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In this book a girl named kayla just got her heart broke and she started losing hope then she meets a dog who changes her world. Find out what happens in the book.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 losing hope

Kaylas alarm went off in the morning at 5:00 she got up drowsily to the bathroom. And got herself dressed for work. Like her usual morning. Kayla worked at Colorado's Dentistry office. As she was typing information into her computer she saw a girl sitting in the waitng room the girl was about 4 years old with her dad. The girl said " daddy I dont want to get my teeth pulled". The father responded " kehlani you have to I'm sorry" kehlani started crying kayla felt bad for her so she went up to her and asked her " hey I know it sounds scary but it will only take a few seconds and afterwards you might get a lollipop" kehlani was very happy afterwards. The father said " hey thanks for that you seem like a good mom, are you a mom"? " actually I haven't really thought about it so I guess it's a no". After kayla went home at 3:00 she really thought about having a baby. Her boy friend lane was home and that night she talked to him kayla said " hey so I was thinking maybe we can have sex"? Lane responded " did I not satisfy you enough last night"? " no no no no it's just that I was just thinking about having a baby, if that's okay with you"? " um ya I could go for another round". As lane go's into the bathroom to get ready kayla quickly get her lingerie witch was a bra and underwear with red lace on it. She quickly hops up on the bed and lays in a sexy position. As lane opens up the door he says " you are the most sexiest women I have ever met". She laughed lane starts to get on top of her and kayla moves up a bit then lane pulls off her underwear and says" I don't think you need those any more. Lanes body part slowly goes into hers kayla feels a little pain. Then lane starts humping kayla in a rhythm. She started to moan then lane went faster and then kayla moans even more it took a few minutes after the pleasure ended. Lane rolled over and asked her " so how was it"? " satisfying"! The next morning kayla went into the bathroom and took a pregnancy test she waited a few moments before looking then she looked it was positive! She ran out into the living room and told lane " so I have some news for you," " good or bad" " good"! " okay tell me" " we're going to be parents, were going to have a baby"! " oh my gosh really, I'm going to be a dad"! " yes we actually sound like adults now" they laughed lane said " we have to get stuff for the baby and what if we get boy stuff and its a girl an-" " hey we got this were going to be great parents" as kaylas belly got bigger they were going to see what gender the baby was going to be. They were in the car on the way to the doctor office. The car was silent so kayla wanted to fill it " so what gender do you think it's going to be"? " what..oh um sorry I'm just nervous". " well that's okay I think every dad is nervous on the gender reveal" as they walked into the waiting room the lady had a sweet voice the lady name was liz. Liz called them " kayla and lane your doctor is hear " you both walk to the office and sit down the doctor asked some questions " so how far a long are on your pregnancy? " about 5 months along " okay when is the last time you had sex." Months ago as long as we had the little guy in hear " " okay are you vometing often or nauseated? " no just fine. Okay let's get that baby's gender revealed the doctor asked " so are you having a gender reveal party"? Kayla said " yah theres going to be my side of the family and his side of the family their". The docter got the gel and started using the tool to see the gender. once he found out what it was the docter cleaned up kaylas stomach and went out the door and said be right back. Kayla said " I'm so excited to find out what it is"! Lane said " I'm happy with whatever". Docter came in the room very sad and told them " so i have bad news and good news" kayla said " I want to hear the bad news because then I get best for last" the docter replied" your baby is dead... I'm so sorry kayla" the room fell silent kayla started to tear up kayla said in a traumatized voice" what is the good news"? " it was a boy" docter also said " you have to give birth to him today we will bury him in the healing garden but we have to know what his name is so we can give you something in the end... Have you thought of a name"? Kayla said " I really liked the name tyler" then tyler it is oh and also I'm so sorry but you have to give birth" it to early " I know I'm sorry. Kayla gets in a gown and walks in the E.R. she lays down on the bed and spreads her legs. Lane wasn't allowed to go in the E.R. the docter gave kayla an iv. Kayla started sobing the docters gave her numbing meds they put a curtain so she couldn't see her stomach. Then they slowly sliced her belly open and pulled the baby out kayla started to scream then they got the baby out as the nurses stitched her up they clothed the dead baby and took him to the healing garden kayla sobbed even more. After kayla was done getting cleaned up and with questions she went in the office again as the docter came in he gave her a gift it was a heart key chain with tylers name on it and the date he was born. Kayla squised it tight and cried... Kayla said " thank you" as they went out Hospital lane started to talk " so you got to name the baby with out me and got full custody of him and I wasn't allowed to see my son get born were done kayla were done" " what you ca-" " I can't what,you know what I'm going and I never want to see your face again " kayla started losing hope in this world she called her friend and said "hey I just lost my baby and me and lane just broke up and he dicthed me on the side of the road can you come pick me up"? Her friend said " absolutely I'm coming right away " thanks emma". Emma hung up the phone that night Emma pick her up and took her to emmas home. When they were at Emma's apartment got inside and watched a movie they both fell asleep on the couch. Kayla woke up with emma handing her a coffee Emma said " hey sleepy head " " what time is it " " 10:00 in the morning" oh god I'm late like super late an- " hey I called them and said you were sick today " " thank you" kayla got dressed for the day when they heard a knock on the door kayla got the door it was a box kayla asked" do you get amazon"? " no why" there a box at the door " dose it say who its from"? Kayla look at the box carefully the box opened a dog fell out. Kayla and Emma both said " a puppy "?
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