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Avery Jane Adams is a young teenage girl striving for some adventure in her life. With parents who are constantly at each others throats Avery finds solace in the night. One brisk evening Avery ends up at the local cafe, only to rekindle a childhood relationship with a boy she used to know. Realizing that they face many of the same inner demons they decide that they can no longer live in the wastelands that are their homes and runaway together. Promising never to look back.

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Chapter 1

"Get out of my house NOW!"

"Oh your house? Like you pay the bills."

"As a matter of fact, I do, because most of my paycheck goes towards paying the bills and providing for this family!"
"Ha ha it really is the same thing with you every time, isn't it? Oh look at me, Miss. Independent, I pay the bills. Well I've done more for this family then you EVER will!"
"What, like ruin our lives, gamble our money away, show our daughter what it's like to be a raging alcoholic? Yeah sure, alright then."
"Hey you're no better you hypocritical bit-"

I dug my fingertips in my ears to drown out the incessant yelling between two people who had never really known what love was supposed to be like; my parents. It hadn't always been like this, there were times where things used to be good and they got along. Where they seemed happy, but that had all ended years ago when old habits came back into play.

CRASH. The sound of broken glass crumbling to the ground snapped me out of my thoughts, and the realization of my parents becoming violent now struck me. I couldn't stand the noise any longer. With tears streaming down my face I ran to my window. Darkness greeting my tear-filled eyes.
Maybe I shouldn't go out this late at night. Something bad could happen. But nothing worse then what already goes on in this house.
And with that as my final thought I slid open the old creaky window and quietly fit myself through the frame, jumping the small distance to the ground, the only possession I had in hand was my phone. I began to jog the short distance from the house to the back road. We lived on an old farm property that wasn't far from town or the woods. Sometimes I'd walk there when I needed to clear my mind, but tonight I wanted to completely distract myself. I would walk to town and try and see if any of my friends were working the evening shift at the local cafe. I didn't have many friends, but I was okay with it. Sure I got lonely and stayed at home far to much for a seventeen year old girl but there were plus sides to it I guess. So they didn't really care all that much about me or what was happening in my life but they were still fun to talk to, right? Who was I kidding, I could barely call them friends but the time passed quicker when I was with them.

As I opened the door to the cafe chimes rang in a bird sing song way, making my entrance known to all inside. Normally this made me anxious but since it was a Saturday night everyone would be out at some sick party that they were invited to. I walked up to the counter and took a seat gazing at the menu in my hand.
"Hi, what can I get for you this evening?"
The waiters deep voice caught my attention, and as I looked up I was met with beautiful brown eyes. Two voids so dark I immediately became lost in them. Then I recognized him. As I was about to order my usual strawberry milkshake with a side of fries he smiled a cheeky grin and said,
"Avery Jane Adams, long time no see"

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