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The Lost Fish

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A friendly fish who got lost in the big ocean and met a octopus who helped him find his way home

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Chapter 1

There once was a fish named blu, and blu was a very clumsy fish. One day blu went swimming with his freind flow, blu and flow were playing when suddenly a big giant wave swept over both of them. Blu was pulled away by the current of the deep ocean. Blu was very scared and did not know where he was, he swam around trying to find his way back home but unfortunately he couldn’t. Later that day blu got very hungry and went out to look for food, then in the corner of his eye he saw an octopus! The octopus was enormous and blu was very frightened he would get eaten by this big creature, the octopus came closer and closer to blu, the octopus said “hello there” blu then reply’s with “please don’t eat me” the octopus then says “haha don’t be silly I won’t eat you I’m just looking for a freind”
“Oh thank god” said blu “we’ll I am a bit lost and I can’t seem to find my way home would you mind helping me?” Blu asked, “of course” replayed the octopus “my name is Sam”. They both swam of together to try and find blu’s family. “It’s getting quite late now don’t you think?” Asked blu “I’m getting really tired”
Sam replayed after a while “we’re almost here now”. After hours of swimming blu could finally recognise where he was and thanked Sam very much for helping him. “Oh thank you very much!” Blu said with excitement, “Its ok” replayed same “I hope we meet again soon”. They both said there goodbyes and Blu swam as fast as his fins could take him. When he arrived at his home his family were very happy to see him and they lived together happily ever after. The End
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