Kasa Brace, The Crimson Pirate

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Chapter 32

He stood there for about ten minutes, silently watching the rush of water. After a time, a figure walked out behind him. She was tall, lean, and at the moment, completely nude. An elf by her features, moon elf, by her skin tone and the outward angle of her ears. She walked with a seductive sway that made Kasa’s mouth water. She stepped up to Winston and pressed her bare form against his back. Her arms wrapped around him, and though their backs were to Kasa she could tell that the elf’s hands had gone further south than his waist.

“Any word on the black ship?” he asked over a shudder. Kasa had to strain to make out what was being said.

“It still has not been seen since the trap failed,” the elf said, her arm working vigorously.

“How goes the repairs? Will Crimson Widow be able to fly when the time comes?”

“The black ship tore into her pretty badly. Had not the other been in position, Crimson Widow would have been scrap spread about the Faded Forest and the Storm-Swept Sea.”

Winston turned around to face the elf. He took her in a heated kiss, and though Kasa felt nothing but hatred for Winston, the scene was doing a number on her desire. Winston pulled from the kiss, one of his strong hands cupping a breast, the other wrapped around her slender waist.

“Will she fly?”

She exhaled as Winston’s hand found its way down below. “Yes, Captain Deadeye. She will fly, but not well without a few months of bodywork, the refreshing of the flight spell, and proper replacement of the starboard sail. Additionally the aft castle suffered quite a bit of damage. Your personal quarters will be unusable until the windows have been boarded and eventually replaced…” She shuddered, and Kasa could see a small line of glistening liquid trail down her leg.

“Damn that devil bitch!” he spat, thrusting his fingers deeper into her with his frustration, and she responded with a “Please Gods, yes!” in her native elven tongue. Kasa could feel herself getting moist by the interaction and squirmed a bit in her hiding spot. The elf dropped to her knees before Winston and took him into her mouth. She worked him vigorously while he thought out loud.

“I need her in a well enough condition to be combat ready,” he said, leaning back against the rail, his hand resting on her bobbing head.

She stopped a moment, removing his ample tool from her mouth. “Are you planning to actually fight alongside the rabble?”

“Gods no!” he said, fiercely grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up to kiss him.

They locked lips for several minutes before Winston’s pants dropped to the stone balcony and the elf mounted him like he was a black stallion. “The moment the shit hits the fan we make a break across Fildearis. I’ve worked out a deal with the vamps and lich lord.” he said between thrusts.

The elf laughed with glee as well as moaned with satisfaction. “The vamp lords do like having human mules.”

A chill ran down Kasa’s spine at the mention of the vampire lords that ruled Fildearis under their half-devil lich king. It was only a few years ago that the king performed what was know as the sundering, a massive ritual that killed over a third of the country’s population, most of which did not remain dead. Kasa avoided going inland ever since the tragic event took place. Half-devils were rare and few knew that though their appearance was the same, half-devils could be very different. The king was pure evil, and though she could not prove it, she was sure he was the spawn of a baylor, a creature that gains strength from fear and violence.

Winston turned around, resting the elf’s ass upon the rail and fell into a steady rhythm. Kasa could see the elf’s face now. It was flawless, with long features and high cheeks, a long thin nose, small crimson-colored lips, and almond-shaped shaped eyes that were solid black. The elf let out another moan of satisfaction, exposing her extended fangs. She bit down into Winston’s shoulder as he climaxed into her.

The two collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. Kasa could see Winston smile in profile. “Get Crimson Widow flight ready as quickly as you can and make her appear combat ready. The others will expect Paeral and I to guard the sky. When all hell breaks loose, we leave.”

“Understood, Captain,” said the elven vampire, standing up, their combined juices running down her legs.

Kasa watched as the two of them returned inside. Elie tapped her shoulder and gestured further upward. Kasa nodded and they continued their climb to the roof.

“Pardon me a moment,” Kasa said. She walked away from Elie to the far end of the roof. She quickly took care of a certain itch before returning to Elie’s side.

“Feel better?” Elie asked.

“I have no idea, sweetie.”

“It’s been awhile since my exile; when did the king of Fildearis become a lich?

“A few years ago,” Kasa said, staring down into the sand-filled court yard.

“And the vampires?”

“Well, you know they have always been around. Some in Avaloin, some in Fildearis and there was talk of some way out west in Tresomore.”

“So now they have organized?”

“More or less; I imagine they quibble about as often as the lords of Hawks Landing or the nobles in the Grand King’s court.”

“Will she not smell us?”

“In here with the sea water, the booze, the shit, and sex floating in the air?” Kasa asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Point taken. Can you best her in combat?”

“Fucked if I know. There is but one person I know who is capable, and I’ve been training with Kritis and his loony instructor for the last year. If we are talking purely based on skill, I would bet my coin on myself.” Kasa absentmindedly caressed Widowmaker’s hilt strapped to her back; next to it was Dragon’s Breath. “I do not possess a measure of the lass’s extraordinary strength and speed--vamps are rumored to possess both--I, however, have been fortunate enough to not cross paths with one.” Kasa paused, looking out toward the bay, biting her lower lip. “I must admit, an encounter of a different sort does sound appetizing.”

Elie gave Kasa a rare half smile. “What now, seeing that the logical choice of killing him in his sleep is not an option?”

“Her,” Kasa said pointing at the ship.

“What do you mean to do?”

“The same plan as before, we sneak onto Crimson Widow. We hide out until we are in the air and Devils Reaper is in spitting distance.

“Surely Deadeye is aware of all the hidden compartments that could be found on that vessel.”

“All except one. No one ever notices that the captain’s quarters are smaller than on any other vessel of the same class. I have a nook that only I knew about and that only I have a key.”

“Then now appears to be the best time to accomplish this feat.”

Kasa nodded in agreement.

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