TKoT 1-5: Ascension

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05: The Breach


Two crystal skulls hover just above Jerilith’s head, constantly whispering in hushed voices. Jerilith points his finger, ”Arcana: Disintegratous!" Casting his spell at the green-scaled dragon-snake who just released a cloud of poisonous acidic gas into a cluster of defending Durithian soldiers. A transparent green-ray streaked across from the upper battlement of the city of Durith. The beam raced up the side of the dragon-snake, vaporizing a huge unhealthy section of his body. The dragon screamed as his body crashed into some of the smaller structures below, crushing evenly friend and foe.

Tides of green-scaled serpentine warriors rushed the central defense tower. A green-scaled warrior, leaping from the crowd of soldiers, jumped forty feet from the ground. He lands, slicing in half two defenders with two scimitar-like blades. The bloody bodies slide to the floor without a scream. His eyes scan the rampart as he thrusts one of his swords backward and through the chest of one of the Durithian defenders rushing at him. Finally, he spots the black-robed magician at the far end of the rampart. “Jerilith, you have betrayed the Spire!”

Jerilith turns to see one of Voloth’s sons, the demigod Necalli. His armor has been blooded from the fight, light leathers still stronger than any non-magical steel. The oversized curved swords sliced through anyone near him. “This is a free city. You are in the wrong.”

Necalli rush’s the demigod across the rampart. “My father is NEVER WRONG!” The path becomes littered with the bodies as he pulses his grace. His red glowing eyes leave trails of light behind him with his speed.

Jerilith begins his chant, ”Arcana: Disintegratous!" Necalli’s grace disrupts his spell. Jerilith has but a moment to raise his sword, an orange metal long blade just in time to block his first attack, and pushes Necalli back a dozen feet with a grunt, pulsing his power to match his speed and strength.

Necalli braces himself and stops the forced slide as his eyes turn to two glowing crystal skulls glow as transparent green rays streak towards him. Leaping to the left of the battlements, one of the green rays strokes his sword, vaporizing the weapon into dust. The other beam shoots through a wall making a monster-sized hole, through a few walls behind. Rolling as he landed, another beam struck where he was at momentarily. A circular hole vaporized into nothing but a cloud of fine dust.

Turning around, another beam targeted him, dodging again. This time a number of his soldiers vaporized into red dust, just popping out of existence. Necalli moved into a damaged building for cover. Sections of the walls evaporated in the dust as more green beams struck random places.

“My lord, look!” One of the defenders points to the eastern crystalline defense tower, the cracking followed by the building collapsing. The blue transparent shield above the city flickers for a moment as one of the east defense towers is destroyed.

Jeriltih scans the burning city again, too many Blooded and demigods. Where are you, my little Katalina?


Volothian airships circled the outer limits of the city: his ship, the Visage. A sizeable floating fortress resembled a blocky stone head with Voloth’s scowling face. The mouth opened enough to allow his largest ships in and out. The flattened top contained a massive garden and a Ziggurat temple made of gold.

Voloth stood twelve feet tall and carried a staff with a three-foot crystal attached to the top. His body mirrored the perfection of strength and scale. His head has a cobra-like appearance creating a fleshy red hood. Voloth wore a matching red cloak with only a bright red tunic and white sandals.

From the left eye of the flying fortress, he watched out the massive window at the battle unfolding. The city below burning, the protective shield of transparent blue armor failing. Soon Lug the Follower would start protecting the town as the defense towers fell. An aid dressed in a bright red uniform. Approached his god, bowing. “My lord, I have just received a report. The eastern fleet will not be able to aid in the attack.”

Voloth looked down at his aid. “What is their excuse?”

He unfolded the small piece of parchment, “They have been defeated. A single Canandance corvette and a blue dragon.”

Voloth replied, “Interesting, who dares go against the Spire? More rebels, more than likely called by Durith to defend the city. This battle will be the hardest fight, the last beacon of the creator’s legacy, the home of the Soul Stones. I will have them as my tools to recreate the world.”

Voloth stopped and looked across the burning city, in the air over Durith. A flash of light, followed by the sound of rolling thunder. One of his airships on the east side of the city explodes, then followed by two others. Gripping his staff tightly, he focuses his sight on the new arrival. A small Canandance corvette arrived in the battle, a giant blue dragon blasting off bolts of electricity, scorching the ships.

“How convenient.” Voloth peers further into the ship viewing the large ballista on the vessel’s rear. Watching as a single bolt fires hitting one of his fleet’s airships, the massive explosion resulting from the detonation is unnatural. He sees the gunner. His eyes are shining with grace. Scanning the ship, he understands the threat. All of the crew are blooded. His ships, in turn, begin firing at the smaller, quicker target. Some bolts that would have hit are blocked by a mobile shield that slides into place moments before the explosive bolt hits, sending fiery shock waves outward.

The giant statue Lug the Follower, a massive hundred-foot-tall statue similar to Gul the Watcher in Dunkir. The statue holds a sturdy black metal spear and an equally enormous shield. His plumed helmet ignites into a burst of flame. The Council’s sigils burn with the sun’s radiance on different limbs of the statue.

Lug the Follower points his spear at one of the larger airships, a burst of light circles around the tip, followed by a powerful bright orange ray streaking through the sky. The burning ray cuts through the ship’s armored hull, causing the ship’s either drive core to explode. The ray continues to cut through the ship as the burning hulk crash’s into the ground.

“It is time. Time for the Council of Eight to fall.” Voloth headed out the watch chamber, followed by several different aids.

The Chimera

The inner city of Durith is roughly circular, walled in tiers. The walls get higher and higher as one approaches the center. Lug the Follower, much like Gul the Watcher, stands at the entrance of the last tier. The center tier is protected by a nearly transparent blue force shield, preventing any air travel through to the center.

Maverick dived the Chimera under one of the larger Volothian sky galleons. Rolland fired another round from the Black Dragon into the underside of the ship. The bolt split into multiple smaller bolts in flight. Explosions littered the underside of the airship causing entire sections to shatter. The damaged galleon rolled and quickly plunged to the ground, crushing some of the outer buildings below.

Shaitar shouted to Maverick, not wanting to, but his voice raised a few octaves with the fight going on. “There,” pointing at a section of the broken wall. “See that hole on the eastern wall?”

Maverick eyed the hole, noticing that it was covered with invading scaly green men. “That’s not wide enough to fit the Chimera in!”

Shaitar moved to the funnel labeled Gunner, “Rolland, see that hole in the east wall, the one all the snakes are going in. Make that bigger, big enough to fly the Chimera in!” He heard a response, “Gotcha! reloading.”

“Maverick, give us another pass at that point. Give Rolland a clean shot.” Shaitar gripped his table near the command tubes. The Chimera rocked hard as Opal directed her now mobile grace empowered force shield to the point of an impact.

“Aye!” Maverick said as he adjusted his tricon hat. Then, pulling a few levers and pressing the foot pedals, the Chimera banked and turned around for another pass.

Nolland loaded the grace-powered bolt into the heavy ballista. Rolland turned the handles on the Black Dragon as he aimed at the hole. A quick release of the trigger and the grace-charged bolt exploded into the south wall. The result created an enormous breach sizeable enough to fly the Chimera into.

Maverick pointed the ship at the newly formed breach. He was pushing levers forward causing the either-jet thrusters to move in the desired direction. Maverick’s perception was alive and well as Katalina provided him with her sight. Air-currents, obstacles he could all sense, improving his piloting abilities to inhuman levels. The Chimera dived down to skim just above the buildings, weaving around the larger structures and towers.

An explosion ripped through the lower section of the ship as two fiery explosions impacted Opals Shield. The either-core rips out of the bottom of the vessel, the piping twisted and broken. Cargo and debris fall to the ground, and a few of the crew in the cargo bay as well.

“Oh shit!” Maverick screams as the Chimera crashes into the ground, sliding a hundred feet or so, stopping in the gap of the new breach. Dust and broken wood litter the soil around the fallen corvette.

Shaitar released his grip from the table, shouting one more time in one of the command tubes, “All hands abandon ship, we are going to have to go on foot.”

Maverick unbuckles himself from the piloting seat. “I will go get Kate.”

Shaitar nodded, “Quickly, we don’t have much time.”

Maverick rush’s out of the ship’s bridge, he paused when seeing a massive section of the ship’s main deck missing, the lower deck shattered. Only a few of the crew are left, others are scattered having fallen off in the crash. Opal had placed more defense shields up at both ends of the vessel to create a new wall in the breach.

Opal shouted, “This will not last long! There is another Blooded out there skilled enough with magic. He keeps deactivating my force walls.” Then, as one of the blue barriers flickered and fade, she quickly replaced the wall with another.

Arima helped Katalina climb out slowly of the damaged serpentine hull.

Rolland slid out of the Black Dragon’s gunner chair. “We need a bit of an army here. I don’t know If I can even kill that many snakes.” He looked at the gathering volothian forces on the outside of the wall. The armored scaled men readied their swords, shields, and other weapons, just waiting for Opal’s magical barrier to collapse.

“We have all the materials we need for an army.” Arima’s blue pinpoint eyes light up, waving her pale arms outwards, “Arise and serve your new master.” Tendrils of cloudy darkness escaped from her robed sleeves. Tiny skulls with green glowing eyes dart in and out of the darkness. The shadowy black tendrils sought out the dead, the crushed and broken. Both volothian warriors and defenders of the city around the crash site stood up, many still clutching the weapons they had in life. Their eyes, hollow animated only with a red pinpoint light. “Now my servants, reap the Volothain warriors.”

The undead on both sides of the wall started to engage the volothian warriors. The fleshy undead started to fight. The panic the necromancer incited brought out the fear in the Volothian warriors. Some retreated in horror. Others stood their ground. The effect was what was needed as the enemy forces became distracted.

Reeva shuddered as she watched the horror of the undead climb from their momentary graves. “You have been waiting to do that, haven’t you?”

Arima returned a pale smile, “Life is Death, Death is Life.” Then, clutching her staff tightly, she hopped down to the ground.

Shaitar said, “Ready? Now, it’s time to run the gauntlet.”

Arima responds, “I have one last surprise. I will have one of my minions activate the Chimera’s Shield. From what I understand, it will burn out shortly. So this should give us some more time.”

Shaitar nodded, “Do it.”

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