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Logan pulled a prank on Mr. Bunny in school. As a punishment, Logan and the entire class are forced to go on a camping trip for a week. Meanwhile, Logan has to upgrade his grades in order to pass and get into high school. Will Logan be able to upgrade his grades? And will some classmates get lost in the woods?

Adventure / Drama
Salem Shabayta
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The School's Trip

It all started in school. Most students from different classes are in detention. Some of them were asleep, bored, and doing whatever there is to entertain themselves.

They were supposed to write their own assignments for their teacher, Mr. Bunny.

Most of them are done. Some didn’t even start. There was still one student who didn’t finish his assignment. He was still writing. “Logan Lander” is the name of the student.

He then finished writing and cracked his fingers. He waited a minute until detention is over.

Once detention ended, all the students have their assignments at hand and lined up to give them to Mr. Bunny.

He was judging their work.

“Carl good work. Mandy next time finish it before you fall asleep.” Judging Mr. Bunny on the assignments they’ve done.

Logan stayed in line to be the last student.

After everybody left, Mr. Bunny looked at Logan.

“Well, well, well. Lander finished an assignment? A student who missed almost every class but English and Sports?!” Yelled Mr. Bunny.

“Wait... school means work?” Sarcastically asked Logan.

Mr. Bunny tells Logan to hand in the assignment. However, Logan started telling him that he’ll regret looking at it. Mr. Bunny claims that the only time he regrets is having Logan as one of his students.

Logan was making Mr. Bunny mad by not giving him the assignment and by asking if he was sure he wants to see it. Logan was still holding the assignment behind him.

Mr. Bunny yells at Logan to hand it over. Logan gave it to him and left the class.

“Where are you going?!” Aggresively asked Mr. Bunny.

Logan claims that he’s just saving his own life.

Mr. Bunny looked at the assignment Logan had. Logan wrote an assignment about ten different facts about ten different animals.

Mr. Bunny started thinking that Logan has done good work. However, that was until he read fact number ten.

“‘Bunnies’ is another name for rabbits.” Stated fact number ten.

Mr. Bunny said to himself that everybody knows that. However, he then turned the paper around and sees his own face on a picture of a bunny.

Mr. Bunny got mad and yelled Logan’s name with such anger.

Later on, Logan was with one of his classmate friends, “Violet Radeon” by the locker. Logan was just standing behind her while Violet was putting her books in her locker.

“I can’t believe you actually did that.” Said Violet as she giggled.

Logan tells her that she can’t blame him since the teachers never let him do anything fun.

He was about to tell her his next prank for next week, however, the whole class came to Logan and stood right in front of him. They just stared at him.

Logan asked if there is a problem. They all began talking at once about how Logan screwed up.

“One at a time!” Yelled Logan

Each one of his classmates started telling him that they blame him. Because of how many pranks Logan pulled, Mr. Bunny is taking them fishing for the week.

“Who knows guys, it might be fun.” Said Logan.

One of his classmates yelled at how is fishing fun.

“Easy. When each of us gets a fish, we fight each other with some fish! Fish fight! Anybody? No?” Said and asked Logan with a nervous smile on his face.

The girls in class strangely looked at Logan to know if he was joking or not.

Violet looked at him telling him that he was on his own. She then walked away.

While some of his classmates are still looking at him to blame him, he nervously laughed.

“I’ll just go this way...” Said Logan.

He nervously laughed and left.

After school, Logan put on his headphones and listens to “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder, and rides his bike home.

They all live in Chile.

While he was on his way, his mom was on the phone with Mr. Bunny.

She was sitting at the table talking on the phone.

Logan came in. His mother ended the call and told Logan that she wants to talk to him about something. She started talking to him about how he should be in every class he has. The school told Logan’s mother that they’ll be failing him if he doesn’t do any of the work he’s missed.

They have a fishing trip in a few days for a week. The teachers told Logan’s mother that he has to study by the end of the trip.

When Logan’s mother told him what all the teachers told her, and that there was a huge opportunity for him in the future when he finishes school the right way, he promised his mom that he’ll do better starting now.

Logan has a lot to catch up on. He needs to catch up on Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Woodshop.

On that day it was Friday. Logan got off the table and left the house. He went to the library to start with Chemistry. He invited a couple of his classmates to help him out.

Between Friday and Sunday, Logan has mastered Chemistry and Biology. Logan was workin’ day and night.

On Monday morning, his phone alarm was going. He woke up and gasped because he forgot to prepare everything for the trip.

“Don’t worry. I got it covered.” Said Logan’s mother with a smile on her face.

She took him to school. While in the car, she told him to do his best and to have fun. After he got out of the car, he went inside the school.

Logan came to the class. Mr. Bunny has a huge announcement.

He announced by saying that they were not just going fishing... they are going camping.

“Will the forest be huge?” Asked one random classmate.

“We live in South America with many many countries that have huge rain forests and jungles around us. What do you think?” Sarcastically said and asked Violet.

“And all you guys have to do is thank our dearest friend, Logan.” Said Mr. Bunny to the class.

Logan was shocked and said to himself that he really is on his own. The whole class then threw crumpled paper balls at Logan and started complaining.

“Wait! We don’t have any camp beds or any camp tents!” Stood up Logan.

Mr. Bunny said that he has it all covered. Logan sat back down and the whole class continued complaining about him.

The whole class was outside the school. Mr. Bunny has his list of students checking if everybody came today.

The whole class went on the bus. They all sat down and were very noisy.

Mr. Bunny was trying to get their attention, however, none of them were listening.

“Listen up!” Yelled Mr. Bunny.

Everybody then went quiet. He added rules on the bus on what they should not do. It’s gonna take them a while for them to get to the woods for them to set a camp.

The bus started moving. While they’re on the bus, Logan asked for Mr. Bunny if he can do the Biology test and then move on to the Chemistry test on the bus.

Mr. Bunny claims that if he wants to do these tests right now on the bus, he’s not gonna give him the test papers.

He’ll have to ask him every question there is on the test papers. Logan accepted on doing these tests now on the bus.

Logan sat next to Mr. Bunny to make sure he won’t cheat.

Mr. Bunny kept asking him Biology questions that are on the test paper. Logan kept answering the questions correctly.

When Mr. Bunny asked the final question, Logan paused for a couple of seconds.. however, he then answered the question.

“You got it all correct...” Said Mr. Bunny.

They then moved on to Chemistry. Once again Mr. Bunny started asking Logan questions that are on the test with true or false questions, the A to D questions, and more.

When Logan once again answered all of them, Mr. Bunny was impressed.

“You can get back to your seat now.” Said Mr. Bunny as he was feeling impressed.

And so Logan went back to his seat. He opened his Physics book and started studying.

“You’re working too much and too hard. Maybe you should take a break.” Said Violet.

Logan tells her that he has to for now not fail this school semester. As Logan kept reading, Violet told him that she’ll help him out. Violet sat next to Logan closer and started helping him out with Physics.

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