TKoT 1-5: Ascension

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10: Full Circle

Rolland & Shaitar

The Citidale of Calidor construction took on a feverish pace. Rolland put together a fantastic forge to craft weapons, experiment with different ways of building and construction. He pounded his hammer down, time and time again on his specially designed grace-infused anvil. Finally, Rolland pulled up a dagger he had been working on, the small gold-infused blade with a red crystal in the hilt. “Bloodfang” Speaking the words aloud, the dagger glowed with the runes and sigils invested. “Katalina and Maverick will love this little blade.”

Shaitar entered the smithy. He looked at the various suits of armor already assembled and standing to attention. He chuckled at the many half-assembled automatons based on Jerilith’s designs for Katalina’s combat trainers lay static on the many work tables.

Rolland turned to face Shaitar, “Ahh, good morning. Look at this.” He tossed the dagger at the suit of standing armor. The dagger made a strange echoing sound as the blade crossed the room, the aim slightly off. However, the dagger corrected the error in the flight path and sunk directly into the armor’s chest plate, sliding easily inside.

Shaitar nodded, “I see. You are having way too much fun crafting new weapons.”

Rolland said, “Not just weapons, I got several different ideas floating around. Oh, your new sword is ready. I know how you always fancied the elven blade designs, so I made you a bit of a hybrid. A hand and half-sword with elven design features.”

He moved over to a rack of weapons until he reached one of the taller blades. A magnificent bastard sword, “I call it the King’s Blade.” Lifting the weapon by the hilt, he presented the sword to Shaitar.

Shaitar grabbed the hilt, brought the weapon up to his arm, and eyed the edge. Perfect balance and incredibly lightweight. Moving over to a test stand, where one badly beaten suit of armor stood, he gave a quick slice. The weapon seamlessly moved through the hardened steel. “Nice”

Rolland smiled, “Glad you like, making something special for everyone. I’m almost ready for your new shield as well.”

Shaitar said, “Looking forward to seeing the completed shield.”

Rolland continued, “Each item will even store a bit of grace as well. Have you seen Landis or Opal recently? Although I got his new cane ready, he said he wanted me to leave him to finish up the final build.”

Shaitar mused, “Yes, Opal is helping him set up his school. They are spending time with his construction project. He is founding his city, attracting academics and casters alike.”

Landis & Opal

Landis started construction of a new town outside of Calidor, wanting a place to practice his arts and provide meaning to the study of Time.

Landis pride went into his new temple, a well-organized building with dedicated rooms for sleeping, eating, training, and research. Landis enjoyed designing the building with as much symmetrical geometry as possible, keeping the building almost a mirror image in the design.

His favorite room is a hundred-foot-wide circular stadium with desks and chairs. The room is well lit with a glass ceiling to let the natural sunlight in and magical light globes for the night classes. A large blackboard standing twenty feet tall and thirty feet wide stood behind his ornate wood podium.

Today, he taught how space and time work together and how both the laws of physics and the chaos of magic can bend them to work with each other. “This is the proposal, Time and Space. Travel is possible to different worlds through these gates.” He pointed to a diagram on the blackboard, “The old gods built their gate system long ago, having a requirement of blood sacrifices to make the system work. This was unnecessary, as seen in diagram 32b. Creating a singularity where matter, energy, time, and space, are hazardous and problematic. The required technology is outside the bounds of most worlds and takes time to property refine to the point where such a portal would be safe to use. This is where magic can substitute for physics.” Landis pointed his broken clockwork cane to another section of the blackboard. “Two gates located in two different locations and a device capable of redirecting the flow of energy to another receiving gate. An entire network of portals could be established, allowing fast travel to different points in the same world or another world entirely. Unfortunately, the Spire has kept this knowledge from us for some time.”

Opal moved up from her seat to take the podium, “Yes, the magic requirements are high to activate these gates. However, understanding the risks, one takes when utilizing world-tier magics.”

Nolland and Grizz

Nolland returned to the open cave system where he had been raised. Although he started to rebuild the old city, word spread that a new god and one who favored dwarves had arisen. Many local dwarves and underground dwellers in hiding, flocked to his new city as word spread. The mountain he called home served as his base of operations and the focus of his worship. Grizz followed, and he transformed the lands outside the mountains into a lush, vibrate forest, reinforcing nature.


The Goddess of the Sun took on a healing role as expected, gathering many followers and leading by example, helping the sick and wounded. The goddess shared her power with her followers, granting them the ability to heal instead of just being a Blooded. Her name shifted to Reevanight as the tale of her moving the moon releasing the sun spread.


Arima became the god of the Underworld, dealing with souls. She quickly dealt with any uprising harshly. Souls that were unworthy of any new gods were cast out into the Hell Realms.

Katalina and Maverick

Selia rose over the mountains, reflecting the sun’s light across the waterfall and down into the river below. The sounds of the nightlife filled the air, crickets chirped, and owls hooted. The lush green foliage of the valley below provided an almost magical garden of nature. The splashing of water against the rocks provided a calm, a serine sound to all those who visited the Hidden Vale.

Laying on a set of large boulders beside one of the slower moving eddies, Katalina gazed up at the rising full moon just cresting the top of the waterfall. She kicked her feet bare up and down, splashing in the moving water while soaking up the night, and her brunette hair rolled off the back of the boulder she was resting on, falling into the water below. Today she wore a bright yellow gold dress made by some of her more devoted followers.

Torac sat on his favorite rock next to Katalina, looking for fish as they swam near his hunting perch. “Come here, little fishies, time to meet your doom!”

Katalina shifted her gaze to the smooth-shaved barechested Maverick laying at her side, “This is where we first met.”

Maverick returned her intense stare, “Hard to believe that was just a little over two years ago.”

Maverick played on the boulder next to Katalina, holding her hand as he also kicked his bare feet in the river water as well. “Yes, we changed the world for the better.”

Katalina holding her hand up to cover the moon, she gazed at her simple silver wedding band on her finger, “I love you.”

Maverick tightened his grip on her hand, “I love you too.”

Torac’s tail stabbed into the water, the thrust mist again. “Damn it to all the hells. These fish are not natural. I don’t miss this much.” Turning his sights back to the couple near him. “So, what do you plan on doing next?”

Maverick grinned, “Well, Shaitar has started building up the Citidale of Calidor. The place is going to be great. A place where mortals and gods can come together. Instead of being high on some mountain top like the City of the Spire. His vision is more down-to-earth; a nice valley has been selected. Homage will be paid to the Council and support the temple infrastructure for all of the gods of Avalon.”

Katalina smirked, “Yep, I even got a temple. My followers are of the darker variety, a lot of sabuci and other infernals. Just not planning on having anything to do with demons, ech. My mother was enough for me. I plan on building my home here since this is my valley, and I am a goddess of the Hidden Vale. I want a big house, oh and a vault to store all our amazing stuff.”

Maverick stood up and stretched his arms, “I think it is time to check up on little Diana. She’s more than likely hungry.”

He reached his hand down to help Katalina up, and she groaned a bit. He put his hand down on her belly, and he could feel his next child growing in her womb. “Bhuul is growing well.”

Katalina beamed back at him, “Yes. He’s going to be strong for sure, just like his father.”

Skipping across onto the smaller flatter rocks that formed a path leading to the shore. The pair headed up to the rear ramp of the newly rebuilt Chimera parked in a clearing next to a shabby wooden cabin.


The sage sat down in his new study, a new house in the Citidale of Calidor. His new balcony overlooked a garden specifically built by Grizz, and the garden was a force of nature to be true. Various trees and plants with a small stream running through a maze of multi-colored flowers.

His two crystal skulls floated around the room, the blue one moving to the window and hovering while the red moved to the door, just waiting for someone to enter so he could punish them.

Jeriliths wide oak desk filled with papers and reports organized adequately with the more critical articles on the lower stacks. Jerilith always knew how many pages he needed to fill a book or journal he wrote. Today he filled the last words in his latest book titled Avalon Rises. He lifted the ink quill from the last page, revealing the words, The End.

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