Kasa Brace, The Crimson Pirate

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Chapter 26

Kasa entered her cabin, confident that Kleine would take care of everything. She stripped off her coat and hung it on the peg next to her tall standing mirror. She grabbed a pin from the small bowl next to the nautical charts that were laid out on her small dining table in the room. She carefully marked their current position on the chart. She press a second pin where she believed was the last place she saw Crimson Widow. Kasa took a step and leaned against her desk that sat across from the table and stared at the charts thinking. It had been a long, though fruitful, two years. She hadn’t realized how much she missed her old ship. Crimson Widow was no Devil’s Reaper, not by half, but Kasa had stolen her by her own lust and wits. She was still her first love.

Kasa felt Elie approach and shouted for her to enter before the stealthy elf could knock. Elie, former shipmate of Kasa’s on the Blue Whisper, had adjusted from her long ten years of exile, trapped on a siren’s island. Elie led in the dwarven captain Nialy. Kasa watched hungrily as they entered; she remained leaning against her desk, her arms resting comfortably on Widowmaker’s webbed basket hilt and Blood Biter’s wooden handle.

The dwarf looked anxious. Good, Kasa liked them anxious. Nialy had been a member of her crew for a short time and one of Winston’s hand-picked recruits. One she never got to taste.

“Captain Nialy, long time. Please have a seat,” Kasa instructed.

“Um... OK," Captain Nialy replied.

“Elie, you can remove her restraints. Nialy’s going to be a good girl, isn’t she?”

Captain Nialy nodded. Elie gave Kasa a curious look, then realization hit her and she unlocked the mandibles binding the dwarven captain’s wrists. Nialy was cute, in a burly dwarven girl kind of way. Her face was round with high, rosy cheeks, and she had a small, round nose and pale blue eyes. Her auburn hair was cut short and flared in the front. She had a small scar on her chin that Kasa found attractive. Kasa caught herself hungrily biting her lip again.

“Thank you, Elie. You can wait outside.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Elie left the room, leaving Kasa alone with her prey. Kasa smiled warmly. Kasa walked around to her desk, never taking an eye off of her captive. She grabbed a bottle of whisky and two wooden cups from her a cabinet bolted to the wall. Kasa walked back over to the table and placed one of the cups in front of Nialy. She poured the dwarf a modest amount of the amber alcohol and then poured one for herself. Nialy stared at the cup suspiciously, and Kasa laughed.

“Seriously, if I wished to kill you, I could think of a number of more entertaining ways to do so.” Kasa then took a sip from her own cup. She rolled the burning liquid on her tongue before swallowing, then seductively licked her lips. “Now this is how it's gonna go. I’m gonna ask you some questions and you are going to answer them. Please me and I, in turn, will please you. Disappoint me, and well… I am half-devil.”

Captain Nialy gulped. “I cannot be intimidated. I will not give in to you.”

“Sweetie, you already have. Do you know how many of Winston’s ships I’ve taken? Have you any clue how many captains have fallen by my blade?”

“I…” The dwarf started to speak but stopped and took a drink from the cup.

“Good. You were not with me very long while Crimson Widow was still in my possession, and Winston made it a point to keep me occupied. Do you know what I am?”

“A she-devil?” Nialy said.

“That is true, but though we half-devils, as few as there are, look them same, we are not the same.” Kasa walked over to Nialy and ran a finger along the dwarf's left cheek, a soft caress that sent a sensation of pleasure down Nialy’s spine. The dwarven captain arched her back as if cold water had been poured down the back of her shirt. Her cheeks grew red and she let out a soft, satisfied moan. Her eyes went wide with both shock and embarrassment.

“Pleasure is my gift, you see. With a single touch I can make you desire me, make you tell me everything I want to know. Still, I’m not too fond of that method. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sex that follows.” Kasa walked around Nialy and placed her hands on her captive’s shoulder, sending another wave of pleasure through Captain Nialy’s body. The dwarven captain's breathing hastened and she squirmed awkwardly in her seat.

Kasa leaned over her so that she was a breath away from Nialy’s ear. “But it just feels like cheating,” she whispered and nipped Nialy’s pierced earlobe playfully.

Nialy exhaled with an uncontrollable shudder. Kasa knew what she had done. Giving someone an orgasm from a whisper and peck was child’s play and that was exactly what she was doing: playing. It didn’t matter if the recipient was into guys or girls, married or single, young or old, and race sure as Daskan’s balls didn’t matter. If she wanted a person, she could have them. Kasa leaned over, leisurely wrapping her arms around Nialy’s chest. Nialy tensed at the sudden closeness of Kasa. The crimson pirate pressed her breasts against the back of the dwarven captain’s neck and pressed her cheek against Nialy’s, careful not to poke her with her horn. At the same time, Kasa’s tail snaked its way around Nialy’s waist. The dwarf shuddered and her breathing increased its pace.

“Now that you understand and we are cozy, where does Crimson Widow drop anchor?”

“Wha-wha-what’s in it for me? I mean… I could tell you, and I’m sure I will tell you whether I want to or not, but you killed most of my crew, you’ve taken my ship, and I’m guessing we’re on our way back to the Hawks. I’m a dead dwarf.” Nialy shuddered as another tremor coursed through her body. Kasa could see her erect nipples pressing through her shirt. “There... There is no point. You might as well force me to tell you and throw me in the brig. Deadeye threw me away, and you are going to send me to the hangman whether I tell you or not.”

Kasa frowned; what she said was true. This was turning Kasa’s mood and she really did want to taste Nialy somewhat guilt free. Her tail creeped up and teased a nipple. Nialy gasped.

“OK, you make a good point, so how about this: You tell me what I want to know, without me forcing it out of you, and the captain of the Nymeria didn’t survive the fight.”

“Why… Why would you do that?”

“Well, one, I plan on having my way with you. Two, because I wasn’t always a pirate hunter.”

“I…” Nialy started to say.

Kasa pressed a hand to the dwarf’s lips, then turned Nialy’s head to face hers. Kasa took her into a deep sensual kiss, their tongues lashing, battling for supremacy. She was a good kisser, not at all resistant. After a minute Kasa, pulled out of the kiss. Nialy exhaled a long breath, almost whimpering.

“So, my question: Where does Crimson Widow drop anchor?” Kasa asked, voice dripping with lust.

“Deadeye has established a pirate town hidden in a cove right on the border of the Faded Forest and Filderes lands. It’s built in a large cavern with only two entrances, one by air and one by sea. It’s been the only safe place for pirates north of the Spire theses days since you lot have been hunting us down.” Nialy moaned again as Kasa’s tail switched to the other nipple.

“Winston fancies himself a mayor?”

“Basically. After he established the town, he began operating from there. He rarely takes Crimson Widow out of the cove. When she does fly, more often than not he isn't on her.”

“How do I find it?” Kasa asked, nibbling on Nialy’s neck.

The dwarven captain swayed, tilting her head to her left, exposing more of her neck to Kasa’s nibbling.

“You… you can’t. I... ah… don’t think you understand how much wealth Deadeye has gained. He...umm… he had the entrances enchanted.”

Kasa stood and removed her weapons belt and hung it on the rack next to the wall with her tail. She took the trembling Nialy by the hand and led her to her bed.

“How so?” she asked, instructing her onto the bed. Kasa straddled on top of Nialy and began unlacing her bodice and shirt.

Nialy found herself doing the same to Kasa. “Without the right lodestone the entrance looks like solid stone, indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain. In addition to that, even if you did find the entrance, it's warded.”

Kasa pulled open Nialy’s shirt, exposing her luscious, suntanned breasts, each with a shining silver loop hanging from the nipple. She leaned forward and traced a line starting at Nialy’s neck, moving down her chest, and circling Nialy’s left breast, ending with a gentle bite and tug of a nipple ring. Nialy’s back arched as she ran her hands though Kasa’s hair. Kasa released the nipple ring and said, "What kind of wards?"

"Corrosive, I believe, " Nialy said, running her hands under Kasa’s loose blouse and cupping each breast in a hand. Kasa leaned forward into another kiss while Nialy’s rough fingers worked over her nipples. Her hips began grinding hungrily as the dwarf pinched each nipple sharply.

Kasa exhaled. “And where does one get a lodestone?”

Nialy grabbed Kasa by a horn and pulled her in for another kiss. The action and kiss both were feisty and energetic and filled Kasa with glee. “That will cost you.”

Kasa laughed. She snaked her way off Nialy, kissing her exposed chest and breasts along the way. She unfastened the dwarven captain's belt with her teeth without breaking eye contact. Kasa slid her hands along Nialy's waist and fiercely removed her pants, revealing an auburn patch of hair and a soaking wet flower. Kasa smiled, kicked off her boots, and slid out of her soft leather pants. Nialy stared at her sculpted form for a moment before beckoning to her.

Kasa slowly prowled her way back up Nialy’s four-foot form, taking her in a deep kiss. As she did, her tail worked its way in between their legs and teased them both as their tongues resumed their battle for supremacy. They both moaned with ecstasy as Kasa vigorously worked her tail between them. Kasa teased her tail’s entry into Nialy’s wanting nether, making Nialy’s hips buck trying to work Kasa inside of her. Kasa unlocked their lips and once more traced her tongue down Nialy’s chest, but this time she did not stop at the breast. She continued downward, tracing a small loop around her belly button and teasing the piecing there. Her exploration ended with her diving face first into Nialy’s nether, her tongue teasing the dwarf’s pearl.

The dwarven captain gasped and moaned, her back arching, her toes curling, as Kasa performed her own special style of magic.

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