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A Goddesses Life

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Violet let Lucian take the lead, they hadn't spoken since they left Lilith's Relam. They both had alot to say, so many questions and they didn't know where to start. When they finally reached to Lucian's home, he opened the door for her," Do you enter of your own free will? Once you do, even if you don't want me as your mate, you are always welcomed here." He looked into her eyes, daring her to say no. " You really are serious aren't you?" He nodded his head. " Yes I enter freely of my own will" as she walked inside, she felt the shift in the house. Lucian let his breath out and walked in after her. He held out his hand to her, she took it. She had the ability to see emotions of others, could smell them sometimes if they were about to be intimate, fight, worry, even die. Lucian didn't give off those smells or emotions. He hid then from everyone including her. He walked them into a room with a fire place and a large rug, paintings of landscapes and pictures of the guardians. She reached out and touched the one of him standing beside a waterfall at their first "family outing" with Lilith. He offered her some juice but she was watching his hands, he had wonderful hands. The kind she wanted around her neck sometimes...... She blushed and her ears turned red. What the hell was she thinking about?! They haven't even said anything about feelings and she already was thinking about rubbing her hands down his chest... that really buff... chest with sexy abs. She slapped herself while his back was turned to her. Get a grip on your hormones Violet! Just get the words out first and then see what happens. She took a deep breath. " Lucian I....um... when did you start wanting me as your mate?" Barely got the words out. " Violet... When we were leaving the Earth Relam and coming from the elves forest, you were on edge the whole while time. You kept looking around like you want to find someone. Who were you looking for?" Well... that wasn't what I was expecting. "My sister is the next leader of the clan. We were in her territory." He handed her the juice and pulled her onto the soft plush sofa. " I'm asking this because for sometime you haven't been sleeping. What's wrong?" If we are being honest, I was to be mated to one of the clans warriors, he was a snow elf. Of course being a half breed, I stopped having that choice until they realized later that I became a guardian. He was a nice guy." She took a sip of the juice, it tatsed like strawberries and mango with passion fruit. " You had a mate in waiting..." He sounded defeated. " That was years ago. Aren't we discussing being mates now? You haven't answered my question. When did you start wanting me to be your's?" He looked at her and looked down rubbed the back of his neck and said,"... Don't make fun of me for this alright?" She smiled," I promise I won't laugh. Tell me." When you threw me during combat practice" he mumbled. Her eyebrows shot up. " Sorry one more time? When I did what? Are you a pervert...and a maschist.. so what your saying is..you want me to step on you? I didn't think you'd be into that kind of thing." Of course that's not what he said, she was making him squirm and it was cute to her. He blushed," WHAT?! NO! I SAID WHEN YOU THREW ME AT COMBAT PRACTICE... thats when I knew I wanted you...shit my heart is about to explode...I'm not a pervert so stop..it's...just that..your just really sexy... I don't mind you stepping on me.. it turns me on to look at you from the ground". He held his chest with his head turned. She put the juice down and leaned over to him kissed his cheek," you are really beautiful did you know that? I mean really. Your sitting here being sexy and cute at the same time. Telling me you want me after I kicked your ass. You really are crazy you know that?" Before he could say anything else she stood up and took off her shirt and her shorts leaving her in matching baby blue silk underwear set. She had leaf pattern connected with vines running from her upper left arm down her left leg, it was a birthmark of royalty. She wanted him but, she had to have her little fun first. Sexy...that's all he could think of. He didn't know where to look. He turned pink. " relax. Take your clothes off. I want to look at you too." He swallowed real hard." Vi....violet I can't... you're naked... we aren't even finished TALKING yet!" She smiled and kept getting closer to him, this should be fun. " If you aren't going to take them off I can do it for you." She hopped onto this lap straddling his hips. Started unbuttoning his shirt and his jeans. He grabbed her hands. " Violet! I won't be able to stop if you keep going... I'm barely holding on right now. At least let me think about this first... isn't this your first time? I wanted to make this special for you.." She stopped moving. He took in shallow breaths of air. " uh... Lucian... we aren't doing anything. It's hot as fuck in here and your sweating.. like alot. My first time? Haven't I taken clothes off in front of you on many occasions. Also if I wanted to have sex with you it wouldn't be on a sofa. Get your head out of your ass!" If he could turn even more shades of pink and red, he did. Smiling to herself. She pulled off his shirt. Kissed his neck. " I'm teasing you. Lucian, I've always wanted you." He blinked. " I realized I wanted you from the first time we went on the outing with Lilith. I saw your smile, your laugh, you really had me mind blown. Luna knew about it first. I asked her for some advice. Dragon Beings are really sexual so it was easier to talk to her about wanting to be with you." She waved her hand and the room began to cool." Violet.. I'm going to kiss you. If you don't like it pull away and I will understand." He pulled her closer to him, one arm around her waist, the other around her throat. She moaned when he touched her neck. " sorry.. I was thinking about how you have amazing hands and I wanted one around my neck... now I just sound like a horny animal.. fuck" he tighten his hand around her neck and pulled her head to him and started a slow kiss, teasing her mouth to open for him. When she did, she slide more onto his lap rubbing her body on him and a shiver ran through him." Please tell me to stop Violet I want you enough that I could fuck this up for the both of us." He kissed her again. She pulled away and put her forehead to his. " I want to be yours, I think we need to slow down for now." He waited for his breathing to get under control and got up with her in his hands and kissed her again. Walking them to his room. He kicked open his door and laid her on his bed. He was pressing his weight into her. She linked both hands behind his neck. " I want to taste you Violet... I'm going crazy just knowing that your so close I could just... can't I?", "Yes I want you too" she breathed those words. Her body was already in turmoil, he smelled like the forest right after the rain..she smelt that fragrance before, but before it could register, he started kissing her neck, her breasts, unlatching her bra allowing her titts to bounce, he held them in both hands, or morelik weighing them, " I saw these the when we went to the triplets house for a party, you were wearing that outfit and your boobs were about to pop out of your shirt." He licked, then rolled his tongue on her right nipple, she moaned loudly and grabbed his head to pull him closer, he smiled after letting go, she was panting now, moving to her stomach he licked her belly button and when he was getting close to his prize he stopped. " Lucian... if your going to stop then let me up. I'm burning up here."
Her voice got husky and more sensual. She didn't know she could sound like that. He heard that tone in her voice that pushed him over the edge. He kissed her through her panties, they were already soaked from their kissing and teasing her nipples earlier. He pulled them to the side, he stared for a few seconds, gave one long lick and started suckling on her. He pulled away kissing her inner thigh, "Your even more beautiful here and you taste amazing. Her scent had him a captivated. She started breathing his name everytime he licked or sucked, she had already started to squeeze her thighs around his head. When he started stabbing his tongue between her folds. She grabbed his head and started moaning loudly. " Lucian I'm going to cum" she was losing her mind and he was amazing at what he was doing. He kept going until she tried to push his head and away. He pinned her and finished his meal, she screamed his name as the orgasms came wave after wave. He got up licking his lips. "You alright? You look like you were riding a wolf there." He winked at her. She wasn't about to let him be smug. She used her legs to push him down on the bed. He was bursting out of his boxers. "Wow.. I didn't know you were packing this much down here. This is going to be fun." She touched him and his shaft jerked. The broad mushroom tip was pink and leaking pearly white beads. She licked him from base to tip, and he gasped. What surprised her was that he was so well- groomed there was a single hair on manhood...Her fingers were on his sack, squeezing gently and she swallowed him the first go. Pulled back and started sucking and slurping and running her tongue up and down around the head and back down. He grabbed her hair trying to slow her down. But she wasn't about to make this easy for him. "Violet if you keep this up I'm going to cum too fast....and your mouth is.... FU....CKK AHH VIOLET!! SLO..OOOWW down.!!!" He was pleading with her... yeah he is mine. She slowed down just to watch his face.. he way his breathing changed when he was getting close, the way his hands gripped her head and neck when she took him deep. She started leaking when he let out his moans, she pushed out her tongue and squeezed him with her throat, she felt his hands tighten around her hair and heard him say, "Fuck.. swallow". He came bursting into her mouth like a volcano. She swallowed as much of his warm milk as she could, a little showed itself as evidence of their invasion. He let go of her head. She got up, " where's your bathroom?" He was so out of it he barely managed to say, (2) two doors to your left." She smiled and blew him a kiss. Went in brushed her teeth, mouth washed. Washed her face and was back. " I want you to KNOW that I'm your problem now. I have never done this before. I asked Luna how to please men. She really relayed it to me. So for now let's shower and eat. Cool? There won't be any sleeping tonight for any of us." He looked at her and said," You might get pregnant this night." She smiled, "challenge accepted wolf-man. Lucian wasn't about to let nerves get the best of him. He got up towering over her, "If your not ready, we can stop now. I don't believe in forcing myself on anyone. Especially not you." She was more relaxed then he thought, " Lucian, this is what we both want right? I want you." Stripping the remaining of their clothes off, he stared at her body laid out like a full course meal, her nipples caught his eyes, she had them pierced, he missed that earlier, reaching out and touched them without thinking and pinched one and she jump moving her legs as well. "Be gentle, they are almost done healing. She opened her legs to accommodate him leaning in to kiss her nipples along with pushing two fingers into her she tensed up then relaxed. As wet as she was he wanted to take his time with her body, as he pushed into her all the while her clenching around his fingers she came. He smiled," I'd love to keep you like this, coming from my hands alone but, I have something else for you, do you want it?" He took his fingers out and put it to her mouth watching her taste herself. Sucking on his fingers and moaning turned him on more. He positioned himself between her legs and held her legs apart. "Violet, tell me when you feel pain.. stop me if it's too much, I'll stop" she nodded and reached up to kiss his neck," I'm ready" he started to rub the thick tip at her entrance starting his invasion and felt her clench his head and he bit his neck. "Violet I need you to relax, it's only the tip and your choking my dick" a few seconds went pass and he felt her relax, she was already tight to begin with and him putting it inside her had him just about ready to brust. She put her hands around his neck and attempted to impale herself on him. He grabbed her hips and held her still. "No! you'll hurt yourself!"," Lucian I know you want to go slow, but my body is on fire, if you go any slower, I'm going do this myself... I want you RIGHT NOW!" he smiled, his baby was being impatient. He kissed her pouting mouth until she opened for him and while he pushed his tongue in, his dick pushed forward as well until he made it to the little resistance barrier. She started to tremble. He broke the kiss," look at me while I take you. Your mine now." He pulled back and sank into her. She felt the white hot pain in her lower parts, feeling her virginity being taken, she felt bit of pain not much blood and he didn't move until she relaxed. He breathed in deeply," Violet.. are you alright?" He asked before he started to move, she didn't realize the pain would be like this, feeling full, stretched it felt amazing. "Lucian, keep going" he pulled back and thrusted into her and she came right away, he looked down and it turned him on when he saw the way she was coming apart and he hadn't even started yet. " Tell me when your coming, I want to hear you." Once the pain subsided, the pleasure that came after was more than she was prepared for. He had picked up the pace after the fourth stroke, her body started singing. "Lucian... Lucian!!! I'm cumming!!" He pinned her legs to the sides of her head and pounded into her while she came uncontrollably. When he was about to cum he pulled out watching her body shake. She tried to pull him back in but, he pulled her into an arched position with her hips facing him and her face in his pillows. He leaned over her kissing her back to her neck. " Do you know how wolves mark their mates?" She rubbed her bottom against his shalf and he groaned. He gave her cheeks a good spank and she moaned. " Answer me" his voice got deeper and he held her around the neck and she smiled. " You bite the necks of your mate to mark them."," You can choose where I leave my mark, just know that it won't ever fade." She was about to say where when he pushed into her deeply, taking her breath, she came instantly. With every deep stroke, the sounds from her honey-spot got louder, her moans turned into screams of ecstasy. She moaned his name everytime he hit that spot, she came, and everytime he went deeper. "LUCIAN IM ABOUT TO CUM! DON'T STOP!" Until he couldn't hold it anymore. "Violet I'm going to cum, I'm pulling out.."," No The Fuck Your Not!" She clenched on him and he sank into her, filling her. They both fell to the side breathing hard. He held her to him. Smiling." You love to give commands..I love it" She fell asleep before he did. He pulled out of her slowly and watched his seed leak out. He took her to the bathroom, cleaned her up and changed the sheets set her down and watched her sleep for a while. She was finally his....

Angel and Fredirck teleported to her place. "Angel listen to me, I didn't know you were coming after me.... Luna knew about it and I didn't even prepare anything for our first time together! You...mhmph!" She kissed him to shut him up. As soon as they reached the door he hadn't stopped trying to explain that he was confused about her.
She pulled away," you already had sex with me. We were all drinking and you got left at my place. I told you to sit on the couch and you used your powers on me, telling me we aren't sitting until I screamed your name. Would you like to know more?" She was already wet from thinking about him pushing and stretching her.. spanking her.. choking her... biting her neck. His face got even more pale. " I took advantage of you? When did this happ.... the party 3 months ago? Fuck... are you pregnant? What did I do? I don't remember anything from that night. Angel believe me I don't remember anything." He was looking at her through worried eyes... this man thinks he took advantage of me when I wanted his touch. This is starting to piss me off. " Fredirck. I wanted you touching me, I wanted you inside of me. I wanted you being rough. You sobered up when you realized I was a virgin. I could refresh your memory. " he was swearing and pacing now. In denial. Sigh. "Look these are the videos from that night. I have cameras in my home because being half demon, I live alone meaning I need to at least remember or see what's going on in my home." He watched the video, saw his self together with me. His eyes went from worried blue to excited gold, panicked green. I saw all of his emotions in seconds. When he was horny, his eyes were purple or grey. Right now he had an erection and was having trouble breathing. " Fredirck we don't have to be mates. But I want to at least feel you again. Your sober now. Though I bascially kidnapped you. I wanted to feel you inside me again. If you say no to me now, I won't ever bother you again." His body stiffened and he looked anxious his eyes turned brown. "ANGEL! You...let me.. Sigh let's just get this out the way. I wanted you. I drank that much thinking I was going to Lucian's place, he told me that you bought me over with love bites all over your body and asked him not to say anything. Why? All this time I thought I assaulted you and you weren't talking to me. You avoided me at every turn. Why?!" Oh so he's pissed Now? Alright two can play this game. " You asked me before you started drinking that night, who would I take as my mate if it was going to be between us guardians. Before I could answer you took about (6) shots. So I didn't answer. When everyone was leaving I told them I would let you stay the night. Lucian told me he was coming back for you. He was taking Violet home. I cleaned up. Moved you to my bedroom, you rolled over while I was taking off my clothes pulled me under you and kissed me. I tried to stop you at first but you kept kissing me." Felt so good I stopped fighting back. "WHAT?! Now I'm a pervert. Fuck I forced myself on you!" He was pleading with me to tell him he did assault me. " Fredrick... This may not be what you want to hear. But I'm in love with you. I wanted to answer you before you got drunk that night, but you looked like you would have been hurt to hear my answer." You were gentle with me. You told me how much I was changing you and what happened between us. That you wanted to be my mate. That you didn't know if we could be together. If I'm wrong tell now and leave. If you don't feel the same leave right now. I won't look for you. I won't bother. Tell the truth." Looking at her she was about to cry. Those amazing pink eyes. "I love you, I want us to be mates... But not like when I took your first time and couldn't remember.... That was a drunk dumbass. I'm sorry..." She pulled him to his knees and had to tip-toe, kissed his neck and kissed his shoulder. Pushed him to the floor kissing his mouth. That dangerous mouth. She ripped his clothes off. " I want you. Right now." He looked her up and down and before she could kiss his body he stopped her. " I want to make-love to you in your original form. I want to remember everything about this moment with you." She hesitated for a few seconds and shifted from the human skin into to her own. All curves, thick hips, horns, wings and tail. " you look amazing.... naked like this, lift your neck... can I take off the collar? Am I asking too much?" She shivered when he ran his hands over her breasts and hips. " yes... But before you do... promise me after your done being gentle.. I want you to be rough just like the first time.... spank me.... choke me.. bite me. I want all of that. I have the other things too. You told me your going to make me submit to you... this is me saying yes." He couldn't believe she said that to him... His Angel... soft spoken Angel.... turned her into... a vixen. They went at it for hours. Her screaming," dont stop!! Yes please I want it harder!!" Just her moans bouncing off the walls. It was hours before she calmed down. Then she took control. " Fredirck, pull your wings in. I dont want to ruin them. She got up on her hands and feet, and rode him. She didn't stop inil he filled her, he grabbed her tail pulling her down so she wouldn't spill any of his cum outisde that tight channel. She collapsed over him breathing in as much air as she could. "Your amazing... I have never felt like this before... where did you learn those things?" He may have been drunk the first time but, she was so energetic with their love making he was starting to question how she knew all those things. She smiled at his questioning face.

She laughed," Luna told me how to please a man. She is more amazing then I will ever be."
"Luna? Pixie face Luna? Are your serious? No way.. So who is her mate?"
Angel tried not to laugh too much," her mate is a female fairy/demon. Her name is Raven."
He didn't respond. "Raven? Not Raven from the dark labrith? Raven's my sister?!"
"Well I know that, it's just I wanted to make you feel good too. Also did you like it?" He looked down at her, " I'm your mate. I love you." He kissed her and stirred her body again.
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