Loving My Step-Brother

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Chapter 4 - Kiss me Honey

He hugged me out of nowhere today. I just feel different with him, and it’s really confusing. I’m lost. Stuck. Stolen. My heart. He took it, but how, I’m confused, I really need to get out of this, I think I’m out of luck. He then kissed my neck. “Kiss me honey stop looking into space” he said kissing up my neck by my jaw to my lips. His lips were hot to mine. I kissed back and he slowly pushed me to a wall. I was getting more confused. He kissed down to my neck again leaving another ‘love bite’. He won’t stop leaving them now. When he was done he pecked my lips then left. I smiled and went to my mirror and picked up my makeup and put on foundation to my neck. Hiding the mark like he told me. All he cares is that he knows I’m his. He wants me as all his. Its harder that our parents got married or we could end up being together. Is there a way we could get them divorced. Just for us. I think we could I don’t know. I just wish I could be with him. For real. Siblings can’t marry each other. I HATE IT. I bit my lip and went to lay on my bed and went on my phone. I heard a nock.

“Come in” It was my father.

“Why do I see him come out of your room everyday at LEAST once everyday. Is there something going on between you to.”

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