Kasa Brace, The Crimson Pirate

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Chapter 29

A moment later, the young blonde serving girl returned to Kasa’s table, pie and ale in hand. She sat them on the table and smiled. Kasa paid the girl, tipping rather well. The server ran off and continued her work. Kasa was briefly annoyed with herself. Normally she would have at the least flirted with the girl. She apparently was still quite upset with being cut out of the assault on the pirate cove. She took a pull from her mug and a enjoyed the sweet and bitter taste of the ale and forked a bite of the pie.

While she ate, drank, and waited, she formulated a plan, a plan that would get her into the fight whether the Hawks wanted her there or not. About two hours passed before Kritis and Elie walked through the front door. Kasa nodded them over. They returned the nod and joined her at the table.

The young serving girl returned to the table smiling. “Welcome to Madre’s. What can I get you?”

“I’ll have a chocolate stout,” Kritis said.

“A glass of strawberry wine, please,” Elie said.

“I’ll have another raspberry ale and bring them each a slice of pie,” Kasa said, this time noticing how attractive the elven girl was. She bit her lip and smiled as the girl nodded and walked away.

“Someone looks horn... I, mean, hungry,” Elenoren said.

“Both, actually, but I always am,” Kasa said, not looking away, “What did you all find out?”

“The ship is called Sea’s Greed. Former merchant ship.”

“Stolen, but her papers check out with the dockmaster,” Elie added.

Kritis nodded and took his drink from the server. “The captain is a sly elf named Paeral. From what we gathered they are here to restock supplies for the cove and have good time.”

“They are primarily located in and around the brothel and tavern, Hidden Treasure.”

“Perfect,” Kasa smiled. “So here’s the plan. Kritis, I want you and some of the others to return to Hidden Treasure and begin spreading drinks and rumors around.”

“What rumors?” Kritis asked.

“The truth. Let it slip that the Hawk’s navy are preparing for a full-scale attack.”

“I see; this will encourage them to head back to the cove. Don’t we already know where they are located?” Kritis asked.

“We do, but your starting the rumor is only the first part. While you all are drinking Elie and I will sneak onto Sea’s Greed and find a place to hide. They will be taking us into the cove with them,” Kasa said with a smile.

“How are you gonna sneak on the ship and hide out until they dock?” Kritis asked.

Kasa smiled. “I was raised by the former leader of both the thieves’ and assassins’ guilds. Sneaking around where I shouldn’t was recess.”

“Ha ha! Very well, it sounds lIke a good plan. I’ll head on over and grab a few of the crew on the way.”

“How are your funds?” Kasa asked, grabbing her pouch.

“Well enough,” he said, rising from the table.

“Very well,” she said.

“Careful out there, Devil Slut,” Elenoren said.

“You as well, Blade Whore.”

Elie drank the last of her wine. ”Kleine is not going to like this.”

“Oh I know,” Kasa said, finishing her ale. “She never likes me having fun when I’m off the ship. Sometime it’s like I’m married to her as well.”

“Well, you are the captain. I’m sure she only wishes that you remain so.”

Kasa shrugged her shoulders. “Good thing I am the captain then; I quite like being able to do whatever I want. Come, let’s go get ready.”

“Aye, Captain,” Elie said.

They both rose from the table. Kasa waved the server over. She paid for the drinks and pies and gave the girl a generous tip. She stood, brushing up against the girl. The girl blushed as a hot flash of desire rushed over her.

“Next time,” Kasa whispered, “I’ll have to have you instead of the pie.”

The girl shivered, biting her lip. “I... think I’d... be OK with that.”

Kasa smiled and walked out of the tavern, Elie in tow.

They ventured back to Devil’s Reaper with relative ease. Elie headed down below to get prepared, and Kasa headed to her cabin, Kleine on her heels.

“I know that look, Captain,” Kleine said as she closed the door behind her.

“What look is that?” Kasa said, kicking off her boots and removing her jacket.

Kleine took a position by the table in the room. “The ‘I’m about to do something risky and leave Kleine in charge of this ship’ look.”

Kasa unbuttoned her vest and removed both vest and shirt, exposing her tattooed chest. Kleine paused for a second, licking her lips. Kasa smiled, her shining silver eyes gleaming. She had stopped having sex with Kleine right after Kleine’s drunken tribal marriage to Broen. Those activities had returned after Kleine had accepted and even came to love Broen, but she made it a point to never have one without the other.

“Well, if you already know the answer, why are you all riled up?”

“Cause I’m likely the last to know.”

Kasa smiled. “I have Kritis and a few of the others spreading rumors that the Hawks are gearing up for an attack on the pirate cove.” Kasa moved over to the chest at the foot of her bed. She opened it and removed a black linen jerkin and and slacks. “Elie and I are sneaking onto the ship.”

“And they take you into the cove,” Kleine finished.

Kasa smiled, removing a black leather belt and soft leather shoes from the chest. She laid each piece on the the bed almost ritualistically.

“I hate to admit it could work. What are we to do?”

“You will follow a safe distance away and set Devil’s Reaper close by the airship entrance,” Kasa said, placing Widowmaker, Dragon’s Breath and Blood Biter next to the garments.

Kleine sighed. “Very well, Captain, I will make the preparations.”

Kasa turned, still completely naked, and eyed Kleine with a raised eyebrow. “Really?”

“What?” Kleine asked.

“I expected you to try to talk me out of it.”

“How could I deny you the one thing we’ve been working toward for the last two years?”

Kasa began putting on her gear. “Thank you, Kleine. For everything.”

Kleine stared out one of the windows at the dark bay. “It’s my job, Captain.”

Kasa belted the linen jerkin down and secured her weapons. She walked over to her half-elf first mate and wrapped her in a sincere hug. “Not all of it.”

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