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The Unclaimed

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Aurelia was a human. Until she was murdered and came to a world which is in between heaven and hell. She became the first unclaimed. An unclaimed is a person who can choose between either angel side or demons side. To be precise, he/she can become either an angel or a demon. And to learn the world the unclaimed as to study in the school for both angels and demons. As the first unclaimed she is treated like she is waste of air by some demons and some angels. But she has captured the eyes of an angel, and a devil. And besides who murdered her while she was a human. Is mortals alone involved in it or is it possible that some immortals are also involved in her death. Follow her while her life unfolds before her.

Adventure / Drama
Age Rating:

Am DEAD??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where am I?

I looked around me only to find the sky was filled with pink and violet colors. And I am standing near a cliff edge and there is forest behind me. When I looked down the cliff there was a sea which had rough waves hitting the core.

Then there was a big roar. My body went on fight or flight mode. Since I can't see the animal which roared. And there was another but much closer this time.

So without thinking like my body as a mind of its own I jumped from the cliff. I screamed and thrashed. But when I near the water I closed my eyes for the impact. But it never came. I slowly peeked my eyes only to see I am flying.

I looked back to see a wing in my back made out of the forest leaves. Now I am certain that I am dreaming. Once the wings carry me to the cliff top, I pinched myself but I felt the pain.

It is Official now. I gone bonkers.

I keep on looking side to side. There was a whining coming from the bushes near me. I went near it. I froze when I saw a creature I never had seen before. The creature was the size of a puppy. It saw me as a threat and started thrashing, now only I saw that the creature was hurt. I started talking to it.

But it didn't stop thrashing. In its condition it must not waste it's energy on thrashing. I picked it up gently as I can. But it hurted my arm unintentionally by its talon while thrashing. Blood started to ooze out of my arms.

I think my blood smell made the creature realize that it hurted me. It turned its head to see my wound. It whined again. It sounded like a apology.

Something inside told me to wipe some of my blood on the creature. As Like my body as a mind of its own, my hand went to my arm and wiped some blood and applied on the creature wound.

It winced when I touched it's wound but as soon as I applied my blood the wound vanished. Like no scar. What the hell????

My eyes were wide as saucer. My eyes met the creatures eyes. Its eyes was also wide as pan. Without wasting time, with a new found determination, my hand wiped some more blood and applied on other wounds of the creature. All the wounds were gone. Now I looked at the creature only to find it very beautiful. It was like a wolf. But it had talons and tail like a dragon.

But it was strange, I felt safe with it. It's eyes was like very calm. But I know it can be dangerous. It eyes were the colour of ice blue.

The creature was also staring at me curiously. And I saw my wound, I thought my blood as some way earned a healing ability. So I tried to heal myself but it was not working for me. I huffed.

The creature lept from my lap and looked at me. I can see gratefulness in its eyes. I pressed my lips to its forehead and told it to be safe.

It looked at me like I was an alien from some planet. It walked some steps and turned to look at me again. I felt like the look meant stay where ever I am and don't move. I nodded.

It started sprinting. I decided to wait for 10 minutes.

But within few minutes the creature was back with some branch which held leaves and fruits.

It nudged the fruits towards me. I asked whether I should eat it and it nodded its head. I ate the fruit and while I was eating the fruit the creature took some leaves and laid it in my wound.

I understood it was nursing my wound. I smiled gratefully at it. It eyes me with curiousity.

Suddenly I heard moments. The creature looked at me and at the area where the sound comes from. It sniffed the air and nodded at me and sprinted into the woods.

And I turned to the direction of woods only to see a lady with white wings and a man who looked rough and scary with black wings.

They both asked who I was. Instead of answering there question I asked where was I? They looked surprised until the man eyes flickered some sort of realisation.

The man introduced himself as Gerald. And he told that the lady was Daisy. And he told I am no longer human. And I became an unclaimed the moment I died in earth.

What the hell???????!!!

Am I dead?????!!!!!

Then suddenly every memory came rushing to me.

The day of the accident.....

I escaped many attempts but alas failed to escape the last attempt which ended in me being here.

I don't know why someone wanted me dead. I was a 18 yr old girl going to a university. What would I possibly done to make a person hate me to the core he would kill me????

What will happen to my parents and sister????? Will they survive the pain of not having me around anymore? Will the killer try to kill my family too.

I was drowning in my own thoughts until Ms. Daisy gently touched my shoulder to snap me out of my thoughts.

She spoke gently. 'What is your name, young one?'


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