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A Goddesses Life

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Fantasy based story. Hope you like it.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Lilith's Guardians

In the centuries of different beings erupting, there were seven (7) kingdoms. Humans had evolved from being the weak willed things of the past, where they were subjected at the bottom of the food chain. Upon having formed alliances with heavenly beings and forest elves, they began to grow in numbers.
The seven (7) kingdoms came to an agreement that all species of life should and will have their freedom to procreate with no interference from outsiders. Should the agreements be broken, the kingdom of those species will be annihilated. Knowing this didn't change the prejudice that remained within those spieces, and more wars broke out and more and more beings died regretfully. Some species started breeding with others causing "abominations or half breeds". Those who were found doing so were put to death and others used for servants and slave trades. Those of status were the only ones able to keep and protect or even use them as they wished or discarded them after use.
The kingdom's:
Heavenly Beings
Dragon Beings
These kingdoms had one thing in common. They lived by code. Do not abuse your Powers for there will come a time it will consume you with darkness and you shall burn.
The Goddess Mother Earth, she was a sun-kissed, curvy, green eyes accompanied with long lashes, full lush lips, round-faced, hair like fire and a birth-mark of the sun and moon running down the left ear. She made her garments from nature. She was about 5"3 beautiful hands and feet, her name was Lilith. Reaching out to all living beings and they answered the call, "You have broken the laws of this land, I will Not Stand For It Any Longer. Every 15 Years I Will Take From You, Making Guardians Of Your Offspring. They Will Carry Out The Punishments Of Wicked Rulers. Should You Try To Destroy My Children I Will Destroy Your Kingdoms!"
As she said she would, she came to the kingdoms took those children from their homes, families ripped apart, only to come back later and deal the finishing blow. Those that thought their own were too good for Lilith, hid their children and took mixed breeds and gave them to her, little did they know that it would cost their demise.
Lilith blessed the ones she took, giving them her powers, for these guardians were now her own children. She would make the other beings pay for their trickery, but not yet. Not until she dealt with the wicked hearts of beings. After eight (8) years, Lilith's guardians were at the peak of their powers, dishing out justice to those you who'd purposely broke the laws set by the Goddess herself. Kingdoms fell, rebels tried to capture the Goddess but to no avail. Year after year, more beings went on suicide missions only to fail everytime. The leaders then came and begged her to forgive their fool-hearted attempts and to spare their races. Lilith gave them all a task, " Whoever Brings Me Their Most Talented Warrior I Will Give That Kingdom Both My Grace And Allow Their Kingdom To Flourish As My Successors. "
They departed from her that day, trying to find who was the strongest, fastest, most knowledgeable, sly, even dangerous. Had they even understood what Lilith meant, those chosen would have lived longer. Lilith waited for each leader to return with their best. She took her time, she took them for a few days then released them. No one could recall what had happened in those five (5) days with the Goddess, only that she would call for them again once the moon was full. When it was time, Lilith spoke these words," They Have Seeked My Life, Do They Deserve To Live? Bring To Me The One Who Wishes Me Dead". That night, from all seven (7) kingdoms those chosen beings came with those who plotted against the Goddess. Lilith had her guardians at her side, the very leaders asking for forgiveness were present to an unknown faith. Lilith unlike other Goddesses wasn't all good... She showed no mercy. Instead of killing those leaders, she turned them into beasts and chained them in an under-ground labrith. She had them tortured day and night, never allowing them rest. When they were near death, she would allow them to heal and the torture would start again. Lilith had watched for centuries how the beings lived, wanted to live among them once, she also saw what greed, power, gold and jewels, even offspring... babies... a child... all beings were compatible, but the problem with Lilith was, she would lose her powers & memories, and be reincarnated. She would be born as one of the beings, when it came time for her to recover her memories she would get pregnant and leave the child behind. Each guardian would raise one of her children. They would never know her until they were 20. They would grow to accept her absence, would hate her for it as well. They would be unstoppable demi-gods. If they became twisted by evil they would be destroyed by her hands. She had destroyed more children before their 20th year. This took it's toll on her. She judged and executed for so long, the lines between them blurred.
Her guardians:
Violet (elf/demon)
Lucian (wolf/heavenly being)
Fredirck (human/Fairy)
Angel (Demon/Human)
Triplets Luna, Seth, and Aries (Dragon beings) the most powerful of her guardians. They still had a chance to live their lives, but only if they found their other halves. They weren't allowed to choose their fates living in their own Kingdoms, but Lilith made sure when she choose them that she would never allow anyone to make that choice again. After she appointed new leaders to each kingdom, she left them to their own devices. Every 20 Years another child would come, allowing Lilith to watch them grow, laugh, cry at night missing their parents. She knew she was the one making them suffer, hurting those children... but she couldn't stop.. didn't want to either, she was lonely. Unfortunately only her guardians remained.
Lilith called her guardians to her Relam, she asked them all the questions but this time it was different. She had raised her them as her children, knowing later they would take her place should she decide to end her existence. " What am I doing wrong? I have lived centuries allowing my powers to weaken, lived many lives had children only to take their lives... I have served justice to those who seek to disrupt the balance of this world. Stopped wars and made new demi-gods. I raised you all... so what am I doing wrong." She put her head in her hands, and blood came from her eyes. She had never weeped openly before, it shocked them. The triplets came to comfort her first. Luna sat at her side," you have been alive so long you have forgotten that we are still children in your eyes. We don't have your powers although you allow us to stay at your side. We all have made bonds with you...but in doing so...We haven't found our mates...it is difficult to answer you now. You will always be our mother." Lilith knew she wouldn't be able let them go when it was time for them to have mates... They would each bring them before her and once she deemed them worthy and her "children" wanted them she would grant her blessing. Her heart was heavy and she couldn't shake the feeling of death coming to her. "Mother, you need not ask what wrong you are doing, we can always travel to the other Relams and get you treasures and healing potions to put your mind at ease, who cares about a mate when we have you Mother?" Seth said. He was the last male child she had received. She had a soft spot for all of them, Seth was her only baby that never seemed to grow up. She feared letting him go the most. He loved whole-heartedly with his very soul. She had stopped him when he decided to fight with Lucian over a task she gave them a few years ago, Lucian had been so broken when he came to Lilith that she had taken his earlier memories and surpressed them for him to sleep... it had taken 3 years for him to settle without her help. Until Seth triggered those emotions accidentally. Lucian went into a rage that shock the other relams and had almost been put to death by causing elemental rifts. Of course Lilith would never allow such things, but she'd had to punish him.. it broke her heart. He spoke then," Brother, understand that everything can't be fixed with the spoils of the Relams. She hurts because one day, we will leave and she isn't ready for us to go." Lucian always knew when things took more out of her then most. He was tunned to her like no other. Violet jumped in," I don't understand why you all think she can't hear you. She needs time to think and recover. She's been at this for centuries were only what? About a few thousand years old? What could we really say to comfort her. At this time I think she needs a mate to look after her until we bring our own children." Fredirck pushed her out of the way. " Your the most insensitive half breed I have ever met. She is hurting and the best you could do was say she needs a mate and wait for us to have our own offspring?!??! What's your problem!!!" Fredirck was the oldest of them all. Level headed but he kept them all in check aside from Violet, she never backed down for anyone. Didn't matter who she had to hurt or step on, but she had a mouth on her that made even the best days seem like a tsunami. Angel came forth, she rarely spoke so when she did everyone listened." Mother... do you want me to take the pain away? I could heal you... I dont like seeing you like this." She may have been a cross bred of demon and human but her healing abilities were second to none. Lastly Aries stepped forward and touched Lilith's hands, "let me see into your mind and still the chaos so you may rest mother. It's unlike you to openly show a weakness. Don't cry for us. We will be fine. Should you close your eyes and drift for another 3,000 years we will wait for you. We won't leave you behind. Let me calm your mind." All of her children, she wouldn't ever let them go if they kept being like this. The time was coming closer for her to go into the slumber of the earth. She hasn't finished collecting from the kingdoms, so she decided after she slept for 3,000 years she would look upon the earth Relam and their kingdoms again. She was tired and needed rest... maybe to end the long existence, may be the one thing that saves her the heart-ache. Her children, Violet was taller then all of her girls, about 5'9 long silver hair, eyes as blue and the sea that changed to a cool green when she was excited or anxious about something. Shapely legs, round face small nose that she had pierced two (2) gold hoops through the left side. Her skin was the color of the autumn season leaves not really orange but a little brown, but beautiful nonetheless. She had a firey-temper, but she was loving. Luna was the smallest of the triplets she looked more like a fairy the a dragon being. She had curly blonde hair She was on the short side 4'11 silver eyes, dimples in both cheeks, small tucked in waist, tight ass, flat stomach and silver wings. She spoke her mind all the time never afraid of who may hear her. Seth and Aries were built like warriors from the earlier centuries, (2) tall towers of muscles,they were 6'4 tanned skin, both had blonde hair one pulled back into a braid and the other pulled back with a gold band. Unlike their sister, their wings were black laced with sliver, smooth jaw line, and their eye colors were blue and gold.
Lucian was the most beautiful one, skin like the sun, tall, short cut hair, ripped muscles from his neck to his calves. 6'3 sculpted jaw line of those Greek gods on the earth Relam. He was a real work of art. Although he was a loner, he and Violet were the closest. He never let her out his sight not even when they slept. Being a wolf/ heavenly being made people hate him for his instincts. Always alert, always ready. His heart was filled with compassion, he later realized that because of what he was, he would never be treated as anything other then an animal. Angel was a shapeshifter, the form she takes on is that of a human girl with hair as dark as night, her eyes are a very pretty shade of pink, small body of a human woman maybe about 19, but her real form is of a full-breast flat stomach thick hips horns at the top of her head with a golden halo and a chocker that controls her powers, she was 4'9. She can hide her appearance but never her eyes. She was born from the queen of the demon Relam. Her father was human, a love affair gone wrong. The queens brother killed the human man, only to find out his sister was carrying the object of their love. If Lilith hadn't taken her then, she would be a slave to the throne. Then there is Fredirck. His human genes gave him his tall figure he wasn't all muscle, he was 6'2 and with long red hair, gold wings and a hot temper. His eyes were the colors of the rainbow, pale skin, sharp teeth and amazing abilities. He took on the roll as teacher when it came time to educate the other about their powers.
All of them... hers... and now she was leaving them.. She couldn't help it, she cried until she could only see red. When she finally calmed down. She told them she wanted to meet their mates before she closed her eyes for the slumber of the earth. They looked at each other, then back at her. Violet went first," are you telling me that I have to find a mate before the next 4 moons?! This is crazy!! How dare you set a time limit for me?! For us?!! Are we some half breed animals for a show case?!?! You think we can be the display? Huh?! Do you think about us at All!" Her temper really did get the best of her. Lucian always knew when to step in. He held her to him and calmed her down, she brust into tears, something she never done, even when they tortured her for being a half breed. Fredirck waited until she calmed down and pinned her with a scowl, she returned it back with that much enthusiam. " She wants us to find mates then that's what we will do. She rarely asked anything of us other then we guard the Relams and give punishment to the rebels and the war monkeys on earth Relam. Suck it up! You aren't a child anymore. Besides Lucian could be your mate, so your dilemma is solved." He rolled his eyes. Lucian stiffened and stopped breathing, he looked at Fredirck and was about to say something when Violet pushed out of his embrace. " Watch. your. fucking. mouth. you. girly. fairy. shit!" She said through her teeth. Her heart was beating faster then normal, she wasn't sure if she was excited about hearing it from Fredirck or shocked that he would even mention Lucian. She had never looked at him that way because she felt like he could do so much better then her. Maybe even settle down with a human women, they were beautiful beings or even a wolf. But never an elf/demon. Never her. She kissed Lilith on her cheeks, apologizing for her temper getting ready to leave. She could'nt look at Lucian, not when she knew she wanted to be his mate.
Lucian stepped in front of her blocked her way," you could at least listen to what I have to say before leaving Violet, I don't mind being your first choice if you would have me?" Lucian had told Fredrik that he wanted to be with her, but he couldn't build the confidence to tell her, he had hoped she would have realized it through their spending more time together when they left for the other relams. Violet looked up at him, actually looked at him. She could hear little hammers going off in her head. She licked lips that suddenly became too dry." You can't want me... do you even understand what kind of life you would be subject too? Do you even know anything about me? Being my mate?" She hurt him. He would have even allowed her to physically injure him, but her words hurt. He looked like he was about fall through the floor. He straighten his shoulders and stared her down. He wouldn't let this opportunity pass again. She would know how he felt. " If you had looked at me the way your looking at me now WITHOUT dismissing my feelings for you, then you would understand that I waited the last 200 years for you to make up your mind! You think you can just hurt me more then you already hurt me? Knowing I opened myself to you only for you to think im joking?!? Now?! After this long!?" Lucian was shaking with how much he wanted to put his hands around her neck... he wanted to see her like that...under him.. even on top. Lilith was so shocked she started smiling. " Well at least I know that my babies want each other, if your aren't going to be together I won't give you my blessings. But you still have time to decide." Violet pushed pass him. Then stopped when he grabbed her arm," let's talk on my way home... I need to ask you a few things..if what your saying about me being your mate... is the truth" She didn't turn around but her ears turned red. He didn't wait, Lucian picked her up and carried her over his shoulder. "WISH ME LUCK MOTHER!!" He yelled back. He waved his hand, opening a portal to his home and then they were gone. Luna looked at Fredirck," you really had to be match-maker? She already told me she wanted to be with him. Big mouth fairy" Luna grumbled. "Well they were taking forever and I couldn't keep talking to her like that! Lucian said he would rip off my wings if I didn't help him! Who's going to take me seriously with one wing? Huh?! No one exactly!" Angel came close and touched his wings and his wings instantly turned all the colors of the rainbow. " You really want to know who would take you seriously? Well I would." She pulled him by the hair and kissed him full on the lips, deepened the kiss while pulling him to his knees in front of her. When she lifted her head, his eyes were gold, showing his mood to be surprised. "... you...want to take me seriously?"he barley got a word out, Angel smiled." I'm going to take this chance, if you'll take me seriously. I heard fairy half-breeds have really big..dic....." "Noooooo!!! Go do that somewhere else. Fucking horny little things!!" Aries and Seth yelled at them. Angel giggled and teleported them out of there. Winking at Luna as she left. Fredirck looked sideways toward Luna who was smiling and waving goodbyes.
" Well that's (4) of them. The rest of you leave. I have to rest now. Luna, did you know all of this? Because if you did. I can't wait to meet your mate. Who is it?" Luna smiled and kissed Lilith and left. Aries and Seth followed their sister and took off. "My Children have grown up...Seth and Aries. I will be expecting grand-babies soon?" They stopped, turning at the same time. "Mother, before you sleep, you will meet our mates". Then they were gone.
Lilith sat there on the balcony watching the realms and her eyes settled on the earth kindgom, she saw this woman, she was beautiful by human standard's but, Lilith felt like there was more to this human, she decided that she would go make a trip to the human relam. Smiling to herself
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