Loving My Step-Brother

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Chapter 8 - I don't know

We finally got to a place we can stay for a while it was a cabin a pretty cabin at the least. I liked it so did he. We got out of the car and brought all our stuff inside. He smirked then picked me up bridal style and brought me to a room. He kissed me and then laid me on the bed crawling on top of me. I laughed he did as well.

“i love you babygirl” he said before kissing me softly and passionately. It felt more powerful than ever it felt more caring than needing. I loved it

“i love you to babyboy” i mumbled against his lips. He smirked. He started to nibble on my neck i let out a moan. That night was perfect indeed we did things we never done before. I was surprised at how powerful it felt. I loved it. I needed more of it.

*next day*

I woke up all cuddled up to him with nothing on. So I got up and throw on his shirt and a pair of pantys and went to find something to eat in the kitchen. I thought over the last night and how perfect it felt to be with him. I can’t believe we only know each other from our parents if our parents didn’t meet would we have. If we did how. All those questions wondered in my mind will i made breakfast. Then i felt to hands going up on my waist and I smiled. He kissed my neck and wrapped me in a hug.

“last night was amazing just like it is now”

“it sure was,” i smiled, “you know i’ve been thinking would we even be together if our parents ever meet. If so how and would we be like this together in secret or show everybody” i asked curiously.

“baby shhh listen to yourself it sounds like your douting us like we weren’t meant to be. But i do think we were” he smiled sweetly

“ok” i smiled hugging him around his neck and he smiled “ok well i should finish cooking so we can eat then we can do some things whatever you want to after i’m done.”

“ok baby” he smiled and kissed me then left to go sit on the counter watching me.

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