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Couple of lads named Yasin and Chow from Birmingham found in a London court house after a cannabis grow robbery went sideways when in court Chows brother break them out the court house for a dangerous reality of a zombie apocalypse mission to get back to Birmingham save their family collect supplies and look for a safe place so that the apocalypse will blow over BUT that all depends on what cards they were dealt with….

Adventure / Scifi
Isaac Yasin
Age Rating:

The Move

It was a rough rainy night when best friends Chow and Yasin had received Intel about a rival gang members cannabis farm. Chow and Yasin will well-connected in gang violence and had connections within all types of gang activity that same night they met up with a guy named Fat Tony, Fat tony was known for supplying men and supplying guns Best friends Chow and Yasin asked Fat Tony to supply three men and four guns.

fat Tony was based in Brixton and so was their rival gang they knew that word would spread fast so they didn’t waste any time to raid out the cannabis farm Fat Tony’s goons and the guns were waiting for Chow and Yasin at an old abandoned warehouse from then they went to the crop house Little did they know that one of fat Tony’s goons was playing both sides and was an undercover police officer as they reached to the crop house they had seen a person from the opposing team Chow and Yasin jumped out the car first went over and gun bucked him Leaving him unconscious they then walk straight into the house guns raised and had dragged all the people that were in the house on the floor and tied up with zip ties to make sure they didn’t do anything stupid they then asked one of fat Tony’s goons to bring the car round the chopped down all the plants And put them in the back of a van when they’re ready to leave they made sure they left a mark so Chow and Yasin grabbed the highest ranked rival member and carved a C and Y into his face to let the opposing team know who robbed them.

Once they had finished carving him they had jumped back in the van and drove back to the abandoned warehouse once they were back at the abandoned warehouse they then relaxed and laughed about what they had done Little did they know that Tony’s goon also known as lil tiny Had just sent a text out To his sergeant about what they had done and where they were not located Lil Tony was acting suspicious Chow and Yasin started to become paranoid because he was on the phone too much and not happy about the move they had felt that they we being set up by police or the rival gang but they weren’t taking any chances so they punched him soo hard that he had fell unconscious as he was laid out on the floor they picked up his phone and seen that he was talking to the main Sargent of London metropolitan police and that they were two mins from their location being paranoid as they was they had left fat Tony’s goons and lil tony at the abandoned warehouse and drove away as they are about to leave they get boxed in by armed police ‘chow and Yasin place your weapons on the floor’ left with no other option they done as they were told Lil tony had women up from chows punch and was taken to the ambulance as for chow and Yasin they were placed under arrest
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