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The Nightmare

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This is a story about a boy who had a nightmare and goes on adventures and needs to defeat all the monsters that are trying to kill him but at the end he realizes……..

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

At one night it was raining heavily and the the thunderstorms are Happening on every second, But at midnight Josh started seeing monsters and a flat surface of dust and it was dark, he didn’t know what to do Until he found a golden sword. And he took it and he was ready for any kind of fight but he knew it was dangerous. So then a wolf spotted josh trying to hunt for food so the wolf came running to josh like it was it’s prey when josh knew he have been spotted he ran as fast as he can but he came in front on a monster with a bat and josh was surrounded by monsters and wolfs but he was too scared to fight but he had no choice but to defend himself so he got his sword and have successfully killed the wolfs but he still needed to kill the monster but that was too big and scary so josh just ran and ran and ran. But he got away and he was happy at last but he found a paper that said, “There’s 4 more chapters you need to complete to escape this mess!” So josh needed to find 3 gems to put on a rectangle so josh found the rectangle behind the paper so he said “well that was easy.” And he remembered that he found three gems on the monsters hand so he thought that he had to go back and get the gems but he was scared but he had to do it so he went….. halfway there he was so hungry so he tried to hunt but when he was trying to hunt he spotted the monster. He was terrified but he got his sword and stabbed the monster from behind and luckily the monster died and josh successfully got the 3 gems he placed them on the rectangle and a blue portal appeared so he went inside…….
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