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Real Wizards are Rarely Surprised

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Chapter 2-Mind scanning

Real Wizards are rarely surprised, because they are scanning the minds of every one around them to know whether they are friendly or are a threat.

Those that are a threat have their minds adjusted so they can no longer see you, as though you have become invisible. You remain invisible to their mind and they are then no longer a threat to you.

Sometimes there are many more in the area you are scanning and they will jump you anyways, but if you are quick you can make short jumps to get away from them.

1960 was the year I shot more black gangsters than at any other time. I even ran into problems with the Jewish Mob, just two men not the whole outfit. It was settled quickly and quietly.

I lost a friend who was not really a friend, but a trickster.

Knowing how the political scene was going was a reason to avoid confrontation with the blacks and other poor people knowing full well they would be killed during the war.

I had no thought of my future because I did not see one for me. I just existed day to day. What a way to live, not knowing if you are going to be alive the next day or if someone will get lucky and kill you. It is not paranoid if someone’s really out to get you.

This lasted until the day my parents moved into another school district over 55 miles away. Thankfully that happened about two weeks after I got electrocuted and lived they it more or less.

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