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Chapter 1

Imagine this. One day you awaken and listen a high-pitched ringing for your ears. You don’t truly think anything of it, it’s probably just a result of a horrific night’s sleep and will depart in a few hours. So you go about your normal day as you normally would, however you could’t help but word that the ringing in your ears remains there. Finally, you’re equipped to doze off, but the ringing remains there. You’re certain that through the morning it will likely be long gone, but what if it isn’t? What if that ringing never goes away? What if you awaken and that ringing continues to be there?


Constant. Annoying. Immutable.

After months or even years of this steady ringing, how would you be affected? Could it even destroy your existence? If you’re one of the millions of humans suffering from consistent ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, then Silencil may want to convey you the relief you’ve been watching for.

Silencil, a new complement designed to offer alleviation to the ones stricken by tinnitus, turned into created by using a man who’s life seemed to be ruined after years of a high-pitched ringing in his ears. He shares a surprising account of the way, in the front of his spouse and daughter, he attempted to kill himself due to the fact he couldn’t deal with the regular ringing in his ears. While this will sound like a much-fetched exaggeration, after researching the psychological results of lengthy-term tinnitus, we have found this to be completely plausible.


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