Kasa Brace, The Crimson Pirate

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Chapter 35

Kasa could feel her grip failing in her right arm and sheathed Widowmaker before she dropped it. She looked around the ship to find many of the crew still fighting.

“Winston!” the vampire elf shouted. She parried a strike from Elenoren’s black blade, and a frosty nimbus burst in the air from the impact. She shoved the swordsman away, knocking him off balance and leapt the fifteen feet to where Winston’s corpse lay. Kasa did not move, she just stood there, her right arm limp, her left holding Dragon’s Breath in a relaxed but ready position.

The vampire knelt beside Winston’s body, wrapping him in her arms. She looked up at Kasa with both murder and tears in her eyes.

“I am Illdris Feiol, daughter to vampire lord Reilas Feiol. Remember my name, Kasa Brace, for I will surely remember yours.” With that, she leaped from the ship, taking Winston's corpse with her.

“Great…another name to add to the list,” Kasa sighed. She looked up to Kleine and hand signaled for the amplifier spell. A moment later, the familiar glyph appeared and magnified her voice. “Crew of Crimson Widow, Captain Deadeye is dead. Lay down your arms or my crew will lay you down.”

Kasa paused and waited for the clatter of steel or the cries of death. As expected, there was a bit of both. Kasa smiled, “Crew, you know the drill.”

“Aye, Captain!” her crew shouted.

She walked over to the wheel as she watched the remaining crew be shackled and ushered to the center of the main deck. Kasa moved the lever that released Crimson Widow from its hovering position and pulled back gently, causing the ship to rise parallel to Devil’s Reaper. Elie and Kritis appeared at her side. Devil’s Reaper’s crew lowered the gangplank and marched the prisoners across. A moment later Kleine join them.

“Feel better?” Elie asked.


“Captain, your arm?” Kleine said.

“Poisoned, can you--?”

Kleine outstretched a hand over the open wound. A pale blue glyph appeared just beyond her open palm. Kasa smiled as the strength returned.

“So the job’s done?” Kritis asked.

“Yes, Kritis, the job I hired you for is done.”

“Good, I’m bored of that damn boat,” Elenoren said.

“What now, Captain?” Kleine asked.

“First, we turn that lot over to the Hawks. Second, we drop Kritis off wherever he wants to go. Third, there is a tasty morsel back in Turianas I promised to sample. Lastly… I owe a friend a debt. A debt that can only be paid in blood.”

“What of Crimson Widow?” Kleine looking about the red ship. “It’d be a shame to see her recommissioned or even dismantled.”

“She is a spoil of war. According to the Hawks’ laws she is once again mine. For now, she is yours.” Kasa stepped away from the wheel.

Kleine stared at her with a confused expression.

“Congratulations,” Kritis said, patting a hand on her shoulder.

“I...I...can’t,” she stammered. “Crimson Widow belongs to you, Captain.”

Kasa shook her head as she started walking to Devil’s Reaper. “This is not my home anymore. Let's call it my thank you for saving my life two years ago. I’ll send enough crew over to help you man the ship.” She stopped and looked at the majesty of her frightful black ship. “The lords have offered me an estate outside the city with an airdock; looks as if I may have a reason to accept it.”

“Thank you, Captain.”

“No, thank you, Captain,” Kasa smiled back. “Now, let's go see the Hawks before they shoot us both out of the sky.”

Kasa returned to Devil’s Reaper, fully reconnecting her psychic bond with the ship. She absently caressed her ship's railing, feeling every plank, nail, each foot fall, and bellow of a sail. She closed her eyes and let the sensation consume her.

She heard a soft, unfamiliar voice whisper, “Welcome home, my captain.”

A warm sensation wrapped around her body as if being hugged. Kasa opened her eyes, surprised, and then smiled. She seized control of the ship from Des.

“Let’s take em’ in!” she shouted.

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