Loving My Step-Brother

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Chapter 7 - Run


“we don’t know” I sighed rubbing my neck nervously.

“we could end up in huge trouble you know that right. We have to be careful now. We have to hide better than before.” I got off my bed and walked to my mirror.

“we have to run” he said looking at me with worried eyes.

*back to reality*

“what” i looked at him “why though”

“so we can be together and not deal with our parents” he said walking up to me and took my face in his hands “i can’t hide my love for you anymore it’s to hard”

“ok then we will run” i sighed

“pack your bags and get your stuff together we leave tonight when they’re asleep” then he left it was about 10 when our parents were asleep so we packed our stuff in his car and left

“i can’t believe we are doing this”

“me nether babe” i blushed

“now you can call me those names i guess” i laughed

“yep” he placed his hand on my thigh “and i can touch you wherever and whenever i want” he smirked. I started to bite my lip he then brought his hand up higher and on my inner thigh.

“why” i blushed

“because” he said and placed his hand on my spot and i let out a gasps and he smirked

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