Kasa Brace, The Crimson Pirate

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Chapter 17

Darren Var was an independent, small port city that owed its fealty to the Dwarven country of Grinda, which ruled the region. The city had a populace of about 10,000 people of various races, mostly those of human and dwarven ancestry. Darren Var was one of three ports on the southern side of the Storm-Swept Sea and functioned as the primary seafaring port of transporting goods into the region. Kasa, Kleine, and Kritis made their way through the hustle and bustle of the busy port, and not long after, Kasa led Kritis and Elenoren up the gangplank of her black ship, Devil's Reaper. Kritis looked over the vessel then said, "She's bigger than your last one."

"Older, faster, and came with her own special brand of baggage."

"I sense a presence here; no, make that two," said the enchanted sword on the Kritis' hip.

"That would be the ship herself and her former captain; like I said, baggage. Come, let me introduce you to the crew."

"Everyone front and center!" shouted Kleine as Kasa stepped onto the deck.

The connection she had with the ship was immediate and Kasa's mind was filled with the presence of everyone onboard. Along with the feeling came the sensation of the water brushing against the hull, the wind blowing the ropes, and the boots and bare feet against the deck.

"Lads and lassies, this is Kritis Melda. He is the best damn swordsman I have ever seen and will be with us for a time. Now, he has a job he took before joining our crew, and we're going to see to it that it gets done. Any questions?"

"He don't look like no sailor. Hell, he don't look like much of a swordsman for that matter," said a burly-looking half-orc, Thrusk, as he stepped forward.

"Thrusk, sweetie, you really, really don't want to do this," Kasa pleaded halfheartedly. She had expected this. No sailor worth his salt wanted to split his bounty with a layabout.

Kritis did not say a word, just simply moved forward to face the half-orc, his hands rested casually over Elenoren's hilt. Thrusk pulled his broad sabre from his hip and took a fighter's stance. "Captain, if I'm splittin’ my pay with this lout, then he best be better than I with the blade."

"Will this settle things for everyone?" Kasa asked, bemusement in her voice.

A round of “aye, ayes” came from her recently-acquired crew. Kleine, Broen, and Des stood quietly beside her.

"Very well, Kritis; if you don't mind, go easy on him. Kleine is fairly decent with the healing arts, but serious injuries, like missing limbs and death, are beyond her skills."

The dark-skinned swordsman nodded impassively in her direction but still did not move. A soft hum began as the two fighters stared at one another. Many of the other sailors looked around for the source of the noise, but Kasa knew exactly what it was. Kritis had been trained in the way of the sword by the spirit within his enchanted blade, the former blademaster Elenoren Skyblade of Belanda.

Kritis had explained to her once that Elenoren had created a series of techniques based off of twelve songs. Whenever they fought, she hummed, and in some instances she would sing the song best suited for the battle. The sailors positioned themselves on the deck, creating a wide circle to give the combatants room.

The burly half-orc flexed his yellow-green muscles and charged forward, his blade slashing with deft speed and precision. Kritis sidestepped the slash, moving forward and slightly to the right into a grapple range. With a too-quick motion, Kritis jabbed Elenoren's silver pummel into Thrusk's abdomen, knocking the wind out of him. The big half-orc fell to his knees gasping for air, shock and surprise clear on his pained face. The other sailors stood in stunned silence trying to comprehend what had just occurred. In half of a second, the fight was over. Kritis walked back beside Kasa and smiled.

Kasa let out a hearty laugh, breaking the silence, and wrapped an arm around Kritis’ shoulders. "There, now that that is settled: Kleine, get the ship ready for departure. Kritis and I will go and discuss the details of this job."

"Aye," Kleine said, shock still on her face. "You heard the captain! Let’s get the Reaper ready to set sail."

The crew went into motion preparing the ship, while a pair of the crewmembers assisted Thrusk to his feet. At this point, the large sailor had been able to catch his breath and nodded in respect to Kritis. Kritis return the nod as Kasa led him off toward her cabin. Kasa entered the room removing her sword belt and placed Widowmaker and Blood Biter on their wall mounts.

“That was very impressive. I almost didn’t see your hand move.”

“Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?” Elenoren said snark in her voice.

Kritis took in the room, and he eyes fell on the cutlass mounted underneath Widowmaker.

“That’s new.”

“Came with the ship. It belonged to the previous captain.”

“Did you hump him, too?” Elenoren asked.

Kasa sighed. “Elenoren, are you able to manifest?" Kasa asked while removing her dragon-skinned coat and unbuttoning her vest.

"I can; why, you planning on molesting me as well?"

"Are you as sexy as your voice?" Kasa mused.

"What are you getting at, Kasa?" Kritis asked.

"I'd like to enjoy you without commentary this time and I believe Captain Briarbeard wouldn’t mind the conversation." At that moment the former pirate king appeared in the room.

"Oh, look, Kritis, the devil slut has herself a spirit companion, too. Wait...Did you say Briarbeard? The wielder of Dragon's Breath?" As she spoke a pale purple light began to swirl around Elenoren's hilt. Kritis removed her from his belt and laid the blade down on the small table. A moment later, a translucent blue, nude elven female stood in the room.

Briarbeard's ghostly eyes went wide, "Elenoren Skyblade, the greatest sword master to ever live."

"Pirate King Briarbeard, the one fighter I believe could have kept up with me,"Elenoren said.

Kasa smiled, taking Kritis by the shirt. "I thought you two might know of each other." She dragged Kritis to her bed and drew the curtain. "They were alive around the same time."

Kasa and Kritis began kissing each other hungrily while tearing at one another’s clothes. "So what do you know about the baron?" Kasa asked between breaths.

"He’s a guy named Baron Melvin Hedars. He's not a true baron; he bought his title. He has a small castle on the island of Alvilise," he replied while cupping a red breast before suckling on the erect nipple.

Kasa moaned, running a hand through his dreads and another down his bare abdomen and into his pants, grasping his member. "Defenses?" she asked, getting down on her knees to remove his pants. She licked her lips, her eyes shining brightly, before taking him in.

Kritis moaned loudly. "He has a... a... thirty-man ship and at least one hundred foot soldiers. The castle has a twenty-foot wall around it." Kritis reached down to lift Kasa to her feet and lay her back on the bed. He then buried his face between her thighs.

“Easy enough, we can sneak..." Kasa started before she let out her own loud moan. Her tail wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer; her hand was buried in his dreads, grinding his face into her hungry hips. “Sneak in, find her, and sneak her out." She exhaled as she reached a climax.

Kasa pulled Kritis up by the hair and took him into her completely. "Yes, yes, yes. That's a good plan."

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