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The VIllains Older Borther

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After a long workday with papers, he decided to go take a quick sleep. Waking up in an unknown environment wasn't one of his plans. But it was fate plans and with that plan came many unknown dilemmas and crises. But he was the chosen one for the role, plus a little adventure doesn't sound bad.

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How It All Starts

Dealign with people wasn’t his best skill but he was good at it. His boss often majes him deal with rude customers, or important people. His boss only care for money and does that he needed it to respect.

There would be times where he work all week long, and only have one free day next week. But the paid was good; 250k a month and a paid apartment for the worker.

On his office he has two bookshelves full of books organized from A-Z. Fantasy to real science. Romance to paranormal. All genders, and he has read all of them.

He sat in the office chair exhausted. He just finish two hour talk with a rich family that wants to move. The wife wanted something and the husband other. Their kids were running everywhere and touching the materials.

He rolled the chair to the big window and look down. His office was at the tenth floor. The cars were passing by and it was already dark.

The moon shine the brightest this night. The restaurants were stilll open and people coming in and out. He hasn’t ate anything all day, the only thing he had was coffee.

He rolled back to the desk and began typing on the keyboard. He read again the documents before sending them to his boss.

Monst of the tenth floor workers have left. But there were still some on the other floor show on the screen that alert all workers how many people were in the building.

The idea of that screen was is somone decided to break in or robbed. It alert when someone who wasn’t a worker was in and out. It also alert when a worker was in and out, and it show their ID card.

[ 7-Floor]

[Camile Smiehty]

[Sing-out for the day]


A worker from the seven floor just went home. However he still neede it to finish some papers. Tomorrow the supervicer is coming in he is in-charge of the report.

Like always

His boss push his works towards him. When he told the supervicer they only said that he was going to become a manager in a month from now.

But that doesn’t make him pleased. As a manager he would have even more work than he does now. But yet again he can’t complain, the paid is high and he needs that money to help pay the debt his father left.

He was so closed to finally paying it off.

He grunt at the thought of debs.

Relaxing is not a choice but a privilege.

He sigh and search for one of his favorite novels.

[Our Love Life In Our Second Life]

The story was about a couple that live in the 758 era. The male lead Xander Valentine De’Matias was a rich young master next in line. The female lead was Autherin Monselay Finx, she was poor and had to leave many things behind due to her financial problems.

The story of them is told in the story until their trajict death that made many readers cry. After that it tolds how the female is reborn as a kid. She still had the same name but now she was a rich young lady from the Finx family. She live her live to the fullest until she met the male lead.

He looked exactly like her loved fromher past life. Then the abventure begans with both of them. Villains appearing to destroy their love, their families not okey with each other, and more problematic things.

The story was very cliche but he like it becuase he will never had that type of story in his life.

He finish reading the latest chapter and leave a comment review:

{Thecatontheirfriged: To be honest the villain was right this time, Xander did muder someone without a reason…}

Many people rapidly begin to reply to his comment defending Xander or agreeing with him. He throw his head back and closed his eyes. He just need to rest for a while.

He is tired

He wants to sleep

He wants to rest

He just wants to lazy

Work everyday

Work every hour

is killing him slowly

very slowly that he actually can feel the pain

and it is hard to stand it

is very hard to deal with it

He just wants to sleep nine hours a day is that bad?













A big noise came from the outside. It disturbed his peacefulness. It disturbed his dream. Why can’t they be quiet. Why? Why! Is not difficult!

Shut up

Shut up

Shut up

Shut up

Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!

“Shut up..”

After he said does words the noise stop. He went back to peacefully sleeping again. However, there was a big BUMP noise making him grunt in annoyance.

“Y-young master!”

He refuce to get out of the comfort of this bed.



This thought made him wake up abruptly from his slumber.

He had his eye more open than ever, the first thing coming to vision was a panic man dress in a bluttler outfit. He had wavy saffron yellow hair, almond skin color, dimond shape grey eyes, light angled brown eyebrows, and small rosy pink lips.

He was so focused on the man’s appearance that he didn’t pay attention on what the other was saying. He didn’t know this man, however the man seen to know him.

“Sorry, what?”

Was all he say enterupting the man. He watch as the man expression change it a shock one. A small blush appear on the man’s cheeck.

“Can you repeat what you were just saying?”

He ask tilting his head to the side a little bit. The other man seem to collect his thoughts and stand straight.

“Yes young master,”

He bow a little before continuing.

“Since is summer Master, wants to let you know that you will be attending a camp with third young master, and fifth young master”

“Excuse me?”

The buttler seems like he was about to have a mental break down. When he saw the serious expression on his young master he went to panic state.

“Would you mind steping out for a moment”

The bluttler on noded with his head and head out. He waited for the buttler to be completely out. After he grabbed his head and pressed his head downwards.

There was a immense pain in his head, it felt as if they were hammering it over and over again. Soon he felt something running down his nose, he touch it with his finger and saw a red liquid.


There was blood running fron his nose, and not in a normal amount. It was quite a lot of blood. The pain didn’t seem like it was going to go away any time soon.

But it came worse, in a matter of seconds the pain felt even more hard to endure. His vision was getting blury and he was hearing a child voice.

He closed his eyes. And at the moment it seems like he wans’t HIM anymore.

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