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The 3 Samurai’s

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“The 3 Samurai’s” is about 3 samurai’s, Leader Rae, Superior Anniyahh and BB Maria. They are focusing on finding a Katana, a Katana that was stolen from Leader Rae’s Father.

Adventure / Fantasy
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3 Samurai’s Off to hunt down Leader Rae Father’s Sword, “Guys, I know we’re close.., or at least…” Maria Say then stopping her sentence.

“What?” Says Anniyahh, Then Looking up and Noticing a huge Stonewall, they all stop to Admire the huge Viney stone wall.

Rae noticed a symbol “Wait…is…that” Anniyahh says Then Rae saying “The same symbol of the group Matomino, Japan Biggest Samurai group with a number of 43 Samurai in their group.


“I did they couldn’t have come, The only way to get into this island is to be a part of my Grandparents Ritual, he didn’t say their names in his Spell.., You were there!” Rae says

“You know what?..y’all can just shut up..dang!”
Maria Says storming off into the trees.

“You're not going to go after her?” Anniyahh says.

“It’s oka-“ Then they hear a sound, the sound of a girl, they rushed over to where they heard the girl climbing thru trees, swinging on vines, and yelling out to the girl. Rae says “Wait..That sounds like Maria”.

Making Them hurry faster. After finally getting there they notice Maria in Original Basic Forest Trap meant for Bear or any other Wild animal.

Anniyahh looks at Maria, they both laugh

“Haha I’m sorry…but…how did you get in this situation, ha”

“Ohhh….long story,” Maria says as she laughs

They hear leaves Moving, seeming that someone or something is walking in the forest

They all pull out their Swords, A little girl walks out. “I’m no harm I just saw y’all a few minutes ago by the river.” The little girl says.

“Uh..okay well I’m Leader Rae” Rae says.

“I'm BB Maria” Maria says.

“And..you are?” the girl says.

“Oh, I'm Superior Anniyahh.”

“Can I ask a question, What do the BB stand for in your name.?” The little girl says.

“Oh, it stands for “Bottom Bunked” which means I'm ranked lower than the rest of the Crew, So in other words I'm the 3rd most powerful in Crew or even on this island,” Maria Says.

“What about yours Anniyahh.?” the little girl says.

“Well my name is Superior Anniyahh, as you may recall, The superior in my name means I'm “S” Ranked, meaning I'm superior,” Anniyahh says.

“Ohhh, How about you leader Rae?” the girl says.

“Oh my name doesn't have my rank in it but My rank is SS.” Leader Rae says in a cocky tone.

“So since we're saying our names what is yours?”. Anniyahh says.

“My Name is....”

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