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Darius Crestguard, the leader of a trio of thieves, is hired by a licentious noblewoman to steal an ancient artifact from one of their nation's cruelest tyrants. Their quest taking them to war-torn battlefields, forgotten cities, and the highest echelons of royalty as they struggle and risk their lives to secure the idol of power, the Lord of Crimson, a token rumored to grant any wish imaginable. All the while dark energies hang over the group, assaulting Darius's dreams, and twisting his perception of reality. Will the group succeed on its mission? or will their lives, and very souls fall to the power that stalks them?

Adventure / Fantasy
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An age of War

The land of Asana now reeks in an age of forgotten wars and bottomless sorrow. Petty kingdoms and warlords fight amongst one another for control of the continent. Their military campaigns tearing the country apart as they all attempt to capture and hold the former capital of the Gurken Empire, the palace of Rhamka. The most brutal of all these rulers being the tyrant Atreas, a former slave that has risen in power to become the self-imposed king of the Eastern Mountains. His skill with a blade only equaled by his ambitious nature, which is lofty even by Asanian Standards. The key to his rapid success, rumored to be his incessant appetite for ancient artifacts. An addiction that fuels him to maddeningly search for the legendary idol, known as the lord of crimson. A token of power said to make the wildest dreams of the user become reality.

All the while Armies of outlaws, rapists, and hooligans ravage the countryside, looting and pillaging as they raid across the wilds. Small Independent villages, and cities struggle to survive amidst this era of turmoil, as local leaders grapple with the idea that their towns and Burroughs will have to pick a side in the upcoming conflict, as major powers began to amass.

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