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"There only two rules to time travel! Two! How, in the wide world of Zadmo, did you manage to obliterate them both in less than a day?!" The daughter of a wicked king, expert liar, and professional assassin extraordinaire, Pink Rose never once wondered what life might be like outside of Morto's tyranny...until she met the new savior of the resistance; a scrawny, geeky, not-particularly-thrilled-to-be-a-hero Green Bush. Suddenly, the princess began to wonder...what would it be like to finally be free of her father's control? Before she can decide, however, a spell misfires, and she and Bush are thrown through time and space to a foreign world at war with itself. Now, to get home, they will have to embark on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, and to survive, they will have to work together. The world is at stake. Danger is around every corner and nothing is exactly what it seems, but one thing is very clear... ...time is not on their side.

Adventure / Fantasy
Kat Wingfree
Age Rating:

The Omen of the End

Beware the one who is different than he appears.

Beware the darkness far and near.

The four who rise; rise to fight,

Stand for what is true and right:

The son of a world long forgot,

The son of a man who much danger had brought.

Beware the heir whose reign is long overdue,

And the daughter with a heart good and true.

Four, together as one must stand.

Four alone can save our land.

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