room but every time she refuses.” Lacy looked down at her fuzzy pink slippers, in defeat. She placed her hand on Lacy’s shoulder. “The best thing to do is keep trying, she will want to come out one day,” she said praising Lacy. “I don't know what else to do, I've tried everything. They sat down at the small corner table in the kitchen only containing two small chairs. They took their seats and started eating the small plates of grilled chicken and white rice, they chatted the time away.

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