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The Quest of Power Mars

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Chapter 1

We start in 1972 the year where humanity accomplish the impossible or so we thought!We sent a maned space craft to the Earths satellite or the moon.It took trial and error but we managed and that’s all that matters.To this day this is still a huge accomplishment it was one of the few missions to the moon!
The Apollo mission is one of humanity’s greatest achievements in all of history and a lesson that we can travel to other worlds!With this inspiration we can do anything!Like colonise other planets!

Now we go to the current time 2025 53 years after the first mission to the moon!Technology has developed by a great amount since then!We can do so much more like travel across the whole planet in 20 hours this use to take months.We have super computers that can fire nuclear missiles,capable of destroying a whole city!

The world has agreed to become one nation known as The United Nations Of Earth!The planet has a whopping population of 12 billion!We make new discoveries weekly like fusion energy was discovered three years ago,we no longer have to worry about climate change.We no longer destroy habitats for farming or recourses as there are now matter converters that make it anything without impact to the eco system!Its crazy how much we have developed!

The planet now even has defence satellites the will defend the planet if aliens attack Earth!Now a few years ago construction started on a ship capable of travelling to the red planet known as Mars!This ship will have 5 astronauts and the brave few are Toby,Kara,James,Liliy and Jack they have been studying since 2020 that’s 5 years of hard work.They know so much about Mars it’s like the live there!They have completed all the tests and passed!

The ship been under construction for two years it has been fitted with all the newest technology like fusion engines which will make the journey so much quicker because it use to take two years but know it takes two months!
Telecommunication has been installed so the ship will always be in contact with Earth.Matter converters will be fitted so food can be made with ease and any components if any damage comes to the craft!

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