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The Titan Club and the Jaded Nerd

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If only Kyle York was prepared to meet four obsessive teenagers and deal with a lot of teenage drama and superhero craziness. Then again, we wouldn't have much of a story, would we?

Adventure / Drama
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Let me make this as clear as day for y’all folks. I’m not usually the one to do this kind of thing retelling my crazy story of mine on how my life became a freaking comic-book of a story, let alone be working a part of this mess I now call the Youth League. But when you have a mom and an aunt who works at an investment group and two godfathers who are the President and Vice-President of the USA respectively (and when they sign a personal executive order for you to follow, you have to do it or be known as the pariah of the country, damn them for being so close to my family and for having me be a part of their lives). Still, I’m told to retell my story in my own kind of way and in my own kind of flair. And since I’m mainly known to be mainly “nerd-realness” with a bit of ghetto-fabulous, I get to tell it in my own kind of way.

But first, let me formally introduce y’all to myself.

The name’s Kyle. Kyle La’Van JanTwaine York. And for a while, I was content on being the ghetto-nerd of all of Walton South High School in the East Oakland neighborhood. I had a few friends on my side and they all loved my southern charm. And while my mom and aunt insisted that I branch out a little, I was content on being a fish in a small pond. Who would’ve thought that the big move to a small town near LA would change my whole life? and who would’ve thought that I’d be in for one wild ride that would have me asking, “How the fuck did my life become a comic-book kind of story?”

Well, readers of mine, it all happened. And I’m here nonetheless.

Now, how did it all began is a trip. Well to make a long story short, I’ll take y’all to my first day of senior year at Harry S. Truman High School where the first day was about to begin and how I was missing my friend Omarion Browning and his family while talking on the phone with my mother...

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