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A sophomore girl shows up in a new state, who's never been to a public school. Just to find out, why she'd been home schooled her whole life. When she just moved to Wellsbury, she is finally allowed to go to public school. Only to meet an unexpected person, while she's not able to fit in to her new school.

Adventure / Action
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Honestly, I’ve never been this nervous in my life. I haven’t really been the type to socialize. Mainly since I’ve never been to a public school before. I have been home schooled since kindergarten. The only “public school” experience I’ve ever had, was pre-school. Which I don’t remember. So, from all I can remember. No, I have never had an public school experience. Except now. I’m in my sophomore year of high school. As I walk down the halls, it feels like I have multiple eyes on me. I don't really like the attention. I can tell that I was very much dressed differently then the others here. I had long black hair that almost reached the back of my legs, following a long beaded strand of hair. As I look around, I see your average teenage girl. The ones who obsessing over the jocks, the nerds, the popular mean girls, the crack heads, the tomboys, pick me girls, and lastly, your goth/emo chicks. I don’t fit in any of those categories. I was the loner, who doesn't even give two shits of what people like. I am the one that would go out their way on any events too. I’m not necessarily girly, but if there’s a party, wedding, prom, dance, I dress my very best. Not fancy, but fancy. Anyways, It’s just super complicated. Plus, I had just moved here from California. I didn't fit in there either. Lastly, I'm a street fighter. So, that calls out why I wasn't very similar to everyone else. I just moved here, sweet home, sweet home, Wallsbury. My mom believed that we could have a fresh start at a new life. She thinks that because we had moved here, I'll stay out of trouble. I love adventures, so if that means doing something crazy, count me in.

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