TKoT 1-5: Ascension

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09: Avalon Rises

The clouds above Katalina’s sky began forming and rippling out in waves, the color of fire. Voloth body trembled in response, “What trickery is this!”

Katalina spoke, “No trickery, I am the Immortal Bane. Gods of the Spire, surrender or die.”

Voloth laughed raised his spear at the young goddess. “Crushing Heart!” Nothing happened. Again he pointed his spear at the infernal goddess, “DIE!”

Shaitar grinned, “Your grace has been denied.”

Katalina spoke another word, “Soolen.” Katalina’s calls on the Soul Stone of Water. Her eyes flash a blue color. A chill air wisps around the Silver Blades, protecting them from extreme cold and resistance to fire. The chruning clouds above turn a deep-sea green color.

Voloth denied his sight, did not perceive Rolland’s charge until the very last moment. Voloth pivoted in time to block Rolland’s sword thrust with his spear. He then counterpunched Rolland landing a solid punch to his lower jaw. Rolland staggered back, then pushed his broken jaw back in place and healed the damage.

“Valtex,” Katalina commanded the Soul Stone of Air. Katalina created her cathedral, much how Necalli did. A border formed around the city, a collum of twisting clouds descended. Shapes of dragons could be seen moving in and out of the edge of the wall. Katalina shouted for all to hear, “Anyone thinking leaving will have to fight the Wall of the Hidden Vale.”

Voloth yelled, “Gods of the Spire! These godlings are a true threat! Attack! Fight for your very lives!” Some gods moved to engage while others decided it was time to flee.

Arima shouted, “Yes, fight us, and I will harvest your souls.”

Katalina continued to call on the names of the Soul Stones, each time a sigil lit up on the gold sword, the Immortal Bane.

Lecucoatic vs. Arima

Lecucoatic backed away from Voloth, sensing the weakness of the most powerful of the Gods of the Spire. “Time to go.” He tapped his skull-capped staff to the ground. Nothing happened. “What? Impossible! Death can not be controlled!”

Arima, in black robes, walked steadily forward. Her blue eyes glowed with the power she now possessed. “You fail to understand what we represent.”

Lecuoactic heard the voice, a voice of death. “You wanted my soul in the afterlife to torture and consume for your pleasure.”

A black cloud formed, gushing from the folds of her robes. Skulls with glowing green eyes pressed against the border. Whispering voices calling, “Lecuoatic, join us!”

Lecuaoctic defiantly smirked, “Simple gimmick, I know you, Arima. Your soul belongs to me!”

The squirming cloud of death moved forward to engulf Lecuoactic quickly. The skulls tore into his body, biting and tearing his already shriveled flesh until they reached his soul. Then, after a few moments of terrible screams, the cloud disappeared only to leaves his bloody tunic and staff on the ground.

Landis and Opal

Landis watched Shaitar and Rolland for a moment, only long enough to dictate if they needed his help. Both his comrades were fully engaged with Voloth. Landis shifted his attention to focus on the other remaining gods. Only about ten of the forty decided to stay and help their leader. Others had already tried to flee into the Wall of the Hidden Vale. Finally, a rather strong-looking reptilian god, with the head of a dragon, raced to aid his king.

Landis shaking his head cast his grace infused spell, “Arcana: Temporal Bubble, Fastime.” The god became trapped in a moment of accelerated time. The body bounced around inside, trapped, unable to escape. He would use all of his grace to stay alive. The bubble soon filled up with a yellow-brown liquid. Landis snapped his fingers, and the spell ended. The putrid liquid spilled about as the god looked up, “I surrender.” The dragon god backed up and cowed before Landis.

Opal watched and counted the other gods’ magic and items. She could see the entire web of magic surrounding the battlefield as each strain pulled to call magic. Her fingers moved about as if playing with a puppet on strings. “No, you can’t use that item. No, that spell no longer works for you. I am magic!”

Grizz and Nolland

Grizz enlarged himself and roared. The angry voice left ripples of sound sending waves of distortion across the battlefield. Nolland reached up and climbed onto Grizz’s back, waving his hammer wide high above him. Lighting struck from the Katalina’s Wall of the Hidden Vale to his hammer. His eyes brightened as Nolland released the power back into the Dragon God, who moved to attack. The lightning struck him square in the chest, as with most gods, he healed quickly.

The Dragon flexed his head, inhaling and let go of a fiery attack, engulfing both Grizz and Noland. The two broke through the wall of flame with no damage. The chilling effect from Soolen countered the fiery attack. With the attackers now approaching, the Dragon takes to the air. “No! Get down here!” Grizz growled. Branches and vines erupt from the ground, stretching skyward, grasping the legs of the might serpent dragon. The dragon attempts to wrestle free at first, falling that he breathes fire again down on the plants. But the plants don’t burn! Soon the dragon is brought back to the ground.

A huge muscular god with brown and black scales reached up and pulled on the plants, helping Grizz and noland. Grizz growled, then understood that he was not helping the dragon god, but aiding in pulling him from the sky.

Grizz tears into the trapped dragon god with all the ferocity that nature can muster.

Voloth vrs the Silver Blades

Shaitar and Rolland tag team Voloth, strike after strike. Voloths speed and skill of a hardened warrior of Melina of fighting show his true strength and agility.

Voloth spins to the left, thrusting the spear into Shaitar. Shaitar’s shield buckles as the spear thrust through the grace strengthened material, squiring Shaitars lower abdomen. Shaitar falls back staggering, dropping the broken shield as he falls to the ground, clutching the wound. Blood spills out. The injury does not close immediately. “Ha, thought so! Your hoast is weak!” As Voloth thrusts again, this time, Rolland closes the gap and strikes his unprotected arm. Rolands empowered sword weapon does not cut through the skin. “Ha! You forget who you are fighting. I am Voloth! You can’t hurt me!”

He turns his back to Shaitar to gloat at Rolland, “I am King of the Gods for a reason. I can’t be hurt! You will all die by my ha.” Shaitar had moved in and took advantage of the distraction and sliced his foot off at the ankle, the only place not protected by Voloth’s scales. Voloth yelps as the pain from his foot rise through his body. He staggers for a moment. His attention is fixated on his foot as he watches the appendage move several feet away from him. Rolland moves and shoves the surprised god to the ground. A Stone hand made from the debris of the rubble around him collapses around his body. Voloth struggles for a moment, flexing his bulk muscles, the stone begins to crack. More rocks are added along with metal from the surrounding debris field.

Voith starts laughing, “Now what are you going to do.”

Shaitar stood up, clasping his wound. “Voloth, yield or die.”

Voloth stopped laughing, “Do it.”

Shaitar turned to Arima, “Take his soul.”

Arima walked over to him, placed her pale, thin hand on his head. “Interesting he is protected.”

Voloth burst out, laughing, “Now what are you going to do? Imprison me for all eternity! I will just break out and come for you. You can not win. There is no possible outcome in which you are victorious!”

Katalina called the last of the Soul Stones “Joshua” Her eyes now flickered with all the colors representing the Council of Eight. “I am Katalina, the Immortal Bane.”

Katalina walked calmly over to Shaitar, “I am now ready, the power of the Council is at your disposal.”

Nolland, Grizz and the volothian brown scaled god aproached.

Voloth eyes now focused on the young goddess, “Who are you? No.. you resemble Chizzit.”

The newcomer said, “Voloth. She’s my daughter. The one Joshua told would come. The twice-born god.”

Voloth burst forward, “Balthazar you coward! You traitor, your bowels will decorate my halls for all eternity.”

Katalina spoke calmly, “Your order Shaitar?”

Shaitar blinked, “Kill him.”

Katalina drove the glowing golden blade through his green scale armor and into his heart. Blood gurgled from his mouth as his body filled shook violently, then blacked and turned to ash, blowing away in the wind.

Shaitar shouted, “Anyone else wish to challenge us? ”

The remaining surviving gods bowing before Shaitar and his new patheon.

Shaitar looked back at the group. “We did it. Reeva, bring the sun back.”

Reeva looked up at the eclipsed sun. “I can do this.” Moments later, the moon moved away. Once again, the earth shook as the moon moved back into position.”

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