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Chapter 2: School starts

"Get to class!" The principal yelled as we all stood in the hallway

"Guy's we should go he looks like he's in a really really bad day at school" Lola says

"Yeah come on you guys" Max says

"Lola duck" Jacob says

Lola looks at Jacob confused and then gets knocked over.

"Ouch...." Lola says

"I am so sorry are you okay!?!" A tall man asks

The tall man had dark brown hair, blue eyes, muscular and also does sports.

"Yeah... just my head hurts a little" Lola says

"Here let me help you up" He said

The male stood up holding out his hand and then smiling at Lola.

"Thank you" Lola said

As she takes the male hand as he helped her up.

"Oh I'm tyson by the way" tyson said

"Im Lola its nice to meet you tyson although I wish it would have been in a way that didn't hurt" Lola says

"Yeah I am so sorry about that also nice to meet ya too Lola" tyson says
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