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Happy Holiday

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Linn was on a holiday to China but on the way, she got kidnapped and selled to USA.She found a way to escape and met a girl named Jolin........

Adventure / Children
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Happy Holiday Chapter 1

One afternoon at seven o'clock in the morning,I jumped out of my bed and started to pack my luggage as I am going on a holiday myself to China and it is going to be so interesting.''When I reach China,I must try out the traditional Tanghulu in Shang Hai!''I said it to myself as I cannot keep my exitement.I took the taxi to the Changi Airport and waited for my plain.I walked into the terminal and took pictures of the scenery of the sunset as it was already around six o'clock.''The customors taking plain four six five,please report to the counter to check your passport.''The speaker said as I quickly carried my luggage to the counter.Once I reached there,I took out my passport and checked in.I walked up the stairs to the airoeplain and found my seat,I sat down and started taking out my phone to chat with my best friend,Julie. Actually Julie has to go to tjis holiday feild trip with me but she says that she still has projects not done for her teachers.We were dissapointed but I promised her that I will take beautiful pictures for her to see.After a few hours,we arrived,I was awoke by the loud thump on the floor the another side.I lifted up my head and say everyone packing their bags,I started doing the same thing as them and checking if there are anything left behing on my seat and there was nothing.I carried my big luggage and walked down the stairs.After I walked down the stairs,I saw something bright and it was the sun.I beamed with exitement as I saw a tall man behind me...........

Chapter 1
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