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Found is about a 17 year old girl named Lola Ray Jones. She's a very special person to everyone she meets.

Adventure / Romance
Loca Ray H
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Chapter One : the blood moon

Hello I'm Lola Ray Jones I am 17 and go to cherry tree high school.

"Dad I need the keys to the truck!" Lola says

"They are on the table have a good day at your first day of senior year Lola." Lola's dad said

"I will bye dad" Lola yells to her father

Lola grabs the keys off the table and starts to walk to the front door before her dad called out.

"Don't forget its the blood moon tonight hunny I don't want you staying out past 10:30" Lola's dad said

"I know and there's no way I won't make curfew unless the truck won't start." Lola says

"Just be careful and if it won't start go to the closest building and stay in there tell the blood moon is over." Lola's dad said

"Understood dad" Lola says

Lola open the front door and waiting on her front step like always is Jacob and Alex the brothers from next door.

"You do know you guys could go in if you just knocked right???" Lola asked

"We didn't wanna be rude ya know" Alex said

Jacob just smiling and handing me a rose that he picked from his family's rose garden.

"Aw thank you Jacob thats sweet" Lola smiles brightly and sniffs the rose

"Anytime Lola" Jacob says with a big bright and warm smile

Lola giggled softly as she steps off the front steps and unlocks the truck.

"You guys ready to get to school??" Lola asks and smiles

"You know it" Alex and Jacob say together.

All three looked at each other and laughs softly.we all get into the truck and slowly head to school. When we get half way to school there are police cars,firetruck, ambulances there. As we all get out of the truck after Lola turns it off they ask somebody what happened.

"What do you mean a group of teenagers that have been missing have been found." Lola asked

"Thats what they said out of thee 8 kids only 3 survived." The man said

Lola looks at Alex and Jacob then slowly walks over to the bridge railing looking at the scene with wide eyes.
"No it can't be! Thats my brother!" Lola screams as her older brother looks up and sees her crying.

"Lola!" Max yelled

Max runs up the hill and hugs his sister.

"I thight....I thought we lost you!" Lola says in tears

"I fought to stay for you Lola I new that you would need me some day. I knew I couldn't leave you." Max says
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