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Real Wizards are Rarely Surprised

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A story about a child who at age 5 received the supernatural power from the Supreme Being (aka God) the power modern science fiction authors call ‘magic’ or techno-magic. Technology so far advanced so that it seems like magic. The supernatural powers mankind would have had, except for the fall of mankind. Stories still exist today about the fall of nan, about a garden east of eden or about Atlantis that sank in the sea.

Adventure / Scifi
Jamie G Holmes
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Chapter 1-Birth

I remember to just before I was born, being inside my mothers womb, waking up there and seeing the color Orange and shades of red. I learned later the names of the colors.

Then a bright white light overhead while I was held upside down. Then a couple of years later as I opened my eyes and saw I was laying on my dads lap. I learned years later we were traveling on a train at the time.

About the time I was five years old I walked across the street and sat down in the field. I wondered what could I learn if I was thinking about God, if I were thinking about thinking.

Lo and behold, an angelic creature stood before me. It looked like a man, wearing robes, with golden colored Angel wings and he said to me and showed me what mankind would have been capable of if they had not fallen.

Then I floated up into the air several feet, what is called levitation and drifted across the street to home.

Several years go by and I advance to the 5th grade in 1954 when I am 10 years old. The school nurse is telling stories about me. Melanie Larson tells me what the nurse is saying.

I go home and tell mom what Melanie told me the nurse is saying. Mom takes me back to school to confront the nurse who used to work for my dr when I was 5 years old. The nurse had learned it when she was working for the dr, but she did not have the right to divulge it.

The nurse refused to comply stating the public had the right to know. My mom mentioned getting a lawyer, so the principal fired the nurse.

Two years later the nurse is up to no good and 20 of her sons friends have been told by her. They jump me in junior high school and tell me they are going to rape me whether or not I am a girl or a boy, then stab my right arm.

In seconds I have disarmed them moving at supernatural speed thru them with their own weapons stabbing them in their chests. Several more moments of time and the remainder are down on the ground.

Months later an investigation is done and I am guilty of nothing except self defense. Several of the teens had bled to death from their injuries.

My dr told me I would have bled out if I had not gotten to him when I did so he could sew my arm closed.

A couple years go by and now the teens are older and are still coming after me. I asked the police for protection but they said I was big enough to protect myself. So I told them,”fine then. I will play by the rules that Jewish mobster has, Mickey Cohen. I’ll play by Mafia Rules and I will carry a gun and just shoot those who come after me!”

And from then on I went armed on campus and off. I only ever shot anyone off campus. Never shot to kill them, just to injure them. Just shoot 2 or 3 and the other 10–15 will run away.

The last this happens my brother asks me what the heck is going on. I reply that all I am doing is just shooting a few n*gg*rs while the rest of the cowards run away. I tell my brother that these guys are part of the gang that jumped me I was 12 years old and every cow years they get enough courage saved up to come after me. Besides as the supposed victim I have the right to shoot all of them in self defense.

My brother says I am insane, but I tell him I am not insane, just outraged the blacks race wants to rape me either as a woman or as a man, and I have no problem shooting those rapist bastards at all.

About the time there is political change on the world and now hHe US of A is going to be fighting a war in south east Asia.

Over the next several years all those blacks who came after me are drafted into the army and sent off to Vietnam to be killed there. Me, well I avoided all that shortly thereafter by getting electrocuted and the male in me died while the female in me survived.

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