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Trip Gone Wrong

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Six Teenage Friends decide to go on a camping trip near a famous lake. With their family in touch, will they be able to keep themselves safe? Or does fate have anything different in store for them? This story is not part of any series. Read thoroughly to know more and I hope to get many reviews on this! Copyright 2021 © Written and Edited by : Nashra_Pervez

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“Near East Fork Lake? It's perfect!” My best friend, Maggie squealed in surprise as I showed her the pictures of my newly made plan.

“Well....” I exclaimed with a devilish smirk on my face.

Being the most intelligent one in our group, I was given the task of planning out our trip this weekend with all the friends involved. With all the Google searches and area tracking, I came upon a campsite near East Fork Lake, Ohio. It was a dream come true for me!

“What are we waiting for, then? Let's start planning!” My another favorite friend, Tyler Parks started speaking.

“Not now, Ty. We still need to make sure that Leah and Noah are okay with my plan” I objected.

“I'll definitely make sure of that.” Tyler moved over to Noah's side and patted him on the back “Okay, so what's your problem, man?”

“I... I don't know. You guys know what happened to Tiffany” I could see Noah's face covered with sweat.

Tiffany was Noah's older sister who went with her friends for camping two years ago and drowned. She didn't know how to swim and her so called friends betrayed her by leaving her alone. Turned out, the cops found her dead body near the lake and after that incident, Noah never went to camping trips.

“Leah, what about you?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“Well... I just need to ask my mom and then I'm in!” Leah jumped on the bed, making me widen my eyes.

“Great” Maggie spoke.

I nodded and let out a heavy sigh. Let's plan this trip in the best way possible!

•• Introduction ••

{ 1st Person }

Me - Leslie Xavier

Appearance : With a height of 5'5, not too skinny, fair complexion with dark brown silky straight hair, light brown eyes and light freckles.

{ 3rd Persons }

Maggie Fordman

Appearance : With a height of 5'4, not too skinny, blonde smooth hair with oceanic blue eyes, no freckles.

Tyler Parks

Appearance : With a height of 6, Dark black hair with a chiseled jawline and dark brown eyes, big built and light freckles, fair complexion, wears contacts.

Noah Adams

Appearance : With a height of around 6, normal built, a perfect definition of Mr. tall, dark and handsome. Blue eyes.

Leah Cody

Appearance : With a height of 5'4, perfect definition of a bad girl with puffy blonde hair and big blue eyes with no freckles and heavy make up.

Sabrina Miller

Appearance : With a height of 5'6, fair complexion and Chestnut brown hair, bluish green eyes and lean figure.

And of course.... If any new character is introduced or eliminated, would be described in the story thoroughly.

High school had always been a mess for me. I never actually knew what and how to study. I hadn't chosen my career yet and was looking forward to becoming a comedian. Seriously. That was what my friends always used to say. Or perhaps an event planner? Reason is, because of this year's trip plan. I was desperate to see my friends on a Monday morning. But the worst option was, MY TWIN.

“Hey, Les” Kevin, my twin, broke my career thoughts and brought me back to life full of pancakes a.k.a Breakfast.

“Sup, Kev” I rolled my eyes lazily while stirring my spoon in my bowl of cereal.

“I heard you went to pee last night and fell on the floor” Kevin said with a devilish smirk forming on his face.

I looked at him with the anger burning inside me.

“Kevin, if you're done mocking your sister then please proceed to eat” My super dad shoved Kevin with a serious face.

“Thanks, dad” I winked.

My dad winked back and we all sat down to have breakfast together.

To be short and sharp, my family consisted of My Dad, Me and Kevin. My mother died when Kevin and I were seven years old. It was a tragedy for all of us. We used to live in Boston back then. It was a fantastic life for Me and Kevin but after Mom's death, we moved to Ohio.

When Mom died, I was highly depressed. Being a seven year old, my life turned upside down. However, Dad brought my pieces together and held me up when he brought light to my life. Kevin was a boy so he actually didn't care as he made friends pretty fast.

After my dad's support, my five friends were another hope for me. Maggie was the first one to introduce me to everyone. The other ones accepted me really fast.

I stood up from the breakfast table and kissed Dad on the cheek. Going through my bedroom which was on the left to the kitchen, I quickly picked up my pink and white "Disney princess" bag and phone and came outside to wait for Maggie. She would pick me up in her lavish car each morning and we'd go to school together.

“Bye, Leslie. And remember to prank Mr. Todd today” Kevin said with a wink.

I intentionally threw a pillow at him and he caught it, playfully throwing it back at the couch.

Mr. Todd was our principal. Kevin's statement had a backstory too. When I was in junior year, Sabrina and Maggie pranked Mr. Todd by sticking his phone and laptop with glue. I was passing by his office and he caught me looking past the door mischeviously and that's how he suspected it was me who pranked him. After that day, I never ever passed from in front of his office.

“Bye, Dad. Gotta go!” I waved at my dad as I heard Maggie's car honking loudly.

I came outside and stood in front of Maggie's lavish red car and opened the door to get inside.

“Well.. well.. well.. if this isn't our Genius friend” Maggie introduced me to herself.

“As if you never noticed” I rolled my eyes.

Maggie laughed and we started our journey to school together.

It had been a couple of minutes after we reached Oak Hills High School a.k.a Our school.

I saw my friends standing near our usual spot near the big tree, talking to each other and probably waiting for Maggie and Me.

Sabrina saw us approaching and she waved at us upon which the others turned their heads to see us coming as well.

“Hey Guys!” I squealed breathlessly.

“Hey, lil girl!” Sabrina early-commented.

“Morning, Girls” Noah said.

Leah and Tyler just had smiles on their faces.

“So.... What's up with the trip, Noah? You're coming, right?” I asked out of nowhere.

“Oh yeah. I am. Actually, I texted last night but looks like you didn't check”

I furrowed my eyebrows and nodded to agree that Noah actually texted.

Pssst... I didn't see the text.

“Anyways, let's go guys. Ms. Claudia would start shouting at the top of her lungs then!” Tyler pointed towards our class.

Ms. Claudia was our Physics teacher and she was highly concerned about our grades.

We moved towards our locker and I opened it to grab some textbooks.

“Hey, you okay?” Maggie asked me.

“Yeah. Why?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“Um... You actually seemed quiet while we were talking” Maggie held her books up to her chest.

“Everything's fine here. But YOU didn't speak a word out there”

“Oh yeah. Uh...”

Maggie stuttered and she let out a hard sigh. I saw her hands move in connection and I knew when she does that, she's super depressed.

“I know there's something wrong, Maggie. Come on, spill it!” I commanded.

“You know me too well, Les. Um... It's just... Leah again. You know how she always fights over Tyler, don't you?”

Maggie had a point. See... Tyler, Maggie and I were best friends since we met. After the five of us, Leah came in the last and all she did was to steal Tyler from us. She loved him and thought one of us would steal him from her. So, she would act all innocent in front of Tyler but in his absence, she would blackmail Maggie for staying far from Tyler.

“That girl... You know, we should never have made her our friend”

“I know. But... She also helped us a couple of times. And she's also Sab's cousin so we can't just shove her off. I'm just excited for the trip!” Maggie protested.

That's what I disliked about Maggie. She would just ignore the negatives and accept the positives.

But it was worth it, wasn't it?

“Me too.”

During our Biology class with Ms. Ophelia, I was sleeping halfway through. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Ms. Ophelia looking at me with her gorgeous emerald green eyes and we had no distance between us.

“M-Ms. O-Ophelia” I stuttered as I blinked my eyes to open properly.

“Yes, Ms. Xavier. You need to stay awake in my class.” Ms. Ophelia explained me for the hundredth time.

“I'm sorry, Miss. This won't happen again” I excused myself and moved a bit away from my teacher. “Can I please go to the restroom? It's an emergency” I whispered.

“Yes, you may Ms. Xavier. But please keep this in notice, whenever you sleep in my class you need to stop snoring in front of the students.”

Oops. Here goes my lecture.

I nodded my head and reached the restroom in no time.

As I approached the Girls' Restroom, I saw a familiar silhouette standing and wiping their eyes. Of course, she was a girl. I quickly fastened my pace and upon reaching, saw Leah crying.

“Leah? What happened? Why are you crying?” I asked hesitantly.

“J-Just go away, L-Leslie” Leah stuttered.

“No, I won't. Not until you explain, Leah! Now come on, what happened?”

Leah looked at me and sniffed harder. I nodded to let her speak.

“I-I was in my Computer Science Class and Tyler was there too. H-He didn't take a seat next to me today that he usually did and instead sat with Sabrina. Later, I approached him and asked why he didn't sit with me but he just ignored me. When I touched his arm, he shoved me away hard and shouted at me in front of the whole class to leave him alone. I-I don't know what to do, Leslie. I've been such a sticky glue to him. I hate myself for that. And I hate myself for being a backbiter too!”

I widened my eyes as I heard what Tyler just did. He was our best friend and as far as I knew him, he was the most patient person of all of us. Why did he do this to Leah? Well of course.. nonetheless, she is a sticky glue!

“It's alright, Leah. He'll get better eventually” I comforted her.

“I-It's okay, Leslie. You can go back to your class now” Leah interrupted.

I nodded and left her to her tears.

As I came out of there after doing my business, I saw Leah walking towards the cafeteria. Woah. Did I just miss Ms. Ophelia's lectures? How long had I been in there?

I reached the cafeteria and saw my friends sitting at our usual spot and chatting. But I couldn't see Leah anywhere. I took out my wrapped roll and sat there beside Noah, as usual.

“Hey guys. Where's Leah?” I said, loud enough for Tyler to hear.

“D'know! I think she also missed her computer class, didn't she Tyler?” Maggie asked. Poor her, I forgot to tell her what actually happened!

“Uh.. yeah I think so” Tyler said, his face was still down probably in embarrassment.

“Hmm.... Oh and Leslie, you snored so loudly today in Biology!” Noah interrupted.

“You were there too? Ugh!” I sighed in utter disbelief.

“Serves you right for sleeping late last night, Les” Maggie rolled her eyes.

I quickly gave her a death glare and she started munching on her food, acting innocently. I looked over at Tyler who was still not eating anything. I gestured to Noah to talk to Tyler and he nodded.

“Hey man, what's up?” Noah asked Tyler as he swiftly put his hand on his shoulder.

“Nothing” Tyler said, now covering his face with his palms.

“Ty, What's going on? Leah is not here and now you're not talking to us!” Maggie protested for answers.

Maggie looked at me as if she knew that I was sure what was going on. She gave me a glance and I nodded to her signaling for her to come to the restroom to talk.

As Maggie and I reached the restroom, I explained everything to her. She gasped alternately and was completely shattered to hear what's been going on between Leah and Tyler.

“Do you think Tyler will ever forgive her?” Maggie whispered.

“I don't think so. Leah is such a bad influence. I mean... She's all kind and innocent but she forces a lot sometimes” I whispered back.

We entered the cafeteria and saw that Tyler was missing.

“Where did Tyler go?” I asked as we reached our table.

Noah just shrugged which meant he couldn't understand what was up with him today.

“Guys, is this about Leah by any chance?” Sabrina asked, referring to her innocent cousin.

“We don't know.” Maggie said, rolling her eyes slightly.

Oh, I just wish this trip to East Fork Lake goes perfect.

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