Loving My Step-Brother

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Chapter 2 - He's calling me HIS

Weeks go by and he keeps whispering ’mine’ in my ears. I don’t like it sometimes but still it scares me how he thinks I want him to. I do but I can’t he’s my brother. We talk more we get to know each other but I’m not pretty what does he see in me. He looks at me like i’m a hot piece of candy but I’m not, trust me. I wish he could leave me alone but no. Time goes by and he starts to kiss my neck. Not around our parents but all together. It scares me that they might see. I’m scared he might leave marks. I think I might love him though. His kisses to my neck spark butterflies in me. It’s insane. I sometimes want the urge to kiss his soft lips. I look at them sometimes and wonder. What would I feel if I kissed Him.

So one day I did.

That day we were alone in my room talking about I don’t know what then out of nowhere I kissed him. I had to it just bugged me that I haven’t. I felt a million shocks go throw me. I was surprised how powerful the kiss was. He slowly pushed me on the bed to lie down. We didn’t take it far I had to stop him. Our parents were home and we wouldn’t want to explain that. It’s to much to deal with. We kissed more often but secretly after that. We both really liked each other.

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