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Life's story

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Lfes's story

Adventure / Poetry
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Life's story

I hate to tell this story,
Coz I am feeling kinda sorry,

I just hate the sense of worry,
How the world is lacking glory.

I know wishes aren't true,
Yet I chase them all day through,

Wasting time or maybe not,
I ain't ever gonna stop,
I feel time's a bloody drop,
While the end's up on the top.
When will tear be of hope,
Should I cheer through the slope,
While I sweat without a gain,
All I have now is this pain,
All the feelings get insane,
I might probably complain,
Why I'am living in this vain,
Life has nothing I can blame,
but I wish there was no shame,
Only dreaming for an aim,
And Even after waitin',
Everythin' is still the same,
Future's seeming all plain,
Every night,always prayin',
And if God does bring a change,
There'll be nothing I can't obtain.

A poem''life's story"writen
By Lite2Write,Hit the like if
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